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an appease to the stars

By: Ultralekside

Page 1, the assets of nature conveying a subtle message to the one my heart has chosen.

Go! go! sway and swirl,

add motion to your gear,go faster,travel.

let toddlers and bigger folks

agape at your glittering and sparkling twinkles.


Go,let your twinkling twinkle,

let them alert and alarm the fragrance of the flowers.

zoom! and boom,stir the calmness of the rivers,

snap at the vigors of the seas,tell thier hostees to leave the anchor.


move soft and swift,to the pride of the mountains,

surf the air and pull a hair out of the foresters,

cross the earth boundaries,beckon to the eskimoes,

whisper to both legendary and heavenly sub rulers.


Gather them,let them say to my damsel:

"he loves you".your image is on my lintel.

And am under  her lovely spell.

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