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Kiss The Rain1

Script By: shadowlight

Brooke's world is ordered and when she finally finds the freedom to choose she finds that her choices give he life a whole new light.

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KISS THE RAIN INT. CREDITS SCENE - THE ROAD - MORNING A black mercedes benze drives down the highway. Then through the countryside to the city on its way to the college. CUT TO: INT. COLLEGE PARKING LOT - NOON The benze stops and parks next to a pink neon. Three people exit the car. FRANK WEARY, 44. His wife SUSAN WEARY, 38 and their daughter BROOKE WEARY, 19. Frank carries with him a strong mannered face with a body to back it. Susan has her own heart warming smile. FRANK Isn't this great? (beat) This is great! SUSAN Look Brooke your father's like a little boy! They begin taking luggage out of the car. BROOKE Yeah, that's great. FRANK Your so lucky Brooke Lynn! (beat) My father never paid for me to get to go to college like you. BROOKE Yes sir. They finish grabbing the luggage from the car and walk toward the dormitory. INT. HALLWAY - NOON Frank walks affront his wife and daughter with luggage in hands. Susan walks behind her husband struggling with the luggage. Frank's eyes are that of excitement unlike his daughters. Frank takes a deep breath of pleasure. Brooke is a pretty young girl with clothes seemingly on not to thrill anyone, as she walks behind her mother carrying her own luggage. Her face is a look of worry and a hidden sadness. SUSAN Ah. (beat) Here we are. FRANK The door to your new life Brook Lynn. As they stop at room 101. He says with a smile to his little girl. Then turning to open the door. Frank unlocks the door and enters. INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - SAME Susan and Frank enter first to the sight of a few empty beer bottles upon the floor. They see A BOY, 20 in AMBERS bed with Amber, 20 sleeping. Susan eyes become shocked and disgusted as Frank look angrily to the sight. The boy in the bed awakes and notices Frank glaring at him. He rolls out half naked and gathers his things and leaves. The Amber slowly awakens also. FRANK Does your parents know what you are doing with yourself missy!? BROOKE Daddy! AMBER (shocked) I'm sorry. FRANK Don't worry Brooke were going to get you a new room right away! Amber pulls her clothes in and dresses underneath the covers. SUSAN Frank! FRANK You can't tell me that you expect me to leave her here with this! SUSAN Frank its fine! (beat) Don't you know your daughter by now? FRANK Bad influences can go along way! (beat) But you wont end up like that will you Brooke Lynn? BROOKE No daddy. She says with a hidden face to Amber. SUSAN Frank leave it! Frank gives Amber a disgusted look as she nears them. Amber extends her hand to Frank to shake. AMBER Hi. (beat) I'm Amber Saber. Frank ignores Amber and makes for Brook's dresser. Susan grabs Amber's hand and shakes it with a smile. SUSAN Hello. (beat) I'm Susan Weary and this is Brooke our daughter. Amber takes her released hand and shakes Brooke's shy hand. AMBER Hello. BROOKE Hi. AMBER Nice to meet you. (beat) We're gonna have a helluva year! As her smile dies to the sight of Frank. Frank stops and looks angrily to Brooke. Brooke hides her eyes. SUSAN Well. You have got a lot of unpacking to do Brooke. (beat) I think we can go now! (beat) Frank! (beat) Come here hunny. We'll miss you. Susan hugs Brooke. BROOKE Me too. SUSAN We'll call like planned. BROOKE Okay. They stop hugging. SUSAN Frank! Frank turns and hugs his daughter with disgusted eyes to Amber. FRANK You be good! We'll be checking in. BROOKE Yes sir. FRANK And no boys! BROOKE Yes sir. SUSAN Come on Frank. (beat) Bye hunny. Bye Amber nice meeting you. AMBER You too Mrs. Weary. BROOKE Bye. They exit. INT. HALLWAY - AFTERNOON Susan looks to Frank's upset eyes as they walk away. FRANK Should of switched rooms. SUSAN She'll be fine Frank. (beat) She was a nice girl. Just... FRANK Just probably had no parents! Or didn't listen to them! Susan looks sadly away. INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - AFTERNOON Amber and Brooke stand uncomfortably still momentarily. Brooke makes for her luggage. Amber begins to make her bed. AMBER (jokingly) Your father doesn't like me I don't think. Amber gives Brooke a funny face and they laugh. BROOKE I wouldn't worry, he doesn't like anyone. (beat) He's afraid of my surroundings. AMBER Oh okay, good. (beat) Why's he call you Brooklynn? BROOKE Lynn's my middle name. He named me that because he was in love with Brooklyn, New York. AMBER Ah so like a gag name? BROOKE I think also because he was forced to move from it. (beat) So something he loved but couldn't have and I'm like the memory of that or something. (beat) My mother understands it more than I do. Amber pretending to understand. AMBER I see. BROOKE That's my father for you. They laugh again. Amber gets a Mike's Hard Lemonade from the refrigerator. AMBER You want one? BROOKE No thanks. (beat) I'm not...allowed. Amber begins drinking and cleaning up her area. AMBER