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Missed Chances

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, Sometimes we meet a stranger and wish we would have spoken to them when we had a chance.


I brought my car to the dealer for some work

This won’t take long, have a seat, said the clerk

There was only one other person sitting there

First glance showed a head of brown wavy hair

His eyes stayed glued to the pages of his book

Giving me a chance to take a really good look

His face was ruggedly handsome and very tan

Broad shoulders and muscled arms, Oh man!


I sat and saw he was reading a Harlequin Romance

My mind began to wander, might we have a chance

Then remembering I was still staring, I got a surprise

He was looking back at me, with gorgeous blue eyes

I quickly looked away; hoping he would not construe

He went back to reading; but his smile said he knew

Now I felt embarrassed and suddenly so very shy

All because I got caught staring at a handsome guy


The clerk came in to get him, and now he is all gone

I wished I’d said something clever, I waited too long

If it had to happen, why happen on a day like today

That suddenly I lost my nerve and had nothing to say

The clerk came; I was done, my car parked on the side

I took my keys and exited, he stood there, smiling wide

He said, “I was thinking about you, I hope it’s not too late,

You’re awfully cute, if you’re not busy, how about a date?”

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