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A Perfect Combination Chapter 61

By: 2011Paramedic

Page 1, Previously in Chapter 60, Colby and his new dream girl Clarissa went out on a nice date all around Manchester, and now we\'re up to Chapter 61 of that current scripted story and back to Beaumont Texas where Brenda and Matt were on a nice dinner date along with Chrissy, a copy editor from Los Angeles, so here it is!!!!

Fade In: (Beaumont Tx, Malone's Restaurant, Friday, 7:36 PM!)

Chrissy: "So Brenda, Matt seems to be a nice boyfriend to you right?"

Brenda: "Yes, he is so good looking!"

Chrissy: "I bet!"

Brenda: "That's right!"

(A few minutes later, a young busboy named Arron Newman arrived at their people to take their order on what to eat for dinner that evening!)

Arron: "Hello there, can i take you all's orders on what to eat for dinner this evening?"

Matt: "Yes, i would like some fettucini alfredo with parmesean crusted chicken and breadsticks, and three glasses of white wine and three cheesecakes and coffee for dessert!"

Arron: "You miss?"

Brenda: "I'll have what he's having?"

Arron: "How about you, miss?"

Chrissy: "I would like a plate of spaghetti and meatballs and breadsticks with sauce, and a glass of diet coke!"

Arron: "Okay, i'll be back in a few minutes with some good food!"

Brenda: "Beautiful, thanks!

to be continued

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