So I guess inviting you to the party tonight is out of the question?! BROOKE Yeah. (beat) My father would kill me. (beat) Plus he will be calling at 10 o'clock and I have to be here. AMBER Wow. (beat) Have you ever been to a party? Brooke just gives her a weary look. AMBER Okay. Have you ever had a boyfriend? Brooke looks away bashfully. AMBER Oh man. Total virgin alert! She laughs without Brooke. AMBER Oh I'm sorry. I'm a bitch. BROOKE No, it's okay. (beat) I get it allot. AMBER It's a shame. You're really pretty. Some clothes shopping and you could be a real heartbreaker. BROOKE I've had some that ask me out... AMBER Well, you're probably better off anyway. (beat) They become more of a pain in the ass then anything! They laugh. Amber gathers her things. AMBER Well, I'm meeting some friends. You want to come? Amber puts her Hard Lemonade back into her fridge. BROOKE No. But thanks. (beat) I should finish unpacking. AMBER Okay I'll catch you later then. BROOKE Okay. Amber exits. Brooke plops down on the bed and looks sadly at the ceiling. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - NIGHT Brooke lays on her bed all unpacked reading her book, "Shakespeare Sonnets." The clock reads 9:12 PM. The phone rings. BROOKE Hello? AMBER (v.o.) (drunken panic) Hi. It's me Amber. I need a ride. BROOKE What? AMBER (v.o.) I need a ride, I can barley walk! Amber laughs out loud on the phone. BROOKE I can't! I don't even have a car. AMBER My keys are in the top drawer of my dresser. It's the pink neon in the front row. BROOKE I need to wait for... AMBER You'll be back by ten-I promise! BROOKE Fine. (beat) Where are you? AMBER You know where the theatre is? BROOKE Yeah. AMBER Meet in the front of it. BROOKE Okay. She hangs up and grabs the keys. CUT TO: EXT. THE THEATRE - NIGHT The neon pulls up to the theatre. Brooke looks around and then sees Amber struggling to walk to her from the other side of the road. Brooke exits the car. BROOKE Need some help? AMBER Nope... (beat) I'm all set! Then Amber falls on her butt and drops the bottle. She bursts out laughing. Brooke rushes over to help Amber get up and then cross the street to the car. BROOKE I think we should talk about your problem now! AMBER I don't have a problem. You don't have a problem. (beat) We're fine. Brooke helps her into the passengers seat. AMBER Sh. (beat) Good thing your fathers not here. BROOKE Yeah good thing. Brooke walks around the car to enter the drivers seat. CUT TO: INT. THE CAR - NIGHT The two sit in the car as they continue down the road across from the beach. AMBER You should pull the car over. BROOKE Why? AMBER Because I love my car! She says as she covers her mouth in a puking manner. BROOKE Oh okay! (beat) Hold on. Brooke pulls over the car and Amber hops out and instantaneously throws up. Brooke looks on then turns away in disgust toward the beach. BROOKE Need any help? AMBER Not unless you want to catch it. Amber pukes again. Brooke's eyes take interest in JONATHAN TILLMAN, 20 sitting on the rocks. Amber finishes her puking and makes back for the car. AMBER Okay. (beat) Should be good for another mile or so! Amber noticing Brooke staring at Jonathan. BROOKE Who is that? AMBER Just a nobody! BROOKE How so? AMBER Well, nobody knows him. (beat) So, he's a nobody. She laughs. Brooke half smiles back. The two girls make for the car. Brooke having a hard time taking her eyes off of the boy. BROOKE He looks young. (beat) He doesn't go to college? Amber tries to get a good look at the boy. AMBER He looks pretty blurry to me. BROOKE I wonder why. AMBER Why? (beat) No. I think that he works downtown on car's or something. BROOKE Oh. AMBER Okay daydreamer if you all set I am ready to pass out. (beat) Preferably in my own bed! They laugh. BROOKE Okay. She says as they begin to drive off. Jonathan looks up to the departing vehicle. Amber's head begins to fall asleep. BROOKE Oh no! Amber jumps in fright and wide awake. AMBER What? What is it? BROOKE It's almost ten! The clock on the dash reads 9:53 PM. AMBER Don't worry we'll be in the room by ten. She says as she passes out with her head falling on Brooke's shoulder. Brooke frightfully looks to the road from Amber's head. CUT TO: EXT. COLLEGE PARKING LOT - NIGHT The car pulls up and Brooke rushes to help Amber out of the car and help her to the dorm. Amber falls a few times and laughs as Brooke keeps her worried eyes. BROOKE What did you drink more in the car without me knowing? AMBER Possibility. INT. HALLWAY - SAME They rush down the hallway Amber balancing on Brooke's side. The phone can be heard faintly from outside the door ringing. Brooke fumbles with her keys. BROOKE Oh no. Amber's words beginning to really fumble out of her mouth. AMBER It's fine lemme stalk to dem. Brooke gets the door opened and she guides Amber to her bed. Amber lays on her bed pretending she's swimming. AMBER This was nice right here. Brooke reaches for the phone and picks it up. Clock reads 10:17 PM. BROOKE Hello? FRANK (v.o.) Brooke Lynn! Where have you been? BROOKE Sorry daddy. AMBER She's sorry. So sorry! Amber makes a sad face to