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A Perfect Combination, The 64th and final chapter to this scripted story. (for now at least!!)

Script By: 2011Paramedic

So far in chapter 63, Brenda, Matt, along with Chrissy and Derek both got a shocking and cute surprise of their lives with the arrival of multiple and beautiful female exotic and sexy club dancers, and now, hate to say this but here is my 64th and final chapter to this long running scripted story and back to Nashua, N.H. with a huge shock for both Ryan and Susan when they both receive a phone call from a very terrified Patty who must tell her that Terri demands to see both Susan and Ryan at the italian restaurant and fast before things to really sour and it's a real cliffhanger ending to this story and later after this story is done either tomorrow, sunday, or on monday of next week, i will tell you about my new upcoming scripted story which will be a sequel to "A Perfet Combination" called "A Real Perfect Combination Goes Along The Way" and i will give you a preview on that, details soon, and now, Chapter 64, the final chapter!!

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Fade In: (Nashua, N.H. at night, Friday, 8:02 PM!)

Susan: "Come on, honey let's hurry up if we can make it to our 9:30 movie!"

Ryan: "Yeah, we better do so before it gets sold out and fast!"

(Susan giggles)

(Just then, Susan receives a phone call as her cell phone rings, and it's from her sister, Patty!)

Susan: "Hello?"

(Patty's voice on the phone sobbing uncontrollably) "Susan it's me, you need to come to Rosie's place, it's that tramp Terri! she demands to see both you and Ryan right now!"

Susan: "Patty, are you okay?"

Patty: "NO! i'm not okay, i'm scared i need you over here fast!"

(but just then as Patty was able to continue to tell Susan about her problem, Susan receives another voice on her cell phone, and it's from her cold and cunning arch enemy Terri Walburn!)

(Terri's voice:) "Susan, it's that you you stupid red haired bitch!"

Susan: "Terri, what have you done to my sister?" (Angrily demanded)

Terri: "Just shut up, and get over here before i get really mad and tear the whole place down and set it on fire with Patty, Eddie, Fay, and Austin to top it off burned to a crisp!"

(With that, Terri hung up the phone and Susan got was a dial tone on her cell phone!)

(Just then a teared up Susan yells for Ryan to come to her for her safety as she screamed)

Susan: (sobbing and screaming) "RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (echoing)

(Dramatic ending music came out as our story temporarily comes to an end)

Narrator's voice: (Don't miss our next scripted story, "A Real Perfect Combination Goes Along The Way" coming soon!!)

(Music ends with a loud bong on the tympani drums)

The end,, for now!!


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