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A Perfect Combination Chapter 4

Script By: 2011Paramedic

Okay, now we're up to Chapter 4 to this amazing story script and previously, Debbie told Melissa that she is gonna ask her ambulance attendant boyfriend David Hobbs out on a dinner date someplace wonderful and romantic for that coming friday night in which just like Susan and Ryan it will be a beautiful expeirence, and now in chapter 4 we meet a cute/hard working firefighter and another man named David, David Young who also happens to be the boyfriend of copy editor Wendy Green who also is in the shock of his life when he gets an unexpected visit from his jealous and foul mouthed ex-girlfriend Sarah Colby! and now,, Chapter 4!!

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Fade In (intro to the fire station in Los Angeles County, Station number 103)

Close up shot (As the engine had returned from a rubbish fire and they're now back inside the station getting ready to eat homemade chili for lunch)

as the firefighters of Station 103 including firefighter David Young were making their way to the break room to eat their lunch, Sarah unexpectedly arrives at the station to confront her ex boyfriend David about why he has not returned her calls and accuses him of seeing someone else, especially Wendy..

(David angrily sighs at Sarah and asked her what was she doing at that station)

David: "Sarah, what the hell are you doing here?"

Sarah: (Coldly tells him) "You know what i'm doing here, David? and i want to talk to you!"

David: "Not now, i'm gonna go have lunch with the guys they're waiting for me."

Sarah: (shouting angrily tells him) "Right now!!"

(David fustratedly sighs) and replies David: "Oh, man!"

David: (Angrily asks her) "About what?"

Sarah: "About why have you not returned my calls and everything, huh? where were you these last couple of months?!"

David: "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, you really have a sick and rotten attitude problem you know that?"

Sarah: "Look David, just shut up and answer my question, ok?!"

David: "Well, let's just say for starters i've been very busy with work lately very busy and not to mention the fact that i'm starting out a brand new life for myself just to get away from you! how's that?!"

Sarah: "Oh, i have a bad anger problem? i have a temper problem, David?!"

"David: (shouting angrily at Sarah) "YES!!!!"

(Sarah angrily sighs and then lets out a mean chuckle and then asks David)

Sarah: "Are you seeing someone else?"

David: "Yeah, Wendy Green my new girlfriend and copy editor, she's very sexy and beautiful and i don't love you anymore Sarah ok? now you might as well get it through you damn head because you and i are through! through with each other ok?"

Sarah: "You dirty creep!"

(Sarah then slaps very angrily at David's face)

(David grunts during the awful slap and he again sighs very angrily)

Sarah: "I hate you, David ok? i hate you!!"

(Sarah then storms off the station very angrily slamming the door behind her)

To be continued


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