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First Times ...

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, A poem about our


    First times…



The first time I saw you

Every one of my senses

Was held prisoner by you

Not wanting to be released


The first time I spoke to you,

My words were garbled in

Anticipation of your response

I never forgot anything you said


The first time we were alone

My mind went wild with

Imagined fantasy about us

My sensual parts ached for you


The first time we kissed

I wanted to surrender to you

Completely, I wanted you to

Take all of me right there


The first time you said I love you

I lost myself in your world

My heart and soul were

Aglow with loving warmth



The first time you touched me

Where I was most guarded

My defenses crumbled and

I shivered with wanton desire

The first time I saw you naked

I longed to explore your body

I wanted to fuse my flesh

To you so we would become one


The first time we had intercourse

We were ready, the time was right

You said you knew how, to relax me

I Knew you lied, I loved you for it


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