Brooke. Brooke tries to cover up the background noise of Amber. Amber begins to hiccup which seems to surprise herself. FRANK (v.o.) Were you hanging out with that tramp? AMBER I would like some water for my hiccups please. BROOKE No daddy we had a dorm meeting for the first night and it went a little longer than expected. FRANK (v.o.) That better be it! You had your mother worried to death! BROOKE Sorry daddy. FRANK (v.o.) Well okay then. Here, your mother would like to talk to you. BROOKE Okay, good night daddy. Amber begins patting her throat. AMBER My throat is hurting. Brooke grabs Amber a cup of water and hands it to her. SUSAN (v.o.) Hi sweetheart. BROOKE Hi mom, sorry about that. SUSAN (v.o.) Oh don't worry about it. So how was the first day? AMBER I need some medicine for my throat. BROOKE Oh it was very interesting. (beat) It's going to take some time getting use to though. SUSAN (v.o.) All changes do. AMBER (yelling) Hi Mrs. Brooke! SUSAN (v.o.) What was that? BROOKE Oh that was just Amber saying hello to you. SUSAN (v.o.) Okay dear you tell her I say hi and I guess I will let you get some sleep for your next busy day! BROOKE Okay mom, thanks. SUSAN (v.o.) Love you dear. BROOKE Love you too mom, night. Brooke hangs up. BROOKE You almost got me into trouble. (beat) And my mother says hi. Amber looks in overwhelming happiness. AMBER Really. Okay then you say hi to you for her too. Then Amber's head falls down to her pillow as she passes out once again. Brooke looks on and shakes her head with a sigh of exhaustion. Brooke walks to Amber's bed and tucks Amber in. Then shuts the lights off. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - MORNING The alarm buzzes off next to Brooke's head as she unhappily slams it silent. Amber is sitting up in her bed all dressed and showered with a foam coffee cup in her hand. AMBER Hi there. (beat) Coffee? BROOKE Yes please. As she rises slowly and tiredly. AMBER Thanks for last night. She says as she hands Brooke a coffee cup from on her dresser. BROOKE Oh no problem. AMBER Yes I was. (beat) I didn't realize how your parents were. Guess its different for me just having a mother who was never there. (beat) Not use to your "schedule" and everything. But I don't want to be getting you in trouble either. BROOKE Well thank you, but my father just tries to hard to protect me. (beat) From everything. AMBER Which is understandable. A moment of silence. Amber rises from her bed for the door. AMBER Okay, I just wanted to give that coffee but I gotta go to my sociology class now. BROOKE Okay thanks for the coffee. Amber opening the door then peeking around it to Brooke with a smile. AMBER No problem! They laugh as Amber exits. AMBER Catch you later. BROOKE Okay. Brooke lies back down. Then looks to her clock, it reads 9:15 am. She sighs then rises again. CUT TO: EXT. COLLEGE HALLWAY - MORNING Amber guzzles the rest of her coffee before entering the classroom. Then tossing the cup in a trash can. INT. BUILDING - SAME She makes her way to her seat and sits. SCOTT WADE, 18 sitting to her left takes notice of her. She looks to him and smiles. He smiles back. BROOKE Hi. SCOTT Hi. BROOKE Brooke. She says with a smile. SCOTT I'm Scott. She turns away. Scott briefly keeps his look and smile to her. The Professor enters. PROFESSOR Hello students and good morning. CUT TO: INT. OUTSIDE CLASSROOM - MORNING Brooke exits with the crowd of students and walks for the exit. Scott rushes from behind her to catch up to her. He touches her shoulder. She stops and turns. SCOTT Hi um... Brooke um... (beat) Well, I was wondering if you. (beat) You wanna get something to eat. Or something, sometime? Scott looking on embarrassed. BROOKE No. (beat) I mean I can't. I'm sorry Scott. (beat) Well, my father doesn't allow me to date. Scott looks to her in disbelief. SCOTT Oh okay... (beat) Well then I guess I'll see you tomorrow then. Scott turns and walks away. Brooke looks to his back sadly. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - AFTERNOON Brooke lays on her bed writing in her poetry notebook, but hides it under her pillow as Amber enters and picks up a book and reads. AMBER Hey what are you doing now? BROOKE Nothing really. AMBER Good. You wanna go out to dinner with some girls and me later. BROOKE Ah... yeah sure. AMBER Okay. I have a favor to ask though. BROOKE Sure. AMBER Can you get my oil changed for me? I'm over due but I have class right now. (beat) Please. BROOKE Well, okay. AMBER Thanks you're a sweetheart, keys are on my dresser, and here is thirty dollars. BROOKE Alright. Amber goes to leave then catches herself. AMBER You know where it is? BROOKE Ah... No. They laugh. AMBER Well it's three streets before the theatre. It's on Jay Street. BROOKE Okay. AMBER Okay. They laugh. AMBER See you in a bit. Thanks so much. BROOKE Alright, bye. Amber closes the door, and Brooke closes her notebook and hides it in her dresser drawer. Brooke then grabs Amber's keys. CUT TO: EXT. JAY STREET - AFTERNOON Brooke drives around the corner onto Jay Street looking for the place. She spots it and pulls in to