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an appease to the gods

By: Ultralekside

Page 1, assign to the gods their duties..

Massive banquet it ll be,m'holy wedlock. Dress the court,get ready the hall. Deploy the heralds,send messages:with gates without lock. ''a little muscle is needed''tell it to the gods,to them all. Oh! Hestia,goddess of virginity, smile upon my bed with thy holy countenance. Oh! Hebes,goddess of youth,examine my matrimony, give it youth and endurance. To Aris,god of war. Maneuver all the foes of unity. Holy Athena,goddess of reason,art,activity and literature, anchor the solemnization activity. Pure Apollo,god of truth and the sun. I beseech thee,spread thy light in the sky-avert downpour. Sweet aphrodite,goddess of upon our union. And Hermes,messenger of the gods,spread the news with honour. Artemis,goddess of childbirth and wildlife, let not the guests return famished. I beseech thee,provide youngs and help avoid strife. My solemn homage to thee all gods,holy and sacred.

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