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Drive away.

By: The Forgotten Beauty

Page 1, A poem about that certain someone, who makes you tremble in all the right ways.

Your deepest secrets hidden deep in a diary,
such a most tempting thing to read.
As I am unveiling your life  you show me,
you're ev'ry necessity I need.

We all know you are an artist.
Captivate me; sing me a song.
I'm desperate to hear your strong, smooth voice
urging me softly to move on.

Your breath was awefully heavy,
while you dug that trap in vain.
Want to add a twist to the story?
What if I watched you digging in the rain?

So now I am fully aware
of the hole at my feet,
And I'm jumping in
 to keep this song on beat.

So I ignore my thoughts of you, for a few more months,
as you star my minds latest degrassi.
'Soon as I'm done pretending we're only friends
grab the remote, and we'll seleect a scene

Lets exlore this uncharted territory,
make a map of undiscovered romance.
Take the wheel and drive away,
this world hasn't got a chance

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