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A Perfect Combination Chapter 13

Script By: 2011Paramedic

So far in Chapter 12 on this scripted story, Wendy and Kathleen both discovered that Ben was indeed Susan's father and he can't wait to see her in person, and now on to the 13th chapter and to the same city Los Angeles at Wendy's apartment where Kathleen wants to show Wendy a record album of that favorite female singer Julie Lee Shannon to play a few fun dance tracks and as well as do a few fun dance tunes like Wendy did back in Pittsburgh where Susan and Ryan were lovers again and everything, so here's chapter 13!

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Fade In (Los Angeles Wendy's Apartment, 8:41 Pm)

Kathleen: "Hey Wendy, why don't we listen to that awesome music with the beautiful Julie Lee Shannon on the record player turntable so we can party a little bit or something before we call it a night?"

Wendy: "Yeah, okay let's do it!"

Kathleen: "Okay!"

(Fast paced dance rock music to the song by Julie Lee Shannon called "I Want Your Love, Boy!" playing on the stereo turntable)

Wendy: "Whoo, all right!"

(Wendy giggles as she strips her clothes off to the floor except her bra and underwear on dancing to the music)

(Female backup singers vocalizing the notes very fast in unison)

Female backup singers: (Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo doo, doo!) 2 times

Kathleen: "Yeah, whoo!"

(Wendy and Kathleen just keep on dancing to the music shouting with pure joy and happiness)

Kathleen: "Wendy, i'm so glad we are sisters and best friends!"

Wendy: "Yes i know, me too!"

(Just then as they were continuing to the dance to that great music, a very loud and angry pounding at the door came in from her apartment only to discover that David's ex -girlfriend Sarah Colby was about to confront Wendy in person for stealing her boyfriend for no reason!)

Sarah: "Wendy, you stupid bitch i know you're in here! open this door right now!!"

(Kathleen and Wendy quickly shut off the music as it happens)

Sarah: "Wendy, i said open this damn door now!"

Kathleen: "I'll get it, i just think that Sarah just needs to chill out before she hurts you or me or somebody else when she's like that!"

(As Kathleen opens the door, Sarah storms in the apartment with a very angry and murderous look on her face)

Sarah: "Out of my way, Kathleen, Wendy you stupid tramp you are gonna pay for stealing my boyfriend David and for the way you break us up for no reason at all, i will see to it!"

(Kathleen and Wendy stared at each other again in a horrified shock)

To be continued


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