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Never to Love

By: Tarr

Page 1, Love is hard to find but when you get it hold onto to it tightly and never let it go.

If I live to never find love again, Then my heart will never have to mend, But what's life without love, No one to care about or think of, This is not the life I want to live, Id rather love and continue to give, Even with nothing in return,I'd give you my heart, No matter how hard you try to push us apart, You need someone to be there for you, I want to be the one who is there, when love is due, If you are never attracted to me, So let it be, But give me a chance, Putting you into a deep trance, You'll realize I've been here all along, Maybe then you'll see this is where you belong, In my arms loving me all you can, Thinking of this I can barely stand.


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