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A Garden Delight

By: thumblina

Page 1, this is a romantic poem between a butterfly and a dragonfly, i was sitting in my garden one moening and ia see a beautiful butterfly and a handsome dargonfly romancing in my garden while doing their tango hope you like it please leave a comment

A Gardens Delight

While I was sitting on my chair
Reading my daily newspaper

I saw a yellow butterfly
Kissing a orange Dragonfly

I saw the couple
Doing a dance on the double

I looked at them awww-ing
They looked at me smiling

They fell in love in longo
While doing the tango

They looked dazzling
I couldn't help blushing

They were hugging
N wouldn't stop giggling

They were doing their tango
N I was having my own bongo

It was a pleasant morning
A sight worth eyeing

They looked cute
I wouldn't dispute

Once done they took a bow
All I said bow chicka wow wow


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