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Tell Me it Ain't So

Script By: Jules Clarke

Alexa can't remember. Can't remember what? She doesn't know, she can't remember. Something happened and her best friend and boyfriend are going to great lengths to conceal it from her. Whatever 'it' is.

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(Alexa is lying on in a grassy field, Parker and Melody are looking down on her. A large summer cabin stands behind the three of them. As the curtain rises Alexa starts to come to consciousness.)

Parker: Alexa? Are you alright?

Melody: Alexa! Thank God you're alive!

Alexa: Yeah I'm… What happened?

Parker: (Cautious) You don't remember?

Alexa: No, I remember wanting to go for a swim in the pond earlier. Did I bump my head on the way down here?

Parker: No, Sweetheart, you made it to the pond… you uh… You slipped off the dock and got knocked out. You were stuck under water and by the time I pulled you out you were freezing and your lips were blue and you were hardly breathing. We were really nervous, Alexa.

Alexa: Why was I on the dock? And where were you when I slipped, Parks? How'd you get to me so quickly? The dock is quite a ways from the shore.

Parker: Oh I was… uh…

Melody: We were on the dock too.

Alexa: Then why was I in the water long enough to turn blue?

Melody: You hit your head on the dock floorboards when you…uh…tripped and tumbled into the water.

Alexa: I thought Parker said I slipped, Melody.

Parker: You did. You slipped on the wet floorboards…which…uh…caused you to trip over…um…Melody, and then you fell into the water.

Alexa: Didn't I hit my head too?

Parker: Yes…uh… right after you tripped over Melody you banged your head on the floor and tumbled into the water.

Alexa: Okay… if you're sure…

Melody: We are. That's exactly what happened.

Parker: This was exciting for a bit, I think we all need to relax after that terrifying experience. How about some cool lemonade in the cabin? Are you up for it, Melody? Alexa?

Melody: That sounds good. (Walks toward stage right, turns back as an after thought.) Alexa, are you going to come join us?

Alexa: You go ahead, I'll be right in.

Parker: Okay. (Joins Melody and they both walk off stage chatting and laughing)

Alexa: (Aside) They don't seem to know what's really going on. It's like they made up a cover story instead of just saying what actually happened out on the dock. Speaking of which, I'd like to know. I can't remember going out there or falling or anything past waking up this morning. I know I was headed for the pond; I wanted to go for a swim. But I can't remember swimming out to the dock. I must have though, because I'm soaking wet. I don't see why I would have swam all the way out to the dock though. I hate the deep water, it gives me the creeps. I don't like not being able to see the ground below my feet. The water is at least fifteen feet over my head out there. Even if my best friend and boyfriend were on the dock they would have swam into me in the shallow water. It doesn't make any sense. Parker should have seen me at the very least, but he's been acting weird lately. He's been acting distant and sneaking around and being careful when he talks to me. It's not like he's cheating on me. It only started this week when we came here, to my family's summer cabin and the only people here are my parents, my nine year old sister, Molly, me, Melody and Parker. Should I call him on it? Maybe Melody knows, she's been spending a lot of time with him lately. I need to know the truth, about everything. But, neither of them seems to want to tell it. Who else would know?

Molly: Hey, Sis.

Alexa: Hi, Molly.

Molly: Are you okay? I saw you fall into the water.

Alexa: Yeah I'm fine, my head hurts a bit but I'll live. Did you say you saw me fall? What happened?

Molly: Didn't Parker and Melody already tell you?

Alexa: Their story was a bit jumbled, tell me what you saw.

Molly: Well Melody pushed you and then-

Alexa: Melody pushed me? You mean Melody my best friend, Melody?

Molly: Yeah, she pushed you.

Alexa: Why would she push me? Was it an accident?

Molly: I don't think so, you looked pretty mad when you were talking to her before hand.

Alexa: (More to herself than to Molly.) Mad? I don't remember being mad. Something must have triggered it after I got to the pond, but what was I mad about?

Molly: You were mad at Parker.

Alexa: Parker? Didn't you say Melody before, you're really confusing, Molly. Want to spell it out for me?

Molly: You walked out to the pond, you must have caught sight of Melody and Parker and you started running toward them. You were yelling at them, I couldn't make out what you were saying so I don't know what about. Then you swam off to the dock and you were yelling in Melody's face and you pushed her first so when she shoved you back you slipped in a puddle on the dock and tripped into the water hitting your head on the edge of the dock. Then Melody and Parker started whispering and after a while, when you hadn't surfaced yet, Parker dove in and brought you up to shore.

