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I never asked for her

By: twilightfrk10

Page 1, This is my true love story. Tell me what you think

June 6, 2012

The day I got you

I told you i wanted you

You promised me the world and I promised i want just you

When i asked for a chance be with you

I said that I loved you

I never asked for anything in return 

and all I get back is something I never wanted

I never asked for her.


Febuary 14, 2012

Months went by

So did our fights and our kisses

Every tear we shed

To every word we spoken.

All this night

I stayed up to talk to you

and in return for my affection and joy

I got something i never needed

More drama

and something I never asked for

I never asked for her.


March 15, 2013

We fought and fought

I cheated, you cheated

but still we are together

I don't know why


I don't know how

but somehow

I still got you in my life

But tonight

Right now

I don't got you in my life

Don't you remember?

Tonight I'm celebrating

My big accomplishment

But instead

your talking to her on skype

The one thing i never asked for

Babe why do you do this to me

Why did you give me something i never asked for?

I never asked for her. 

I only asked for you

But never for her

Instead i got you both

but you only love her.

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