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The Seductress...

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, A true Seductress uses many talents to get her ways. Not many men are able to resist if she sets her eye on them.



She keeps herself clean and beautiful, gets her body in shape

Uses a sultry voice, sexy mannerisms, and moves with grace

Not seeking sexual self-gratification, but a man’s will and soul

She makes men comfortable, for leading them astray, her goal


She uses colors and scents to attract attention and fuel desire

Uses her charms to be appealing, setting their senses on fire

Using self-discipline, will-power, patience to get who she wants

Using teasing, flirting, coquetry and suggestive attire, she flaunts


Enticing men to give into their desires and fall for her mystique

Because she is womanly, exotic, confident, persuasive and unique

Becoming skilled in every art of femininity, coquetry and sensuality

Tempting men with sexual innuendos and eroding their morality


Weakening men by inducing a state of sexual arousal and temptation

Encouraging romantic impulses with a desire for instant gratification

Using charisma to compliment a man’s ego making them vulnerable

Using innocent touching and body language to enhance their spell

Studying a man to learn what approach will work best against him

Subtlety arousing a man’s cravings to give into their every whim

Learning their fantasies and the secret desires that drive their lust

Waiting for the moment when a vulnerable man is willing to trust


A seductress lies silently in wait, like a snake hidden in the grass

Knowing man’s innate biological desire for another piece of ass

So beware, if a beautiful seductress sets her wanton eye on you

Resistance is almost futile; she will get you before she is through


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