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How NOT to pick up a girl..

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, Some guys just have the wrong idea!


A brash and cocky boy just hit on me

His self- confidence was easy to see

“Hey baby, you looking for a man?”

“I can show you things, nobody can!”


He was handsome with dark brown hair

He swaggered as he walked with flair

He was muscular and had a killer smile

Dreamy green eyes like the emerald isle


He looked to be about in his late teens

Wearing a sport shirt and faded jeans

I looked into his eyes and smiled wide

“What did you have in mind?” I replied


“Come to my place for music and a drink”

“It’ll be a good time”, he said with a wink

I already knew I would not go with him

But he looked so cute with his boyish grin


“So tell me, just what makes you a man?”

“And what exactly, you have for a plan?”

“I’ve got eight inches here in my pants”

“It can be yours, if you take the chance”


He went from handsome to very crass

So I decided to chastise his young ass

“Size of a dick does not make a man”

His smile dropped as soon as I began


“A man treats a woman with respect”

“Not like an object to use and neglect”

“Your approach is offensive and rude”

“It makes you look both crude and lewd”


“In essence you treating me like a slut”

“When you spew at me, all your smut”

“You need to learn how to be polite”

“When you want to give a girl an invite”


“You are never going to get a girl with class”

“Unless you get real and quit talking trash”

“Now if you will excuse me I have to run”

“Think about what I said, and have fun!”


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