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Psychic Lover

Script By: MaLuV4U

A girl who gets future flashes of her life. this is only the first part, soon i'll gett the second part!

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Scene 1
Tracey: (voice) You know how they say a person must be lying if whatever they dream of comes true. They don't exactly believe what's going on. They don't believe it until they see it…..for real! Well, I was somewhat like that. When I first started having these crazy-ass dreams that basically told me what would happen soon in my future, I thought something was wrong with me. I got these dreams and they actually came true. It wouldn't always happen tomorrow, but sometime in the future. I told my parents, but they never believed me. Instead they took me to a psychiatrist. They thought it was maybe over the depression of my grandmother's death. I didn't even know the LADY! So I stopped trying; I just kept dreaming, and seeing these random people.
(Remembering the night before; cloudy scene) In a car a boy and Tracy; the boy in the driver's seat and Tracey in the passenger seat. Drunken Tracey is uncontrollably laughing while the boy sits there staring deeply into her eyes. Tracey stops laughing and runs her finger down the boy's cheek. They lean forward, and gently kiss.
(Still blurry) Tracey slowly enters the school; the boy is talking to a group of people, when all of the sudden his attention goes towards Tracey walking in. (This is the part he'll start rapping and follow her). Instead of noticing she seems to ignore him and smiles walking up the stairs. He walks backwards facing her.
Part 3:
(At her locker) A bunch of kids walk around. While opening her locker he comes up from behind and taps on the right side of the shoulder and then taps the left side. She looks right to left. When she sees him standing on the left, against the lockers, she smiles.
Guy: "or should I talk about her smile…"
She drops her books and they kneel down to get it, hitting each other's heads.
Guy:"It was 'bout five minutes…."
She gets her books out of the locker and starts walking away as he shuts the locker and starts following her again.
The guy dances on "I don't know your name…" (Background dancers included) He walks up to her, takes the books from her, throws it on the floor, and pulls her towards him.
Guy: "Now Shorty grab a hold of my hand…." (Tightens his grip on her hand and pulls her closer. Lights go dim) "Grab my hand a little tighter…"
(Sitting in class; Tracey sits far left back corner of the room, and the boy sits on the front right corner) He looks at her while she has her hand raised for the teacher to call on and let her answer.
Guy: "I don't know your name…"
Tracey glances at him and smiles. He winks.
Part 5:
(In the hallway) Tracey walks with her friend. Tracey's friend looks behind her and sees the boy walking. She nods her head and smiles.
Part 6:
(After school; outside the school building)Tracey is walking to her bus, when without warning her grabs her by her arm and pulls her towards him. She looks into his eyes. He grins, leans down, and kisses her.

