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Silent Valentine

By: tomjd94

Page 1, A poem I wrote when I was besotted with a certain girl. Again, poetry was never really my strong point, so this lacks rhyme and most likely rhythm. However, I think it works well on its own, as being my inner dialogue.

Glistening eyes, they subsume the sun;

Perfect smile, her lips cease to stun;

Graceful hair, entwined in pigtails;

Chestnut tone, delicate like her soul;

Charming scent, fortifies her appeal;

Soft skin, so innocent and pure.


Petite height, first shared quality;

Light heart, radiant with frivolity;

Cute laugh, a melodious echo;

Caring nature, so ambrosial;

Warm embrace, glowing affection;

Perfect match, one in a million.


We hit it off from the beginning.

You were so lovely, so cute.

I’ve never been a people person.

I don’t have a lot of trust,

But with you, I seemed to unmask.

My disguise came off for you.


We laughed, we flirted,

We had hours of banter.

I was entrapped in your eyes,

I was lost in your beauty,

As we learnt more and more

About one another.


Now I yearn for you, and desire

I welcome the day I see you again

I can’t stop thinking about you

And what we could be

I know deep down you like me too

But for now, it is a case of playing it cool


You might have feelings for someone else

You might think you love another soul

But I am always going to be here

For you, waiting for you, to love you

I am your silent valentine.

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