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Smart and Pretty

Script By: Mindbuzzproductions

Teddy tries to get the girl he likes to like him back.

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Scene 1

(Fade in to a school with a girl with red hair wandering around. The school's name is Miami Senior High school. The location is Miami, Florida. The girl with red name is Arielle. Arielle is a very peppy and bubbly type of girl. Arielle walks up to two blondes chatting away. They are Hillary and Liza.)

Arielle: Can you guys show me around? Please.

Hillary: I don't know can we?

Liza: May you guys show me around?

Arielle: (Laughs) May you guys show me around? Looks like I found the grammar police.

Hillary: (giggles) Sure. I'm Hillary and that's Liza.

Liza: What's yours?

Arielle: My what?

Liza: Your name.

Arielle: Arielle is my name. Cheerleading is my game.

Hillary: Ahhhh. You're a cheerleader as well. You're going to love this school then.

Liza: Let's get started on our tour. My name is Liza but you can call me Lizzy and I'll be one of your tour-guides for today. Please keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all times.

Hillary: Knock it off. We have a map to show everything. So come this way. (Leads Arielle to board)

Liza: Ever thing you nee-

Hillary: Look cute the jocks are coming our way (Poses). Arielle!

Arielle: I don't have a thing for jocks but... (Turns and puts hand behind her head)

All Jocks: Hey girls. (Obnoxious shouts and screams and whistles)

Mark: New girl. (Does a little dance shake) Do you want a piece of this?

Wesley: You know if your hand is bigger than your face all your wishes will come true.

Arielle: Really? (Holds hand to face. Smacks Wesley's face) I'm not an idiot!

Wesley: (pushes Arielle down) Don't fight with me!

Arielle: (Trips Wesley) HA!

Wesley: Dog pile!

(Everyone pounces)

Arielle: (Rolls out of the way. Then stands up) Not my type like I said.

Hillary: How did you do that?

Arielle: I just moved. Easy like that.

Principal: What is with all the noise out here? Jocks? Blondie? Liza? New kid, that I don't know the name?

Liza: Hi daddy. This is Arielle my new friend.

Principle: What happened?

Liza: These jocks were just being meanies to Arielle daddy.

Principal: Jocks detention after school today. As for you, Arielle nice to meet you. Glad you already have friends. See you later then. (Walks off) Oh wait Arielle do you have a schedule?

Arielle: Yes Mr. Principle sir.

Principal: My name is Mr. Blacksworth.

Arielle: Got it.

(Mr. Blacksworth walks away)

Hillary: Do you want to hang at my place with Liza and me?

Arielle: Yeah I can sure get away from my totally uncool mom.

Liza: Defiantly.

Arielle: May you guys point me to Family consumer science room?

Hillary: (Licks finger and touches the Family consumer science room on the map) There. We should be getting to class before 8:00 strikes. Bye.

Liza: Ba.

Arielle: See you. (Walks down the hall to Home ec.) Hello Mr. Tomkins.

Mr. Tompkins: Ahh, Your Arielle yes.

Arielle: Yes.

Mr. Tompkins: You sit next to Teddy Simmons. He will be your partner, to work with. Go.

Arielle: (Arielle walks over to Teddy) Teddy! Glad you got a detention with your jockey friends.

Teddy: I think you are thinking of my brother, I am on the wrestling team.

Arielle: What but I just-

Teddy: It was my twin.

Arielle: What is his name?

Teddy: Does it matter?

Arielle: Nay. Not really.

Teddy: SO what is your name exactly?

Arielle: Didn't you hear that I'm Arielle.

Teddy: No I wasn't listening. I don't listen into other people's conservation unless it is a person I know them.

Arielle: Such a gentlemen.


Mr. Tompkins: Let's start class.

Teddy: (Whispers to Arielle) But if you need to know my br-.

Mr. Tompkins: (Whistles at Teddy) Stop flirting with the new girl Teddy.

Teddy: (Mumbles) It wasn't flirting.

Mr. Tompkins: What I didn't hear you!

Teddy: Yes Mr. Tompkins!

Class: (Laughing)

Mr. Tompkins: Good. Do you all see the sewing needle and the patches on your tables? Well today I am going to teach you how to sew patches on to your clothing. I want you all to come up and get this old clothing and sew patches on them. Have your table partner come up and get the cloth.

Teddy: I'll go get it.

(Mr. Tompkins keeps chattering)

Teddy: Arielle. (Hands cloth)

Arielle: Thank you. How do you do this?

Teddy: You don't know?

Arielle: No.

Scene 2

Arielle: What class do you have next?

Liza: It is lunch time. You should sit next to me and Hillary.

Arielle: Okay.

Liza: Ah see you at lunch. I have to ask Mrs. Nelson a few things. (Walks into Mrs. Nelson's class)

Arielle: (Walks farther down the hall)

(Reggis runs up and pins Arielle against the wall)

Arielle: Hey! Let go of me!

Reggis: I'm sorry for what I tried to do with my team today. To tell you the truth, I really really really like you and I want you to be my girlfriend. So what do you think?

Arielle: I don't even know your name you creep.

Reggis: It's Reggis. Now what is yours?

Arielle: Let me go Reggis.

Reggis: (Releases Arielle) What is your name?

Arielle: Arielle. (Tries to step around Reggis but he blocks her)

Reggis: Do you want to go out?

Arielle: No.

Reggis: Come on Babe.

Arielle: No I'm not your babe.

Reggis: (Grabs Arielle and Kisses her on the mouth)

Arielle: (Moans) You're a pretty good kisser.

