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Cupid's Handgun

By: Tony Hart

Page 1, Cupid ditched his arrows for a gun.

"Never love again." was what I told my heart

Cuz love only builds you up to tear you apart

So as the months rolled on, I kept my heart protected

Cupid thought he could get me affected

But your arrows won't do me a damn thing

Ain't no one gonna tug on my heart strings.


Lately, I've felt like Cupid's on to me

Sneaking trough the fog like a bad memory

He ditched his arrows for something less tame

Now he's got a bullet carved with my name.


In the dead of the night I was hit in the chest

Woke up my innocent heart from its rest...


Now I'm falling for someone who doesn't even know I exist

But to be around you I just can't resist

Got an unnatural yearning just to touch your skin

A deep desire stirring from the depths within


I'm in love with someone who doesn't give a damn about me

And I'm falling deeper into this damn misery

Cupid why the hell would you do this now?

Could you please retract your bullet somehow?


The more I don't have the one I'm dying for

The more my heart sinks to the floor

I'm going to fizzle away with the setting sun

Here lies the victim of Cupid's handgun.

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