park. CUT TO: INT. OIL LUBE SHOP - AFTERNOON Brooke walks in the shop lobby that connects to the office by a counter. The men around check her out. Jonathan enters the office from the garage to greet her. John is written above his right shirt pocket. Brooke notices that it's the boy from the beach. JONATHAN Hi. (beat) How can we help you? BROOKE Hi, um. (beat) Well my friends' car just needed an oil change. JONATHAN That I can do. He smiles as she laughs. JONATHAN (cont'd) Just have a seat and we'll pull it in and out. BROOKE Okay. Says as she turns to a seat. JONATHAN Ah miss. BROOKE Yeah? JONATHAN Sorry but I might need those keys. BROOKE Oh yeah sorry. It's the neon out front. JONATHAN Okay thanks. Brooke smiles and finds a seat. CUT TO: INT. OIL LUBE SHOP - DAY Jonathan comes from the side of the car wiping the oil from his hands. He goes in front of the car and begins fiddling around underneath the hood. Brooke looks with great interest peeping around trying to see him from under the hood. Jonathan quickly stands and his eyes take notice of hers. Brooke's shy eyes hide away. Jonathan steps out from the front of the neon and makes his way for the lobby door. He opens it and looks to Brooke. JONATHAN Would you follow me please? BROOKE Yeah, sure. Jonathan brings her to the front of the car. JONATHAN Okay I changed the oil and toped off the washer fluid and transmission fluid. (beat) Everything else seems to be fine. Brooke continues her blank stare to him. BROOKE Are you...? JONATHAN I'm sorry? BROOKE Never mind. (beat) It's nothing! JONATHAN Okay. Jonathan gestures for the waiting room, as he walks her there and opens the door for her. JONATHAN (cont'd) If you just wait in here, I will drive the car out and then Jeff will cash you out, okay? BROOKE Okay. Thank you. Jonathan just smiles as he makes for the car. Wiping his feet, gesturing to Jeff and then getting in the car. JEFF, 30 enters the office and plays with the computer. JEFF Okay miss that will be $28.95. BROOKE Okay. She runs through the cash then hands him a twenty and a ten. Jeff enters it into the cash register. JEFF And one dollar and five cents is your change. BROOKE Thank you. JEFF Thank you. Brooke glances at Jonathan already laughing and joking with JIMMY, 23 and BOBBY, 26 in the shop as she exits the lobby. Jonathan doesn't seem to notice her. When she turns away to exit the door. Jonathan looks up and watches her exit the shop, enter her car and leave. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - DAY Brooke enters the room to see Amber sitting on her bed staring at her with a big smile. Brooke grabs a pillow off of her bed and tosses it as Amber. Amber pretends to take offense. BROOKE You jerk! (beat) You totally set that up! That's the boy from the beach isn't it? AMBER No! (beat) Nope, I didn't nothing of the such. BROOKE I can't believe you did that to me. AMBER What are you talking about, you love it! BROOKE See you did! (beat) And no I didn't. I looked like such a fool! AMBER You're the one all... Oh who is that? (beat) Who is that cute mysterious hot stud out there! Brooke gives Amber a stern look then they both break into laughter. Brooke hiding her blushing face. AMBER Okay you ready to eat? BROOKE Yeah what we having? AMBER Well thinking subs then brings them to the beach. (beat) Back by ten. I promise! They both laugh. BROOKE Okay that sounds nice. AMBER Okay then lets go. Brooke and Amber get up and leave. CUT TO: EXT. THE BEACH - EVENING Brooke and Amber walk onto the beach with two paper bags in hand. Amber points to two girls already on a blanket on the beach. Then they walk to them. AMBER Brooke this is Jill and this is Kim. (beat) Jill, Kim this is Brooke. JILL Hi. BROOKE Hello. KIM Nice to meet you. Amber's told us some stuff about you. BROOKE I can only imagine. AMBER Okay. (beat) Lets eat! The girls prepare the food that they have brought in the plastic bowls and the baskets. CUT TO: EXT. THE BEACH - DAY The food is almost completely eaten. The girls run around laughing and giggling as they play frisbee. KIM (to Brooke) So your dad's one tough bastard huh? BROOKE He's not that bad. Amber makes him sound like the devil. Amber nods acceptedly as Brooke laughs slightly. An old dark blue ford tempo parks near Amber's neon. Brooke takes notice from her laugh. Jonathan exits the car and with notebook in hand he makes his way through the beach. AMBER Ut oh. (beat) He's here! KIM What him? AMBER Yeah Brooke's madly in love with him. BROOKE I am not! AMBER Yes you are! (beat) And get this, the worst part is it was love at first sight, but they were like five hundred feet away, in the dark! BROOKE Like you remember. The girls laugh. Jonathan takes a seat on one of the large rocks reaching into the ocean. JILL Why don't you go talk to him? KIM If he knows how to talk. (beat) He's there like every night writing, whatever it is that he writes. JILL Probably a romance novel. KIM Yeah about a beach hunk coming to the aid of a drowning miss pretty. JILL + KIM + AMBER Brooke... They all laugh. BROOKE Ha, ha. Not funny. She says with a smile. AMBER