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Come and come to me

By: zohara ummey hassan

Page 1, The passionate lover is eagerly waiting for his love to come and come to him.He will offer her all her treasures piled up.

Come and come to me

Zohara Ummey Hassan

My days are passing as quickly as night comes after day
With all my treasures piled till I wait for the finest clay,
Beneath which I could keep all the riches lay,
From the cruelest eyes of the prey.

There is no one who can say I love you
I love you without your treasures
There is no one who can say
Come and get together with no measures .

Winds still blow with murmuring sound
Birds still sings with melodious tunes
Lovers still exchange love and wait
For each other ringing flutes.

I look and see thy immense riches
That kept by you like true miser
Would that I beg for, beg for tiny pleasure
Surely you would refuse me.

Would that you come and come to me
Alone keeping all your asset aside
I would bestow you all the treasures that I kept behind
To you, only for thy pleasure.

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