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What if, what if, and what if........

By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Page 1, Okay, what if the world was without love? How would we all be? We\'d be bitter little or tall people. So this is about love.

If we were without love in the world
Everyone would be bitter people
And the world would be more filled with hate
And we would be useless
So you see we gotta have love!
Breaks up happens and new love form
But what happens if you’re not over you ex?
Or you’re scared to love again?
We need love in our lives
But I’m scared to love again!
I mean sure I can crush on guys
But do I really wanna go through another heart break?
No I can’t handle it!
My heart isn’t that strong
Why did I waste my first love on that jerk?
Anyways, love is important!
But how can I learn to trust a guy?
Maybe I will one day!
Who knows? I might be ready soon!
And I might find the love of my life!
But I’m too young to worry about the love of my life!
I still got three and a half years of high school left!
But why can’t I get love off my mind?
Who knows? Who invented love anyways?
But hey, I’ll learn my love life sooner than later!
Ah, we gotta love, love!
Or is it even possible to hate love?
Ah, I hope I don’t find out!
Why do girls mainly worry about relationships?
I know guys, love, crushes, and everything else!

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