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Forever and Always.....

By: ValeriyaPonomar

Page 1, Many have experiences of love and pain of that love. Can there be anyone out there to remind you of that feeling ever again?

Forever and Always

The sun sets
Upon the golden sand
We sit together
Hand in hand
We gently embrace
And look into each other's eyes
I wonder if you are
An angel in disguise
You hold me
Like there's no tomorrow
I suddenly forget
The past sorrow
I kiss your soft lips
And you kiss mine
I never knew
Loving someone could be this fine
Your touch is so gentle
But your hands so strong
How could a love like this
Ever go wrong?
The sound of your heartbeat
All through the night
We fall asleep in each other's arms
And wake to the morning light.
I look into your eyes
And this is when
I say "Thank You"
For teaching me to love again.

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