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A Perfect Combination Chapter 51

Script By: 2011Paramedic

Okay, so far in Chapter 50 Fay can really shake her body and hip while dancing to that great funky fun dance tune as well as Fay and Eddie kissed each other on the dance floor very passionately without stopping to take a breath or nothing, and now we're up to the 51st Chapter of my latest scripted story and still yet in Nashua, N.H. where Susan's Sister Patty Watkins and her boyfriend Austin Malden arrived in that same city not only to visit Ryan and Susan, but also to visit Fay and Eddie as well in person and get this later in Chapter 52, Fay and Patty can do some funky dance moves stripping their clothes off to impress both Eddie and Austin so they can love them even more, and now before chapter 52, here's chapter 51....

and still fast paced music in that thing too....

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(Snare Drum Cymbals playing faster and faster like mad like a litted match during the same song "Nightlife" and again drums pounding like thunder again very fast and featuring mexican horns playing and speeding the theme song lyrics faster and faster as well)

(Horns Playing)

Fade In: (North Nashua, N.H. "Rosie's," Friday, 7:21 pm!)

Patty: "Austin Look, it's Eddie and Fay!"

Austin: "Is that them?"

Patty: "Yes, Austin! and they are having fun dancing with each other and everything, yeah!"

Patty: "Whoo!"

Austin: "Well they must be a cute couple!"

Patty: "Yes, sweetie they are, come on, let's go meet them and let's have some fun dancing too!"

Austin: " Okay, i'm game!"

Patty: "Beautiful! yeah!"

(Patty looked good in only her short sleeved casual clothing and the same with Austin wearing only casual short sleeved clothings too)

(Mexican Horns Playing Fast in unison during that song)

Fay: (Laughs happily) "I love My man, Eddie!"

Fay: "Whoo! beautiful!"

(Fay again laughs very happily)

Fay: "Yeah, yeah!"

(Fay again laughs very very happily)

Patty: "Fay?!"

(Fay turned over to see her best friend from Piitsburgh and Susan's sister Patty Watkins arriving at the restaurant)

Fay: "Patty! hi there!"

Patty: "Hi, there gorgeous!"

(the two women hugged each other for a moment and then back to having fun afterwards)

Patty: "How's it going tonight?"

Fay: "Just beautiful, that's all!"

Patty: "I bet!"

Fay: "Yes! beautiful!"

(Mexican Horns again plays fast in unison a few more times as our story continues)

(Female background vocalists vocalizing a few notes in four part harmony)

(Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo!)

(Ooh, yeah!)

to be continued


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