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The Crazy Word Bliss

By: WinterFairy

Page 1, I have recently found a special (and rare) gem that deserves the honor of this poem...

The Crazy Word Bliss

Why did my emotions wage war

Against and inevitable victory by love?

Now it feels as if I am floating high above

On an apparition of peace and beauty;

Happy forever more.

I feel like

I am now walking through the stars,

And grazing my hands through diamonds of light,

With my smile masking even the most bright.

The majestic galaxies even bow to me

As they see that I have come rather far.

I feel like

I am running through a forest of snow,

Laughing as the playful snowflakes dance

And land perfectly as if by chance

To create a stunning picture

That makes me want to never go.

I feel like

I am swimming through a lake of happiness;

Never surfacing, save for a breath of air

Because the world beneath is so fair,

And to fully come out to dry

Would mean to lose love and nothing less.

I feel like

I am flying right out of Earth

And straight to a place where dragons dwell,

Where wizards cast their secretive spells,

And where magic lies in stunning forms

To show me what life is worth.

I feel like

I am glowing from a first kiss,

Like all the stars have managed to align,

Like even in the night the sun will shine.

No words can describe the feeling,

Except the word bliss.

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