Go find out what he writes in that thing. BROOKE No way. You already forced a confrontation earlier! (beat) He'll think I'm stalking him. KIM Or he could really like you. (beat) We do. JILL Yeah. So far. The girls laugh. AMBER Just go say hi what can it hurt. BROOKE I can't! And anyway, my father would... AMBER Would what? (beat) I'm sorry don't wanna burst your bubble but it's okay. Really! KIM He does look kinda cute. JILL Yeah, I wanna know what he's writing. Amber gives Brooke sympathetic eyes. KIM + JILL Yeah go ahead. BROOKE No. (beat) No. The girls continue to stare at Brooke with batty eyes. BROOKE Fine. But, I'm only doing it cause you made me. AMBER Sure BROOKE In a few minutes pick up to leave so I can say I have to go. Okay? AMBER That's fine. (beat) Have fun. Brooke give a glaring look back at Amber as she walks away. The girls smile as they watch Brooke approach Jonathan sitting on the rocks writing in his journal. Looking up and out to sea from time to time then back to his writing. Brooke nears Jonathan. Jonathan does not acknowledge Brooke's presence. BROOKE Um. JONATHAN Isn't it beautiful? He says looking out across the beach where the waves splash up against the rocks. BROOKE What? JONATHAN The water. I think every man needs his ocean. (beat) And woman. He says with a smile at Brooke. BROOKE Yeah. JONATHAN So they finally talked you into coming over huh? BROOKE Yeah. I mean I wanted to come over. Jonathan closes his notebook preventing Brooke from seeing anything written. JONATHAN Yup. Looked that way. Jonathan looks kindly into her eyes and she eases. JONATHAN (cont'd) So have a seat. BROOKE Thank you. (beat) So what you writing there? JONATHAN To the point! What is that boy writing out there for? (beat) What is he writing anyway? An odd boy that one is! BROOKE I don't think that you're odd for writing out here. It's beautiful here. JONATHAN You're not the first you know. Some people even send their kids over just out of curiosity. BROOKE Sorry. Jonathan changes tone. JONATHAN No, I'm sorry. (beat) I've just gotten use to certain things. I've become blind to kindness. BROOKE Oh. (beat) I'm Brooke. She extends her hand to shake. Jonathan accepts it. JONATHAN John. (beat) From the oil shop. Brooke smiles embarrassingly. Brooke and Jonathan notices the girls picking up and Amber waving to her. JONATHAN Looks like your party's heading out. BROOKE Yeah looks that way. JONATHAN Well, it was nice meeting you Brooke. BROOKE You to. JONATHAN Perhaps we'll meet again someday. BROOKE Hopefully. (beat) Bye. JONATHAN Bye. Brooke gets up and walks over to the girls who await with sadly withheld smiles of excitement. KIM So? JILL Yeah, so? BROOKE So what? JILL Oh you can't do that! What was he like? Amber just watches and smiles. Brooke blushes a little. Jill and Kim look to each other. JILL + KIM She likes him. They say to each other then laughing. BROOKE He's just a very nice person that's all. (beat) Sure loves the water though. JILL + KIM Mmmhmm. They say to each other with another giggle. AMBER Okay ladies we're outta here. Amber says trying to save Brooke. Amber turns to walk away with a wave and Brooke follows. Jonathan sits on the beach watching Brooke and Amber leave. Brooke and Amber walk to Amber's car. They get in and Amber pulls away. CUT TO: INT. THE ROAD - EVENING They make they're way back to the college alongside the ocean in view. Brooke keeps her eyes out the side window staring at the ocean waves splashing on the rocks. Amber glances over to Brooke and looks a second. Amber turns back to the road and smiles to herself. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - NIGHT Both Amber and Brooke lay on their beds reading. Brooke's eyes are focused on her book as Amber's eyes keep making there way over to Brooke secretly as if she was waiting. Brooke suddenly drops her book and looks over to Amber as she begins speaking. Amber's attention goes directly to her with a little smile. BROOKE You know what the first thing he said to me was? AMBER What? BROOKE He pointed out how beautiful the ocean is! AMBER And? BROOKE Who does that? AMBER Him apparently. BROOKE I was so nervous to go up to him. And he had me look at the waves. AMBER He's a little different! BROOKE I think he's really different! She says with a little smile. AMBER I think someone has a little crush. BROOKE No. She says with a little embarrassing smile that changes to a saddened look to the wall. BROOKE (cont'd) I'm not allowed to. Amber's eyes sadden also. The phone then rings next to the alarm clock that reads 9:58. Brooke answers it. Her face and tone turns to a faked happiness. BROOKE Hi. (beat) Nope. (beat) Yeah. (beat) No dad! (beat) No boys! Amber's eyes drift back to her book. BROOKE (cont'd) I know. (beat) I am. (beat) Okay, love you too. (beat) Tell mom I said hi and love you. Okay bye. Brooke hangs up the phone then quietly goes back to her book. CUT TO: INT. CLASSROOM - MORNING Brooke sits at her desk listening to the Professor preach on and on. PROFESSOR And that is how we get that percentage each year. You can't change