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700 Away

By: Tangible Word

Page 1, True story.

I’m just gonna reminisce

 Oh please, just one more kiss

Only a distance does separate

But on my heart that does berate

I think of you often

My heart does soften

After all the songs playing

That your name, they saying


I stand in the pouring rain

My heart stained with pain

You shout at me from a distance

Its like your trying to end us

I throw the phone at the wall

You tell me you’re done with it all

I lift my head to the stormy sky

You cry out for darkness to die

I fall to my knees in misery

You let it all be history


I get in my car, drive away

You laugh at me, enjoying my tears

I kiss away the past, make way

I’ll let you sink away in fears

Still we’re hopelessly separated

Our love feelings evaporated

Wow you can hurt from so far

Up close, I’d be a screwed up scar

Just going to let this be

Put my legs out in the sea


But I guess you wanted this

I’ll just cry myself to sleep

While you continually press repeat

One day I’ll get back my bliss

You can just hole up in loneliness

But you just have to tell me this

Was our love just a long, drawn out myth

And you just the picture of utter phoniness?

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