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A Perfect Combination Chapter 62

By: 2011Paramedic

Page 1, So far in Chapter 61, Matt, Brenda, and Chrissy were eating good food at a local italian restaurant named


Fade In: (Nashua, N.H. Friday, 7:44 PM!)


(Drums pounding like thunder and like mad a few times as the fast driven music played in the background)



(Instrumental theme song) "Light Up The Night!"



(Horns Playing)


(As Susan and Ryan were having a steak dinner for two at some steak house place just having dinner and having their alone time together as well)


(Female Solo Singer only vocalizes a few high and moderate notes during the musical score not the real words or lyrics as of yet but later))


(ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah! yeah! yeah, yeah!) (Baby,, Light Up The Night!!)


(Horns Continue Playing)



(Mexican horns playing faster and faster in unison) (4 times)



Close up Shot: (As Susan and Ryan were dancing the night away with a very fast music as she was shouting with pure joy and happiness)


Susan: "Yeah, yeah! whoo! yeah! beautiful!"


(Susan giggling very happily while wearing her long sleeved yellow ribbed knitted turtleneck sweater and tan pants)




Female Singers: (Doo Doo, Doo Doo, Doo Doo, Doo Doo!)


Ryan: "This isn't so bad, this is great!"


Susan: "Yeah i know, it's beautifiul! whoo hoo!!"



(Susan laughs real hard while having lots of fun dancing with Ryan)


(Music abruptly comes to an end as our story continues)


(Music ends)


to be continued



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