the effective number over here and expect to get a different outcome here. Brooke looks over to Scott next to her. He looks at her looking at him. Brooke smiles to him. He doesn't even smile then returns his attention to the Professor. Brooke turns back as her smile saddens. PROFESSOR Pages One Seventeen through one forty four please and thank you. With that the students begin preparing to leave gathering they're materials. Brooke gathers her things and makes for the exit. INT. COLLEGE HALLWAY - SAME Brooke exits her classroom with her other students. She walks down the hall when her attention is gotten by a flyer on a giant pin board on the hall's wall. Brooke stops and reads the flyer. It has a little take one section of neon orange papers describing the contest. Brooke takes one. The flyer has in giant letters the word POETRY. BROOKE (to herself) A poetry contest for publication. She says to herself with thought. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - AFTERNOON Brooke enters her room. She drops her bag next to the desk. Brooke empties her notebooks and books from her bag to her desk while sitting at it. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - EVENING Then reads part of her book. She prepares to write something in the notebook. She seems suddenly distracted as she looks out the window. Amber enters. AMBER Hi. BROOKE Hi. Hey can I borrow your car? (beat) I need some groceries. AMBER Hey, I'll go with you. (beat) Nevermind. I've got some work to do. You can just take it. BROOKE Great thanks. Amber gives her keys over to Brooke. Brooke puts on her school sweatshirt and exits. BROOKE Thanks. AMBER Anytime. Brooke leaves. CUT TO: EXT. THE BEACH - DAY Brooke pulls up and exits the car. She notices that there is no one there or on the rocks. She decides to go sit on the swings facing the water. Moments later she is startled by Jonathan's voice. JONATHAN Miss me? BROOKE What? (beat) No! Jonathan places his notebook down and takes a seat on the next swing with a giant smile. BROOKE I just like the ocean. JONATHAN Oh yeah? BROOKE Yeah. They smile to each other. JONATHAN So you go to the college? BROOKE Yeah how did you know? Do you go there? JONATHAN Your sweatshirt. Brooke looks down at her shirt and is embarrassed. BROOKE Oh. JONATHAN No I was never really the learnin' type! BROOKE So you've never went? JONATHAN To college? (beat) Nope. BROOKE Never wanted to? JONATHAN Not really. I got my job at the oil shop and that has been my life so far. BROOKE Yeah well, I had to go! JONATHAN You did, did ya? How's that? BROOKE My parents. My father mostly. He has it in his mind that I'm going to be a great doctor someday. (beat) I can't even stand being in a hospital for more than a few minutes. JONATHAN So what's in your mind? Brooke pauses a moment in thought. Brooke looks to him with excitement before speaking. BROOKE I always wanted to write, or publish. Or both. I love writings of all forms. I would of loved to be a poet. JONATHAN So!? BROOKE So what? JONATHAN Why are you going to be a doctor? BROOKE My father's so strung up on it. I can't break his heart. JONATHAN Have you told him about your dreams? BROOKE He'd never understand. JONATHAN Maybe he would if you told him how you felt about it. BROOKE I doubt it. But, at least I won't be lacking financially like most poets are! She says with a half smile. JONATHAN Yeah, I guess your right. He says in a pathetic agreement. BROOKE So what do you write in that book? JONATHAN Poems. BROOKE Oh. She says embarrassed. JONATHAN Don't worry its just my hobby. He says with a wink. BROOKE Can I read some? JONATHAN No. BROOKE Why not? JONATHAN I don't like showing them. BROOKE Oh. I understand. JONATHAN Sorry. BROOKE No that's fine. It's your own personal expressions. You don't have to share them if you don't want. JONATHAN Yeah. He says pathetically. A moment of silence. Brooke breaks the silence. BROOKE Well, I should bring my roommate's car back. I'm sure she's wondering where I am by now. JONATHAN Okay thanks for the talk again. BROOKE Same. She says as she rises to leave. She takes a few steps away and turns to him with sudden excitingly shy words. BROOKE You wanna eat or something maybe? Jonathan looks at her momentarily as if in thought. BROOKE I mean you don't... JONATHAN Sure. BROOKE Okay. Can I get your number? JONATHAN Seven two six, six. BROOKE Seven two six, six. She says to herself to remember. BROOKE (cont'd) Okay thanks. I will call you. JONATHAN Sounds great. She smiles with a returned one from Jonathan. BROOKE Bye. JONATHAN Bye. Jonathan's smile is lost when he looks back out to the water his face turns to worried look. CUT TO: INT. THE ROAD - EVENING Brooke makes her way down the road back to home. BROOKE Seven two six, six. Seven two six, six. She laughs at herself. BROOKE (cont'd) Seven two six, six. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - EVENING Amber sits at her desk doing her work and turns and notices Brooke walking in. AMBER So how did it go? BROOKE How did what go? Amber smiles to Brooke trying to get the truth. BROOKE Is it that obvious that I went? AMBER I don't see any groceries do I? With that out of the way Brooke hops on the bed excitingly. BROOKE Okay he got there after me which embarrassed me. Then we just hung out on the swings and talked a little. AMBER About what? BROOKE He asked about school and we got into my parents a little. And he writes poetry! AMBER Poetry huh? She says with a smile. BROOKE Yeah and... His seven two six, six is his number! She says with an extremely embarrassed smile as Amber's face lights up with joy for her. Then Amber puts on a sarcastically serious face. AMBER (jokingly) If your father knew about this! BROOKE (jokingly) You're not going to tell him are you? She replies playing along. AMBER I wouldn't dream of it. BROOKE This feels so wrong and so right. (beat) If that makes any sense at all. AMBER Yeah. I understand. BROOKE I love my father so much, but I can't keep living behind these walls. There's no question of his love for me. (beat) I don't know. Either way I'm in trouble with him or with myself. AMBER What do you want? BROOKE What is it with this guy! Amber smiles and laughs with the confused girl. AMBER You've been stuck on him ever since you saw him. BROOKE Yes, but I don't know why. AMBER Do you really need to? A brief silent thought. BROOKE And I've always been able to ignore and avoid anything like this before. AMBER Maybe you're just ready to accept for once and move on! BROOKE Perhaps. (beat) This is all really stupid! It even sounds stupid! AMBER But that's love! The greatest stupidity of all. That each and every one of us save a place for. They both question that remark in their heads then laugh. BROOKE (laughing) What the hell was that? AMBER (laughing) I don't really know. Never was too good at improving deep thoughts. BROOKE And, I'm not in love! AMBER Whatever. You are so in love! Brooke continuing as if Amber hadn't spoken. BROOKE (cont'd) Maybe an infatuation of some sorts that's all. AMBER Whatever. (beat) So when are you going to call him? BROOKE I shouldn't! Amber gives Brooke a pathetic look. BROOKE (cont'd) Tomorrow? (beat) Too soon? Amber laughs at Brooke and shuts off her bed light. AMBER Good night. BROOKE Is it? (beat) Well, is it? Amber fakes a sleeping snore. Brooke crashes backwards to her pillow with a frustrated sigh. She smiles then closes her eyes. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - DAY Brooke lies in her bed writing her poetry. Every now and then she glances over to the phone. Her sentences start becoming numbers as she writes 7 2 6 6. She notices it and sighs. BROOKE (to herself) Okay. She rises and grabs the phone and dials the number. She nervously awaits his voice. Instead she gets his machine. JONATHAN (v.o.) I'm not home right now, sorry, but if you leave a message then I should have one to listen to when I get back! Thanks. The machine beeps and Brooke leaves an off guard panicky message. BROOKE Um. Hi. This is Brooke. Ah. I guess your at work or I don't know, not home right? Right... I was just calling to talk. You can call me if you get this. Well, when you get this message. I should be here all night. Thanks. She hangs up the phone and immediately sighs in frustration. She dials the number again. The message plays again. JONATHAN (v.o.) I'm not home right now, sorry, but if you leave a message then I should have one to listen to when I get back! Thanks. BROOKE Yeah sorry it's me again I forgot that if you want to reach me then my number's 6627. Okay bye. She hangs up the phone and places it to her head as her eyes go to the ground. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - EVENING Brooke lays on her bed reading as Amber sits at her desk doing her work. The phone rings and Amber picks it up. Brooke is curious to who it is, but pretending not to be. AMBER Oh hi. Yes she is! Hold on please. (beat) It's lover boy! BROOKE Shut up! Really? AMBER Mmmhmm. She says with a shake of her head and a giant smile. Brooke gets all embarrassed and nervous. Brooke takes the phone from Amber. Amber pretends to dive right back into her work. BROOKE Hi. How are you? INT. JONATHAN'S APARTMENT - SAME JONATHAN I'm pretty good and yourself? BROOKE Great! I'm good. Jonathan laughs and Brooke gives a worried look as Amber smirks. JONATHAN Oh yeah? BROOKE Yeah. I guess I'm somewhere in between there. Amber rolls her eyes with a smile. JONATHAN Well at least it's above being between bad and terrible. BROOKE Good point. JONATHAN Thank you. BROOKE So... sorry about the two messages! JONATHAN No it was great! I came home to two messages. Made my day! BROOKE Okay, okay. JONATHAN No I'm serious. (beat) So you eating tonight? BROOKE I think it was somewhere in my schedule today. JONATHAN Oh yeah? (beat) With who? BROOKE Well my first couple of parties kind of bailed on me last minute, so I was wondering what you might have in store for this evening. JONATHAN Oh really, well I don't know I think I had some big plans for tonight. But... (beat) I think maybe just this once I can spare some time. BROOKE Great! When would you like to go to wherever we shall go? JONATHAN