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How would I treat my man?

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, BruceK challenged me to try a poem about how I would treat my man. All people are unique and this is general, but from my heart.


I find whenever I fall truly in love,

I mix fantasy and reality, sort of

My mind and my heart totally meld

Emotions go wild; nothings withheld


I give myself fully, I never hold back

Full speed ahead like a train on a track

Not a minute goes by, during the day

That I don’t think of him, in some way


I don’t try to make him, what he is not

Nor to bind or restrict him with knots

I let him make most decisions for us

I try to stay happy, and smile not fuss


I pay close attention, to what he does need

Someone to listen, clean, comfort and feed

For my love, I like to make everything nice

Not just give him, what will merely suffice

I study his hobbies and things he cares for

So I can discuss them, and not be a bore

I make sure I give him my attention alone

So that my love for him, is clearly shown


I never tease and promise, what I won’t deliver

I always stroke his ego, so he feels he’s a winner

My gifts have no strings attached, they are free

My unconditional love, is his silver guarantee


We thoroughly discuss how we want to have sex

By mutual agreement, our boundaries are set

I always give the relationship a fighting chance

Minor adjustments required, for happy romance


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