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My Love My Love My Love

By: Zainna Chong

Page 1, a romance novel about the guy i like.

Gabe is the one i want to fuck.

Always teasing me and making me horny.

But despite that i love him like crazy.

Reality doesnt do me any good.

Insane assylums became my hood.

Enlighten me gabe for i dont know what it is about you that i love.

Listen closely and you'll hear me moan.


Hope you under stand me and what i say.

Only the fact that i love you and want your dick drives me insane.

Like newly weds we play around.

Listen to the words i say my love.

I only want whats best for you and to fulfill my desire.

Not just my desire of you but my desire for the way you move.

So fuck me hard and long fuck me till you cant breathe.


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