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Childhood Sweethearts (Script)

Script By: bluishmaag

If you have read Childhood Sweethearts, then You'll know.. But i sorta changed the names of Gelee and Jessica to Zhailex and Elixia// lol

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Abby : (sighs) it's morning… I can't believe I had that dream again. That dreams of the boy whom I love, my first and only love… (Sighs again)
: I could still remember what had happened all those years ago…
(Flashback sound effects)
Mom : (hears a girl crying) what do you think you're doing!? How dare you hit our only daughter!
Dad : (angry yell) If she weren't like you I wouldn't! But hell with that! Where's my food!?
Mom : (hissed) what do you think of me? You're MAID!?
Dad : Yes!
Abby : I always disliked it when my mom and dad would fight. Luckily, after all those beatings, my mom and I are free. I am glad of it, and yet… very, very sad…
(Flashback sound effects)
Abby : I left the most precious thing when I left …
: (Cries)
(Bushes moves)
Abby : (gasps)
Ethan : Sorry, did I scare you?
Abby : (Voice shaking) its fine.
Ethan : I'm Ethan, what's your name?
Abby : (Voice still shaking) I'm…I'm Abigail. But I prefer Abby.
Ethan : I'm sorry I scared you.
Abby : It's okay.
Ethan : Mind telling me why you're crying?
Ethan : Sorry, I shouldn't have asked.
Abby : It's okay.
: I'll tell you.
(Sound effects of love)
Abby : I always come here when I'm sad. My parents would always argue… and … I dislike it a lot. This place is the only place that I can be alone, and cry myself out…
Ethan : 'Ya know, I understand you a lot. I'm going through the same thing. Well, sorta.
Abby : Sorta?
Ethan : you could say I'm pretty rich. I'm a 'Vladimir'. And I'm the only son too, the only heir. True, I get what I want easily, but…
Abby : But what? Ethan, you're a Vladimir!? That's so cool. What is so wrong about that?
Ethan : Well, I can't act as myself at all. The treat my like a prince, that for sure, but like doll prince. I can't speak my mind; play where I want, DO WHAT I WANT!
Abby : (giggles) Okay your majesty, calm down.
(Both laughs)
Ethan : Hey it's Dusk, we need to go home.
Abby : Guess we lost track of time.
Ethan : Well, See you next time?
Abby : Sure
: Ever since then, we would meet at that same spot almost everyday. Acting like two little lovebirds, but for me, something better happened, on my 13th birthday, February 14th; I received my first kiss and first boyfriend.
Ethan : Happy Birthday Abby.
Abby : Thanks E.
Ethan : Abby… umm … can… can I ask you something?
Abby : Sure what is it?
Ethan : (Nervous) Can… (Abrupt) Can you be girlfriend?
Abby : (giggles) it will be am honor Prince Ethan Vladimir…
Ethan : This is so awesome!
(Both hugs)
(Sound effect of door open-close)
Abby : Hey mom, what are you doing just sitting all alone? … In the dark?
It's so late mom.
Mom : Well, look whose talking. I should be the one asking you that! Where have you been?!
Abby : Well…
Mom : You've been with Ethan, am I correct?
Abby : Well yeah.
Mom : Mind telling me what happened?
Abby : Well, he's … Ummm … he's sorta my … bo- … boy-…
Mom : Boyfriend?
Abby : Uhh … yeah … mom please don't be angry … I …
Mom : It's okay honey. I've been expecting it actually…
Abby : (shocked) You were WHAT!?
Mom : I said, I've been expecting it.
Abby : Whoa. Seriously?
Mom : (abrupt) We need to talk honey…
Abby : About what mom?
(Short silence)
: (angry) did dad hit again!?
Mom : (giggle)
Abby : Wait, you're smiling. So what did happen?
Mom : Your dad and I are having a divorce.
Abby : That's great mom. At least we're not going to be beaten up anymore.
Mom : Exactly. But we need to move away from here. We're going to Phoenix.
Abby : What!? But mom … Why?!
Mom : You know we can't stay here, honey. You dad owns this place, not us. We need to move.
Abby : But why Phoenix?! That so far away from here.
Mom : Ohio and Phoenix are in the same country.
Abby : (whines and complains) What!? Please … Mom!
Mom : Honey, if you really want to stay here, fine. You father is here.
Abby : I don't have any other choice do I?