Scene 2
(In bed) Leena, Tracey's younger sister, enters the room and climbs on top of the bed. She jumps on the bed, trying to wake up Tracey. (The song, EXCUSE ME MISS, still plays)
Leena: (still jumping on the bed, yells) Tracey! Tracey! Tracey!
Tracey: (eyes fly open) WHAT!?
Leena: (Still yelling) Get up, get up! Mom wants you downstairs…RIGHT NOW!
Tracey: (Shouting) Alright, alright! Now get out of my room! (Pulls a pillow over her head, and groans)
Leena, jumps off the bed and walks out the room, grinning. Eventually Tracey takes the pillow off her head, gets up, and hits the "OFF" button on her alarm.
Tracey: (looking around, whispers) MAN! Some dream!
Scene 3
Tracey: (voice) However, there were two people who DID believe me; my friends Brandi and Cynthia. I told them about every dream I've had so far, beginning to end. They were always interested, always excited to hear what they're about. And I was always excited to tell them about them.
Tracey and her two friends, Brandi and Cynthia enter the school. She tells them about her dream.
Cynthia: (wide eyes, squeals) Na-ha! Another dream! (Looks at Tracey) Did you find out who he was this time? Could you see his face?
Brandi: (Grabs Cynthia's arm) Shut-up, Cynthia! Let her talk for once. (She turns to face Tracey) So tell us…. What was it about?
Tracey: (Slows her pace and leans against one of the lockers. Brandi and Cynthia stop and turn to listen to her dream) this was very different! Though I couldn't see the guy clearly, he did have a lean body. Oh those muscles! (She sighs) It started with a flashback I think. He and I were sitting in a car, and I was acting like a drunken idiot. But he didn't laugh at me; he seemed to have a grin on his face as he looked deep into me. I stopped laughing and then we kissed. Then we ended up walking into this school actually, it was me walking in, and he just followed me. I would ignore him and walk away or something, until in the very end he pulled me over to him and kissed me.
Cynthia: (Dazing off, she sighed) Wow! That's the best one yet! What was the name of the song?
Tracey: Excuse me, Miss. It's by Chris Brown.
Cynthia: Great! Then we should come over your house tonight so we could see the story while listening to the song! (Turns to Brandi) Don't you think?
Brandi: (Sarcastically says) Hey, Congrats! You do have a brain!
Cynthia sticks out her tongue and they leave for their classes.
Scene 4
(By Tracey's locker, after school) Chuckie, another one of Tracey's friend, comes up to her while she takes her books out of her locker.
Chuckie: Hey! What's up? (He leans against the lockers)
Tracey: (voice) Ahh! Here's another one of my friends. He's pretty cool and at times cute too. Everyone loves Chuckie! He's open and very outgoing! The only thing he needs is a girlfriend!
Tracey: (Sighs) Nothin' much. (She shuts her locker)
Chuckie: (Concerned) what's wrong? (Puts his arm around her shoulder) You look upset!
Tracey: (Hesitates) it's nothin'…really!
Cynthia: (Walks up from behind, along with Brandi) yeah… sure there's NOTHINNNGGG wrong!
Brandi: (nudges Cynthia's arm) Shut-up, Cynthia!
Cynthia: (Angry) No! You shut-up! Why you always mean to me anyways?
(Bell rings)
Brandi: (smiles) 'Cause I love you! (They all walk away)
Scene 5
(Outside the school building) once outside, Tracey looks towards the building walls, to see if there's any familiar face there. She gets a sudden flashback of the dream; where he grabs her by her arm and pulls her towards him for a kiss.
Tracey: (thinks) I have to find out who this guy is! (She turns her gaze back to the wall and searches for him. After a while of examining….) forget it! (Says out loud. Gives up and turns to go to her bus)
Scene 6
(Tracey's room) Brandi and Cynthia are staying over for the night, so they set their sleeping bags. When finished they all hop on the bed and face Tracey.
Cynthia: So what are you gona do now?
Tracey: I…I really don't know. I mean, I want to find out who this guy is, but the question is how? I don't even know what the guy looks like!
Brandi: Well….did you try MySpace? (Chuckles)
Tracey: (Fake laughs) Ha-Ha-Ha! Yeah, I already read that book. Don't mess with me, okay? I'm really not in the book…. (Irritated) I mean mood!
Brandi cracks up.
Cynthia: (ignores Brandi) weren't you able to see some parts of it? Like-like his hair, or color or kind of clothes?
Tracey: (bites her lip) um…well he did have reddish-brownish hair. But that's the only thing I could see clearly. It's like those people in the news that don't want to show their faces, so the news-people smear it up.
Cynthia: Hmmm. What else……was his hair long, short, curly?
Tracey: No! It wasn't too long, or too short. They were perfect boyish hair. They were-they were just there. They were perfect!
Tracey was so into describing his hair that she didn't even remember her friends were there. By the time she noticed them, they'd fallen asleep. Tiredness took over he; she yawns. She'd put on her headphones to listen to her CD-player, but after a few minutes she'd fallen asleep.
Scene 7
(At a party; really crowded)
Tracey walks to the table full of food and drinks and takes a cup of beer. While taking a sip, she turns around and scans the dancing crowd. But she jumps and drops the cup of beer.
Tracey: Oh…my…god!
A guy with dirty brown hair, white shirt, and dark blue jeans walks towards her. He has a big smirk, like he's confident about whatever he's about to do. Tracey blinks. Once…..twice….thrice; her breathing gets heavy, her eyes set on his face. He stops once he reaches her.