Alexa: (Listing off the information on her fingers) So I was mad at Melody and Parker. You said they were whispering, they've been spending a lot of time together without me…

Molly: So what are you thinking? Nothing good, I assume.

Alexa: No it can't be anything good, Molly.

Molly: What is it then?

Alexa: They're keeping a secret from me. They have to be, there isn't any other logical reasoning for their behavior.

Molly: What's the secret?

Alexa: Well if I knew that it wouldn't be a secret, now would it? Stupid.

Parker: (Enters stage) Hey, Alexa! I thought you were coming inside for some lemonade. We're going to drink it all without it you if you don' hurry up.

Alexa: Parker, I need to talk to you.

Molly: See you later, Sis. Bye, Parker.

Parker: Later, Molly. What's going on, Alexa?

Alexa: Are you okay?

Parker: (Confused) Yeah, I'm fine. It's you we should be worried about. How's your head? Does it hurt? (Makes no move to comfort her)

Alexa: It isn't so bad. Parker, but, I need to know, why did I swim out to the dock? I hate swimming in deep water, you know that, and I never do it, so what was I doing out there this morning?

Parker: You came to hang out with Melody and I.

Alexa: But why?

Parker: Jeez, what's with all the questions? I don't know why you came to see us, because you love us, maybe?

Alexa: I'm not joking around, Parker. I need to know. Molly said I was mad at you and Melody. Why was I mad?

Parker: Are you sure that's what she said? You didn't seem mad to me, maybe she interpreted it wrong.

Alexa: She said I started yelling at Melody and Melody pushed me into the water. Parker, why was I mad? What happened? Why isn't anyone telling me anything? I deserve to know!

Parker: Alexa, calm down. This isn't a big deal.

Alexa: If it's not a big deal, then just tell me!

Parker: It was just- It isn't-

Melody: (Walks on stage.) What's going on?

Parker: Ah, Melody. Come over here. Come and tell Alexa what happened this morning on the dock.

Melody: We told her what happened.

Parker: She wants to know why she was mad at you.

Alexa: I want to know why I was mad at both of you. (Looks from Parker to Melody and then back)

Melody: (To Parker) You told her-

Parker: Molly told her.

Alexa: I also want to know why you two are being so secretive. It really isn't necessary. We're all friends here; let's get everything out in the open.

Parker: It isn't important, just forget this.

Alexa: It's important to me.

Parker: I can't even remember what it was.

Alexa: I'm tired of the lies, Parker.

Melody: She's right. It's time we tell her.

Parker: She's mad; this isn't how I want her to find out.

Melody: It beats how she found out this morning.

Alexa: So you do have a secret.

Melody: (Inhales deeply) Yes, Alexa, we do. The reason you were mad this morning was because you found out about it in the…wrong way.

Alexa: Parker, this is odd, but you've got lipstick on your collar.

Parker: What? Oh, honey, it's yours, remember?

Alexa: (Shaking her head) No, I don't own red lipstick. Melody does, but I never borrowed it or… (Realization comes over her face.) Melody does. Melody has red lipstick. There's red lipstick on your collar. OH MY GOD!

Parker: Wait, Alexa, it isn't… don't jump to conclusions, Baby. (Reaches for her hand)

Alexa: Don't touch me! I can't believe this. Oh my God.

Melody: Alexa-

Alexa: How could you? You're my best friend. How can you do this to me?

Parker: Alexa-

Alexa: And you? Parker, I thought you were… I thought I meant something to you. Was it all a lie? Can I not trust anyone?

Melody: Alexa, you're being over dramatic.

Alexa: (Yelling) Am I? I really don't think so. I think this is about good. This should be my reaction to something like this. The two people in the world I thought I could trust just simultaneously betrayed me. I think I have the right to be mad.

Parker: This isn't like that, Alexa-

Alexa: I loved you.

Melody: We didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry about that.

Alexa: (Sarcastic) Oh well that makes this better, Melody, thanks!

Parker: I'm sorry I-

Alexa: Is this what I found out this morning? This is why I was mad? I saw her nibbling on your collar? Kissing his face that is only supposed to be for me to kiss? You've been lying to me all day about this?

Parker: Alexa, please, I don't want to loose you.

Alexa: Well maybe you should have thought of that before you hooked up with my best friend.

Melody: Really Alexa, you need to chill out.

Alexa: Shut up! Just shut. Up. I can't deal…I'm just…I'm done, with both of you.

Parker: Alexa, please don't do this.

Alexa: Just…get out of my life.


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