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Two girls, one guy, one choice

By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Page 1, Ah, girls: ever have your best friend or one of your friends like the same boy you do? Yeah, it\'s a tough spot for the guy. Boys: ever have two girls fight over you? Or you fight over a girl with your best friend? well this is pretty much what its about. I\'ve been there but it was after I broke up with my ex, and I wasn\'t over him and she knew that... so yeah enjoy :)

Ah, my best friend likes the same dude I do
And she knows I like him
So now he gotta chose
And we’re both really good girls
Which one will he pick?
Let see my best friend is more daring
Prettier, has her way with boys,
But she has no common sense!
Yet she can make you laugh
So will he pick her?
I’m flirtier
I’m a bookworm
But I’m cute
I’m fun, sensitive, caring, loving
So will he pick me?
Or will he do neither?
To make it fair.
And yet we’ll still fight to be his girl
Ruining our friendship over a guy
Who will probably break our heart?
Why put him on the spot?
So we can know who he likes better
But what is that gonna prove?
That you won a guy and lost a friend
Ah, why is love always complicated?
I should let her have him
But then I’ll be out of an amazing guy
Maybe she needs him more?
But shouldn’t she let me have him?
I mean she’s dating this snob!
Ah, why can’t it be easy?
Because life isn’t easy!
Ugh! I want that guy!
We will go acting childish over a guy!
Who probably don’t even care!
You know what girly?
I’m done fighting over a guy
One guy isn’t worth ruining a friendship over
You can have him
But now you don’t want him since I don’t!
Oh well, keep him!
I’ll move on!
I’m better than this!
And so are you! Or so I thought!
So bye people enjoy your relationship with him!

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