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Just for HIM..

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, A short Valentine poem to HIM!

The reflection of your heart

Puts this sparkle in my eye

I know that we’ll never part

That forever you’re my guy


Your strength is not in your arms

But in the resolve of your soul

I’m in love with your charms

But committed to your whole


When you embrace me tight

A shroud of peace engulfs me

I feel in my core, I am alright

All my worries, instantly flee


Your kisses are soft and tender

Always lingering after lips part

You never play the role, pretender

You’ve been honest, from the start


You’re vulnerable because you trust

You place your heart in my hand

With my love I ensure it is trussed

All according to our special plan


Your needs, I could never refuse

I will give you whatever you want

I never worry that you will abuse

With you, I’ll go on any jaunt


You’re special and I just wanted to say

The reason why I wrote you this poem

Thursday this week is Valentine’s Day

With all of my heart, I love you alone

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