Tracey: (thinks) it is him!
Brown hair guy: Hi… (He runs a hand through his hair) Um… (Hesitates) Do you… (Clears his throat)
Tracey: (quickly, interrupts before he finishes) what are you doing here? You're….you're supposed to be with (swallows and takes a deep breath) ….with ------.
Brown hair guy: (Shakes his head) we're not together; we never were! (Before she could say anything, he quickly asks her) D'you wanna dance?
Tracey didn't know what to say. She blinks, staring at him mouth open. But when she gets what he just asks her, she shuts her mouth and nods. He takes her by her hand and leads her towards the middle of the dance floor. Then he pulls her closer to his body. Chest to chest, hand in hand.
Brown hair guy: (sniffs, leans closer to Tracey's ear and whispers) you smell good. (Slowly his lips touch the tip of Tracey's ear. She inhales a sharp breath)
Tracey: (swallows) Th-thanks.
Suddenly Tracey turns away, loosening his grip. He lets go, but not completely. His hand slides from Tracey's arm, to her chest, down to her waist. He tightens his arm around it, like a snake strangling a person with its entire body, and pulls her towards him. Her head bangs against his chest. His hand gently comes up to caress her hair. Without thinking her arms tenderly travel around his neck, folding themselves into a lock.
Tracey: (thinks) why not? He's the one I want!
Tracey picks her head off his chest. Slowly, she brings up her eyes to meet his. Then she runs her right hand down his left cheek, carefully placing it on top of his lips. She soothingly runs her thumb across his soft lips. She leans in closer to his face.
Tracey: (voice) Stop! Stop! You don't know what you're doing! This is WRONG!
Tracey: (another voice) No Tracey, she's wrong. Whatever you're doing, it's all right! This is your moment! No one can take it away from you, you've waited too long. You're absolutely, positively RIGHT!
Tracey listens to the good voice and leans in so that her lips are on top of his. He reacts as soon as their lips touch. Her left hand quickly digs into his hair. She pulls him closer, close enough that her breasts push against his chest. Hunger takes control. After what seem like minutes later, she pulls back up, gasping for air. She sees him doing the same. Tracey knew that he wanted more and so did she, but nor the place nor the time was right.
Brown hair guy: (grins) you're pretty good at this, aren't you?
Tracey smiles. Suddenly she craved for more beer.
Tracey: I'll….I'll be right back.
Brown hair guy: (nods) want me to come with you?
Tracey: (shakes her head) Na, you stay here. (Walks away)
Tracey grabs her beer and turns to leave. But someone blocks her way. It was a guy with dirty-blond hair. He wore a black shirt with ripped jeans.
Blond hair guy: Hey, sweetie.
Tracey: (irritated) Move ---- (muffled out by a beep)
Blond hair guy: Why? Don't you wanna dance with me?
Tracey: (snaps) No! Now move! (She starts to walk away, but he grabs her by her wrist)
Blond hair guy: (he leans closer to her, lips brushing her neck. She shivers) Come on! You know you want to. (He starts pulling her towards the back door)
Tracey: (trembling) I…I said get away ------- (muffled out by a beep) I don't want to do anything with you! Isn't it enough that you ----- (gets cut off)
Blond hair guy: (puts a finger over her lips) shhhhhh…..you don't want anyone finding out what happened to you, do you?
Tracey: (a tear runs down her cheek, whispers) ASSHOLE!
Blond hair guy: (angry) Bitch! Don't you dare call me asshole! (He tightens his grip on her wrist and twists it)
Tracey: (drops the drink, yells) OW! What the hell is your problem? There are plenty of girls here who could give you what you want, then why me?
Blond hair guy: (evil laugh) 'Cause you're the only one who I haven't done. (Tracey shivers) Now you're gonna to HAVE to go with me! I love girls who're scared! (He starts to pull her towards the door when a hand lands on his arm)
Brown hair guy: LET-HER-GO!
Blond hair guy: What? Who the hell are you?
Tracey looks up at him.
Brown hair guy: I'm her… (Looks at Tracey) boyfriend.
Tracey and blond hair guy: (in shock) WHAT!?
Brown hair guy: (winks at Tracey) Let's go! (Takes Tracey's hand and starts to leave. Blond hair guy immediately lets go)
Tracey: why you say that for?
Brown hair guy: (glances at her) why? Don't you think we can be together?
Tracey: yes…. I mean no! You have a girlfriend. How could you even say that?
Brown hair guy: (smirking) Shouldn't you have thought of that when you were kissin' me?
Tracey: (stammers) um...well…um….but-but-but…. (Slowly) you told me that you guys were never together!
Brown hair guy: (turns around to face her) Exactly! (Grabs her shoulders) So that means that now I have the right to do this too! (He leans down and presses his lips on top of hers)
Tracey stumbles a little at first, but relaxes as her hands find the right places. After a while they break the kiss.
Brown hair guy: Let's go home.
Tracey: (dizzy) Sooooo, does this means we're together?
Brown hair guy: (chuckles) yes. (Kisses on her forehead)
(In the car) the beer has caught up to Tracey's head. She acts like a drunken idiot! She's laughing while the brown hair guy looks deeply into her eyes. Tracey notices him looking and stops laughing. She runs her finger down his cheek. They both kiss.


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