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A Perfect Combination Chapter 6

Script By: 2011Paramedic

So far in Chapter 5 of that story script Susan tells Wendy that Ryan had asked her to marry him, and she said yes during their lunch time together and then as soon as their lunch time together was about to come to an end, Trey tells Wendy that she has a phone call from Jill from long distance Los Angeles California, and now moving on to Chapter 6 of that story script and we meet another boyfriend/girlfriend named Eddie Cole and Fay Courtland in a small community town of Angel Falls just one mile outside of Pittsburgh who were just sitting by the pool outside in the patio and having their lunch time and afternoon sex together as Fay was wearing a lovely Green sleeveless bathing suit strapped all over her body and Eddie was just wearing his swimming trunk with no shirt on or nothing, so here's chapter 6!

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Fade In (intro to Eddie's house in Angel Falls, Pennsylvania)

Close Up Shot (as Fay, an exotic dancer was bringing their lunch of those tasty ham and cheese sub sandwiches with chips and milk and just sitting down in the swimming pool next to her boyfriend and ambulance attendant Eddie just to spend their midday afternoon together.)

Fay: "There you go, honey!"

Eddie: "Thanks, Fay."

(as Fay and Eddie gave each other a couple of quick kisses)

Fay: "Eddie is so beautiful out here and it's sunny"

Eddie: "Yeah, it sure is"

(Fay and Eddie kept on eating their meal just enjoying the afternoon breeze and everything)

(Then after they were through with their meal, Fay and Eddie leaned forward on the mat near the pool and made a passionate romance and had a brief sex with each other and Fay was happy about all that)

Fay: "Mmm, honey i like it when we have sex together by the swimming pool and making love in the afternoon and everything"

Eddie: "I know that, Fay and i like it too"

Fay: "Really?"

Eddie: "Of Course."

(Fay and Eddie continued kissing each other and having sex when suddenly the phone rang had cut short their afternoon time together)

Eddie: "Oh, No"

Fay: "Just let it ring, Sweetie i'm sure someone will call us back later"

Eddie: "I think this could be important"

(as Eddie was picking up the phone to take the call, and it was from his best friend and partner Gavin Harris)

Eddie: "Hello"

Gavin's voice: "Eddie, you have to come back to the hospital right away buddy!"

Eddie: "Now?"

Gavin's voice: "Of course, Now it's your sister Danica!"

Eddie: "Danica, what's wrong with her?"

Gavin's voice: "I think she broke up with her boyfriend Michael Scott, cuz she caught him cheating with his ex girlfriend and Ryan's sister Patty Longwood, so get over here quick!!"

Eddie: (sighs and then responded) "I'm on my way in five minutes, see ya then."

(hangs up phone)

Eddie: "Fay,i'm sorry we'll have to continue doing this another time or maybe at dinner later tonight, i'm very sorry darling.."

Fay: "That's no problem, Sweetie just hurry back in one piece!"

(Fay giggling happily at Eddie)

Eddie: "Sure thing"

Fay: "I love you!"

Eddie: "Me too, honey."

(Fay smiles very happily and then said) "Beautiful!"

(Fay and Eddie continued kissing each other and having sex and making love with each other for only five minutes before heading off to work)

To be continued


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