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A Real Perfect Combination Goes Along The Way Chapter 6

By: 2012Attorney

Page 1, Previously in chapter 5, Ben and Julia went on a very nice friendly dinner date, and now we\'re up to chapter 6 and back to Tim and Gina where we left off in the previous chapters to this scripted story sequel, enjoy!


Fade In: (Los Angeles California, Hollywood hills area, Friday, 7:56 PM!)


(A few seconds later as Tim and Gina were about to go out on their dinner date together, there was an usual but cute ringtone on her cell phone as she receives a phone call from Gina's sister Marcia Eveans as she needs to speak to her in person for a few minutes or so!)


(Female background singers vocalizing a few notes in four part coated harmony ringtone from Gina's cell phone) (Doo Doo, Doo Doo!) (Doo Doo, Doo Doo!) 16 times


(Gina then takes the call from her cell phone from her sister Marcia)


Gina: "Hello?"


Marcia: "Hey there, sis! how's it going?"


Gina: "Pretty good, Marcia but i can't talk to you right now i'm going out with Tim to dinner!"


Marcia: "Yes i know that, but i just want to give you a quick good news here!"


Gina: "Okay, what is it?"


Marcia: "You're not gonna believe this, but tv and movie actress Summer Glau who recently appeared in the dramatic lifetime tv movie Deadly Honeymoon is gonna sing for us for the first time as a pop and rock and roll singer in two weeks on the premiere of her new varietly show called the summer glau show on RBC tv and tomorrow night at the greek theatre with her band, orchestra, horn players, and three lovely backup singers as well and of course she will be starring in her first romantic comedy movie called love takes times next month in theatres everywhere also starring the cute and dashing hunk James Franco!!!!"


Gina: "For real?!"


Marcia: "Yes!" (laughs happily)


Marcia: "and she is very beautiful too!"


Gina: "Well okay, i'll talk to you tomorrow on all that okay?"


Marcia: "Beautiful, thanks sis!"


Gina: "Good bye, thanks!"


(Gina then happily yells with pure joy and laughter while wearing her black sleeveless dress on)


Gina: "Whoo hoo! yes! yes! beautiful!!!!!!!!!"


(Gina giggles and smiling very happily as this scene freezes a bit as our story continues)


Female Background Vocalists: (Doo Doo, Doo Doo, Doo Doo, Doo Doo!)


to be continued





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