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A Perfect Combination Chapter 2

Script By: 2011Paramedic

this is chapter 2 of my great new story and where we left off previously when Susan was gonna give him a huge present for Ryan over at the eatery place, he will be in the thrill of his life, so let's find out in chapter 2!!

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Fade In

(Intro to Pittsburgh's lovely new outdoor italian restaurant named "Corelli's")

(Intro as Susan was giving Ryan the most wonderful and exciting surprise of his life)

Susan: "Just keep them nice and closed for me, Ryan"

Ryan: "I am keeping it closed"

(Susan giggles very happily as she was about to bring in her cousin and copy editor from Los Angeles California named Wendy Green who is also wearing the same matching Red ribbed knitted long sleeved turtleneck sweater to have her do a little musical dance number at that restaurant so that she can help Susan and Ryan fix up all of the troubled and messed up romantic relationships and have a bright and beautiful future together for the two lovebirds)

Susan: "Okay Wendy, hit it!"

Wendy: "Right, Susan!"

Susan: "Okay honey, open your eyes now, SURPRISE!!"

Ryan quickly opened his eyes to see that he has a big surprise, and it was from her cousin Wendy doing a special dance musical number to Be Mine Tonight By Julie Lee Shannon!

(Be Mine Tonight plays on the stereo)

Wendy: "Whoo! Yeah!"

(Wendy giggles as she dances to the latest beat just to surprise the two lovers)

Ryan: "Oh, honey you did that just for me?"

Susan: "Ryan, sweetie pie yes i did it just for you cuz i love you so so much!"

Ryan: "I love you, too."

Susan: "Yes!"

Susan and Ryan gave each other another quick kiss and then she tells Ryan that she wants to start their romance all over again like new as well

Susan: "Oh, baby let's you and i start our love for each other all over again like new and make it beautiful again"

Ryan: "Susan, look"

(But Susan cuts him off and keeps on talking to him about fixing up their repaired romance for each other)

Susan: "Ryan please, we need to talk about this right now" (Susan stops for a moment and then responded)

Susan: "Look i know that you and i never had any time together for each other and everything, but i was constantly busy with all the all the hard work i do every day and that i go to every day as well and for the last couple of months when i angrily told you to get off me and stop having sex with me and everything? i really didn't mean it , i didn't mean to push you away angrily like that and i know we've had those awful bad angry fights with each other these last few months and it's because i was out of line and have not been feeling well and everything ok? i'm sorry, i'm sorry that i hurt you and to the fact that we've had not spent anytime together with each other! i'm sorry, can you forgive me? and of course, can we have sex and make love to each other again like new?!"

Ryan: "Of course i forgive you, honey you're my girl, and yes we can have sex and be in love with each other again too!!"

Susan: "Really?!"

Ryan: "Yeah, really!"

Susan: "Oh, Ryan Sweetie! i love you, i really really love you!!"

Ryan: "I love you too, Susan."

Susan: "Beautiful!"

(As Susan giggles and as she and Ryan kissed each other a couple of more times and then tries to fix up their troubled romantic relationship, Wendy keeps on dancing to support their two lovebirds together)

Wendy: "Yeah, whoo, beautiful!!"

(Wendy giggles)

Susan: "I'm in love with Ryan, Again, yeah!!"

(Susan laughs real hard)

Wendy: "Whoo hoo!"

Julie Lee Shannon: (Yeah yeah, darling!)

Female backup singers: (Doo Doo, Doo Doo!)

(Music ends)

(Wendy continues giggling)

Wendy: "Beautiful!"

(Wendy again continues giggling as she continues dancing)

To Be Continued


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