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Never Heartbreak

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, Can you truly love and never have a broken heart?



I am a stranger to the love loss pains

I’m not saying happiness always reins

I have lost lovers many times before

Both they and I, have closed the door


I have never had a truly broken heart

Caused because a relationship fell apart

I don’t know how it feels to ache inside

To feel so shattered to think of suicide


I can’t imagine despair that never heals

The hopelessness that the jilted feels

I never felt the guilt that’s often left

Or the remorseful sadness of bereft


You might think my love is never real

That it is not true or deeply that I feel

Why do I not feel pain when cast aside

Why does my heart not break and die


Perhaps my soul is basking in the light

Loneliness has never caused me fright

Heartbreak is something I never feel

Yet, my love and compassion is real

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