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Those Two Days

By: Tangible Word

Page 1, I hate summary\'s, but Booksie demands I write one, so here it goes. This is my summary, cheers.

Walking through rain-filled places

Stared at by a million faces

I couldn’t really say either way

You went by like a snap-shot day

Sorry to say I didn’t remember the train

Now you could say that I’m a pray’n

Please understand this one’s for you

And that I’ll be back soon


Oh you’ll never know

You’ll never know

That I’ll be hoping for snow

Like when we met

Those weeks ago


It may have been a weekend

Another two day, vacation

But oh, I’m going to disagree

And say it’s much more to me

It’s not another thing

Just a two day fling

Sure I was scared to let myself go

But I hope you’ll know

That one day it will snow

Like when we met

Those weeks ago


Stuck going through the motions

Now that I see you have the notions

Though we’re separated by too much

I don’t think distance as such

Cause I promise you, there’s much more

Just going to open that door

I saw you on the way through

Oh my, another case of déjà vu


I can remember that night

One where I held on so tight

Can you tell me if I’m letting go?

Did you dream of saying no?

As I lay under the stars

Dreaming of life in a place so far

The memories my only lifeline

Back to a place, so hard to find

Where love and loss collide

Don’t ever let me slide

Take us back to that one night

With just you and I


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