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Friends !?

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, friendship can lead to other things


It seems, you were always there

At the playground, beach and fair

I’ve known you, since we were four

You lived so close, almost next door

You would push me on the swing

Every summer, fall and spring

You often carried books for me

Whatever I said, you would agree

I used to help you, catch snakes

You helped me count, snow flakes

We’d make dams, in the gutter

And share, jelly and peanut butter

You helped me learn, to drive

I showed you how to swan dive

You told me about every crush

You were cute, you’d always blush


We were always the best of friends

If we fought, we’d make amends

We’d waste hours on the porch talking

Or discuss our dreams while walking


At the family picnic, when I was cooking

I noticed, you couldn’t stop looking

You said, I want to give you this

I opened my hand, but I got a kiss


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