Reggis: (Chuckles in approval) Right?

Arielle: What did you say your name was again?

Reggis: I'm Reggis Simmons. (Leans in for another kiss)

Arielle: (Stops Reggis) You're Teddy's twin.

Reggis: Yeah so.

Arielle: For some reason he never told me your name.

Reggis: He does that. He usually does that with girls he likes. It looks to me as if I got to you first. Teddy is always to slow with girls.

Arielle: Oh that's a shame. I like him more than you.

Reggis: Too bad for him, he is missing out on a fox. (Holds Arielle's hand and walks down the hall with her) The boys are going to be so jealous. Especially Mark, who had also liked you, he'll be jealous.

Arielle: I'm not going to be shown off to anyone. A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.

Reggis: I'm not the gentleman! Teddy is the gentleman. So come on! I have to show you off.

Arielle: No. Forget it. I only like gentles.

Reggis: What happened to me being a great kisser?

Arielle: A kiss isn't worth it.

Reggis: A yeah it is. Give me a try.

Arielle: Fine! Only if you don't say anything about us. Let them guess.

Reggis: Deal.

Arielle: I'm sitting by my friends today so not a word leaves your mouth. (Puts a finger to Reggis' lips) Right?

Reggis: Right.

Arielle: (Lets go of Reggis' hand and walks ahead) You better keep your mouth shut.

Reggis: Yeah. (Runs ahead into lunch room)

Hillary: (Screams) Arielle! Were you just talking to Reggis?

Arielle: Yes.

Hillary: (Screams then grabs Arielle's hands) Reggis is so cute! (Jumps around in circle with Arielle screaming) What did you two talk about?

Arielle: If I was going to sit by him tomorrow.

Hillary: You are so lucky!

Scene 3

Reggis: Sit down.

Arielle: There is no seat.

Reggis: Sit on my lap baby.

Arielle: How about I pull up a chair? (Pulls chair from other table)

Wesley: Why you here el Chica?

Arielle: Just sitting.

Mark: Are you two dating? Cause' no girl tries and sits here without being a girlfriend if one of the guys.

Reggis: (Pulls Arielle closer to him) I don't know.

Mark: You are! Reggis I told you I had dibs on her. You're a cheater, you know that right?

Reggis: And that is a problem?

Tomas: Yes, it is. He called her.

Arielle: Please don't fight over me.

Mark: (Leans over Arielle) Reggis, you're lucky we're a team because I would hurt you so bad.

Reggis: Don't hate the player, hate the game. I'm probably going to take this (Puts arm around Arielle) to bed and she's going to scream 'This is great'!

Arielle: (Gets away from Reggis) No one said anything about that. That's so gross.

Teddy: (Comes up to Arielle) H-hi Arielle.

Arielle: Hi Teddy.

Teddy: What are you doing sitting next to my brother? He's a jerk.

Arielle: Leaving. (Stands up)

Teddy: Do you want to sit at my table?

Arielle: Yes sir.

Scene 4

Teddy: You and I are friends, correct?

Arielle: You can call us that.

Teddy: What do you mean?

Arielle: I-.

Mr. Tompkins: Can you two talk quieter please? Some people are still taking their tests.

Arielle: Sure thing.

Mr. Tompkins: Thank you. (Wanders around class room)

Teddy: What were you saying?

Arielle: I know you like me.

Teddy: Of course I like you. You're my friend.

Arielle: No crush wise. You like like me as a crush.

Teddy: How'd you know? Was it that obvious?

Arielle: Your brother told me.

Teddy: Reggis. How are things with you two?

Arielle: I broke up with him the day I sat by him.

Teddy: That's great! I'm meaning really sad. I'm sorry for my intolerance.

Arielle: You don't have to fake that you don't like me. You are not bad looking and I think you're pretty funny.

Teddy: Oh really! How about a date?

Arielle: Maybe some other time. Today is too busy.

Teddy: How about Saturday?

Arielle: That will work for me as long as it is after six. I babysit on Saturday's.

Teddy: I'll get you at seven. Does that sound good?

Arielle: Perfect.

Teddy: Wait. Where do you live?

Arielle: I live near the movie theater.

Teddy: So you're in Brendan Brook.

Arielle: I'm the first green house on the left.

Teddy: I know where you are then. I have a friend who lives around there.

Scene 5

Arielle: Where is he? Sharon I think he ditched me.

Sharon: Why can't you call me mom?
Arielle: Because you're not my mom; you're my step-mom.

Sharon: Maybe he's just late.

Arielle: I hope I didn't seem dominate when he was asking me out. It's so un-ladylike being the dominate one.

(Doorbell rings)

Sharon: That must be him.

Arielle: Do I look okay?

Sharon: You look fine.

Arielle: I don't believe you. Can you answer the door? I'm going to fix my hair. (Runs off to bathroom)

Sharon: (Opens door) Hi are you Teddy?

Teddy: Yes that's me.

Sharon: Hi I'm Sharon, Arielle's step-mother. Why don't you come on in?

Teddy: (Comes into house) Where's Arielle? (Sits down on chair)

Sharon: She's in the bathroom fixing her hair.

Teddy: Oh.

Arielle: (Runs out into living room) Hi Teddy.

Teddy: Hi! Are you ready to go?

Arielle: Yessa but are you, lazy pants?

Teddy: (Pops out of chair) Let's go.

Arielle: Thank you.

Teddy: After you.

Arielle: Such a gentleman.


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