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What is erotic writing?

By: Sultry Alice

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Eros and Cupid were the Greek and Roman gods of love

Spreading love, lust and intense sexual desire from above

Their piercing arrows created insatiable lust and wanton desire

Primal urges of conquest consuming you, until you could acquire


Written erotica became an art form, using arrows made of words

Touching your most erogenous zones, till your desires are stirred

Creating mental images, personal to you, unlocking deep fantasies

Allowing you to join the scene and let the images taunt and tease


Feeling your member stiffen, as you read every descriptive word

Letting the players tensions and joys, to you become transferred

Noticing contractions within your vaginal walls, feeling real need

To touch your private parts and experience pleasure as you read


Thinking of the people with whom you could, re-enact the scene

Storing graphic images to recall, should a similar scene convene

Fondling yourself as you read the words, feeling intimate as well

Fighting the urge to be involved, but wanting the writer to compel

Letting innocent words like suck, nibble, tongue, lick, hot, swirl and kiss

Affect your libido like an aphrodisiac, creating sex thoughts of heavenly bliss

Good erotica is much more personal than some pornographic pictures alone

Because intense sexual arousal is created by author and what you’ve known


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