Mom : I'm sorry Honey…
Narration: The Next Day
Ethan : Abby! You're here! You alright?
Abby : Erm… Ethan, I have something to say.
Ethan : (energetic) Me too! But you first.
Abby : I'm leaving, I'm so sorry. (runs through the forest)
Ethan: Wait Abby!
Abby : Every time I would remember, I feel like I'm an idiot, I can't believe why I just ran away from him without any explanation at all. It's been 5 years since then, but why does still hurts me like hell? (Sighs)
(Knock on the door)
Mom : Honey, are you ready?
Abby : (Breaths) First Day of School already, (breaths again) yup, I'm good.
Mom : Alright, let's go then.
(Car sound effects)
Mom : Where here! Welcome to Arizona Prep Academy.
Abby : Thanks mom, I can handle it from here. And thanks for getting my schedule and the rest of my stuff.
Mom : Sure, No problem. Well, See ya sweetie.
Abby : Bye mom.
(Car engine)
Abby : (Breathes in and out)
Zhailex : Hey there!
Abby : Err.. Hi..
Zhailex : I'm Zhailex and this is Elixia.
Elixia : Hi there. Are you new here?
Abby : Uh, yeah. I am.
Zhailex : We can show you around if you want.
Abby : It's fine, I don't want to be a bother to you.
Elixia : Oh, you won't be bothering us at all. It's fine.
Abby : Well, I do need a tour guide.
Zhailex : And we need some to guide as well.
Abby : Alright. By the way, Thanks a lot Zhailex, Elixia.
Zhailex & Elixia : No Problem!
(Girls chattering)
Elixia : Zhay! There here.
Zhailex : The Vladimirs are already here? Really Elle?
Elixia : Well duh, I won't be saying it to you if there aren't here!
Abby : Vladimirs?
Elixia : Ya' know, the Vladimirs, their great grandfather or something founded this place.
Abby : Oh, How many are they?
Zhailex : Three, Seth and Sam are twins, and their cousin, the heir to Vladimir Empire, is Ethan.
Elixia : Ya' know, they can do anything in this school, especially Ethan. What they say goes.
Abby : ETHAN!? Ethan Vladimir!?
Elixia : Yeah, Oh, here they come.
(Elixia and Zhailex chatter [gina kilig-kilig])
Ethan : Abby?
Abby : Ethan, hi there.
Ethan : It is you!
Elixia and Zhailex: OMG!
Abby : Ethan! Where are we going!?
Ethan : Trust me on this Abby!
Abby : (In awe) Ethan, this…this is our…
Ethan : Our pond, well, I had it especially made…to look like our pond in Ohio.
: Abby, I missed you. I hope you and your mother are happy, that you two don't have to be battered by your father.
Abby : (surprised) how'd you know that?
Ethan : Abby, I'm the heir, as soon as you left me their in the woods, I went to my father requested to know why you were leaving, you see, I told them everything about us. The day you left me, that was the day I wanted to introduce you to them actually.
Abby : Oh, Ethan! I'm so sorry! I love you, but I had to and-
Ethan : Shh…its okay, you're here now. Were back together. Oh, Abby, you don't know how I'd suffer when you were gone.
Abby : You're not the only one who suffered for 5 years, Ethan.
Ethan : I know, but that's the past
Abby : And we're looking at the present and future.
Ethan : And by the way, there's no class today.
Abby : Yeah, I can see that when you yelled "There's no class today" and everyone was going home.
Ethan : I can't believe we're back together, I've longed for this day to come.
Abby : Me too…
Ethan : Hey, ummm… Can you please meet my parents? They're really nice.
Abby : Sure, why not?
Ethan : Okay, let's go!
Abby : Wait! We're meeting them NOW!?
Ethan : Well, yeah. When did you expect?
Abby : This is sorta too soon, don't you think?
Ethan : Nah!
Abby : Ethan pulled me to his car, and just within a few minutes, we reached his house, there I met his Mom and Dad. They were so welcoming and very nice and hospitable. As the day ended, I made a compromise with Ethan, since I already met his parents; I decided that he too should meet my mom after he would drive me home that day. As he did, I introduced him to my mom, and she accepted him fully.
Ethan : Abby, are you alright? You seem to be lost in thought. What are thinking about?
Abby : Well, I just can't believe we're graduating. It feels so fast.
Ethan : (reluctant) Uh, yeah. I guess. (Changes the subject) For you I guess, you transferred here in the Middle of the Semester.
Abby : Are you alright? Is everything fine?
Ethan : (abrupt) everything's fine. (Breathes) it's cool.
Abby : Ok…
Teacher : Ladies and Gentlemen, to my co-teachers, to the parents, and most especially to our Graduates. Good day!
: Okay, let us give our graduates their diplomas…
(Teachers mutter different names)
Teacher : Abigail Bex Clearwater
: Congratulations Miss Clearwater.
Abby : Thank you ma'am.
Mom : Congrats Honey.
Abby : Thanks Mom.
Mom : Where do you wanna go?
Abby : Mom, I'll be going with Ethan. But don't worry; I'll spend every second with you tomorrow, my treat.
Mom : (sighs) Alright.
Ethan : Abby! Oh, good day Mrs. Clearwater.
Mom : Good day. Take care of my daughter Ethan.
Ethan : Of course ma'am.
Mom : Alright, I'll be going now. Bye Honey.
Abby : See ya mom!
: Where are we going?
Ethan : To my place.
Abby : Ok…
: As Ethan and I went inside his over-large bedroom, I shrugged out of my graduation coat. But when I turned around, Ethan kissed me. But the way he kissed was different, as if was giving his all to this kiss. I didn't notice that we were at his bed; I didn't notice that he was taking off his shirt and he was unbuttoning my dress. He stopped to kiss me and I thought he was gasping for air, but instead he wanted to move his mouth to my ear. "I love you. Let us be one"
And like what he said, we were as one that night. I had given him my innocence. We fit like two pieces of a puzzle that night. And that night was my best; I didn't know that it would be my worst. - As I opened my eyes, no one was there. I thought he just gotten out earlier. - So I dressed and fixed my self. And I went out looking him. But I saw no one, only the maids.
Abby : Excuse me, where is Ethan?
Maid : Oh, are you Miss Abigail? The young master has asked me to give this to you…
Abby : A letter?
Maid : Yes miss. He said when you wake up I should give this to you at once.
Abby : Thanks you.
Maid : Your welcome Miss. Good day to you.
(Abby reading)
(Ethans voice)
I'm sorry, I have to leave. I love you, and I'm sorry of what I have done. I ask for your forgiveness. I didn't want leave you but it's my responsibility as the heir of the Corporation. I had no choice, but do know that, that night is the best night of my life. I would never forget you. I love you.
I'm truly sorry, Please forgive me
Yours truly,
Abby : What?!
Maid : Miss Abigail? Where are you going Miss?
Abby : Thank you for the hospitality. But I need to go. Well, see ya!
Maid : Good-bye …
(Abby Pants)
Abby : But when I arrived I was running for the bathroom. I hurled towards the sink. As the days past I was repeating the same thing and I would cry at night for his lost. But as the weeks went by, my sleeping and eating habits were double, as if I was eating and sleeping for two. That's when I realize something, something vital. As the realization hit me, I ran towards the bathroom and luckily there was a tampon. I tried and the shock, happiness and fear whirled through me. Happy that I was having his child, fear that maybe my mother would kick me out. And I was shocked for no reason.
When I told my mother everything, I was relieved that she understood. I hugged her tightly and let it all out again. My mother was always helping since then.
Narration: AFTER 5 YEARS …
Ella : Mommy! Mommy! Walk faster! Walk faster!
Abby : Ella, sweetheart, don't run so fast or else you might bump some one.
Ella : Youch!!!
Abby : Ella, Ella? Are you alright?
Ella : I'm fine mommy.
Abby : (sigh) Good. Now say sorry.
Ella : Sorry Mister… I wasn't looking.
Ethan : Its fine, I hope you're not hurt yourself.
Abby : Ethan?
Ethan : Abby! Oh, Abby!
Ella : Mommy?
Abby : Honey, Why don't you run along for a while? But don't go far away, okay?
Ella : yes, mommy.
Ethan : Is she you daughter?
Ethan : Abby, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I should have explained. Please, I'm so sorry.
Abby : Shhh… It's okay. I know.
Ethan : I love you…
Abby : Let me answer your first question, She isn't just my daughter.
Ethan : Then who's the -
Abby : She's our daughter. And I love you too.
Abby : Let's just start over, Ella needs a father. And I need you, Ethan
Ethan : Yes. I agree.
Abby : So, wanna meet your daughter?
Ethan : OUR daughter. Yes I do…
~ END ~


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