Is six good? BROOKE I don't know... that's only two hours for me to dress! JONATHAN Oh it's really okay McDonald's doesn't even care if you go in pajamas! You just need the cash. Brooke laughs. BROOKE Okay six is great! Do you know your way around the school? JONATHAN Nope, but I guess I could learn. BROOKE Okay well if you're looking at the school the dorms are to the right of it. We are located on the bottom floor of the Building entitled Taylor room 122. Got it? JONATHAN Yup. I'll call you if I get lost! Brooke laughs a little. BROOKE Great. Okay then I shall see you then, then. JONATHAN Yes! Till then, then. They laugh a little. JONATHAN (cont'd) Bye. BROOKE Bye. Brooke hangs up the phone and looks to the back of Amber's head. A moment of silence. AMBER I'm Brooke and I'm goodate today, how are you feeling? BROOKE Jerk! She says as she throws a pillow Amber's way. They both laugh. BROOKE (cont'd) Now help me pick out some thing to wear. I have nothing good! AMBER I got just the thing! BROOKE Really? AMBER No, but lets look shall we. Amber says with a smile. Brooke laughs. CUT TO: INT. HALLWAY - EVENING Jonathan finally makes his way to Brooke's door wearing blue jeans and a sweater. He checks himself before knocking. He knocks and Brooke answers. Brooke is wearing a beautiful sparkled blue dress. Jonathan's face drops. BROOKE Hi. Brooke awaits his words. JONATHAN Hi. Um... you look beautiful. BROOKE Thank you. Come on in. She says with a shy look. INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - EVENING Jonathan enters from Brooke's invitation. BROOKE (cont'd) This is my roommate Amber and physical appearance consultant now I guess! Amber this is Jonathan. AMBER Hi. JONATHAN Hello. AMBER So where you kids headed tonight. JONATHAN I was thinking McGee's. But, I think that dress deserves something better. AMBER It does. Like Tilly's. JONATHAN (jokingly) Yeah. If I had a million dollars. He says jokingly without a good response. BROOKE No. It's fine really. JONATHAN I am not dressed anywhere close to you! BROOKE Should I change? JONATHAN No. You don't have to change I just feel stupid. BROOKE Oh it's okay. I can change if you want! JONATHAN No, that dress looks great on you! BROOKE Okay you can't be doing that all night. She says sarcastically. JONATHAN Yup, okay I'm done. BROOKE Good, and thank you. Brooke grabs her coat and exits the door to the hallway with Jonathan. BROOKE Bye. She says to Amber with a wave. Jonathan waves also. JONATHAN Nice meeting you. AMBER You too. Bye, have fun! The door closes. INT. HALLWAY - EVENING They begin walking down the hall in silence. Jonathan stops and looks over Brooke. JONATHAN You know what? BROOKE What? JONATHAN You look great! Brooke gives him a little slap on the shoulder. As they both laugh and continue walking. CUT TO: INT. THE CAR - EVENING Jonathan and Brooke drive down the road. JONATHAN Hey, do you mind if I run home real quick and change? BROOKE You really don't have too. JONATHAN I know. (beat) But I think it would be better if it didn't look like you just picked me up off the street. BROOKE You look fine. I over dressed. (beat) But if you really need to. JONATHAN I do. BROOKE Okay. Jonathan smiles gladly. Brooke smiles back. They silence and continue driving. CUT TO: INT. JONATHAN'S APARTMENT - EVENING Jonathan enters the apartment followed by Brooke. JONATHAN Okay, I'll just be a minute. (beat) Sorry for the mess. BROOKE No, it's fine. JONATHAN Okay, be right back. BROOKE Okay. Brooke begins looking around. She notices his bookshelf with many assorted books upon it. She notices on the bottom shelves strictly devoted to notebooks. Brooke sneakily grabs one of the notebooks and looks through it. She notices that it's all poems. She checks another to see if that one is filled also and it is. She hears Jonathan coming back and quickly puts the notebooks away. Jonathan enters the room. JONATHAN Okay. I am all set. BROOKE It's about time. She says with a smile as both break out into a laughter. They exit the apartment. CUT TO: INT. TILLY'S RESTAURANT - EVENING The two sit at the table eating their meals. JONATHAN Sorry about my apartment. (beat) It, wasn't expecting anyone. BROOKE Oh, well it, was fine. (beat) This restaurant is amazing. JONATHAN Thank you. I try to keep it in good shape. Brooke looks at him momentarily then they laugh. BROOKE So I write poetry also. JONATHAN Oh yeah? BROOKE Yeah, but it's not really any good. JONATHAN Is that your opinion or others. BROOKE Mostly mine. Others say they like it. (beat) Have you ever thought of entering a contest or anything to see just how good your stuff is? JONATHAN No. BROOKE Why not? Jonathan just looks at her in silence. BROOKE (cont'd) Okay. Sorry. Forgot. (beat) So what about your family. JONATHAN So your dad's pretty controlling huh? BROOKE Yeah he's very protective. He thinks that I am going to end up like my mother and have a baby when I'm seventeen. The waiter brings the two there plates of food. JONATHAN (to the waiter) Thank you. (to Brooke) And how old are you? BROOKE Nineteen. (to the waiter) Thank you. JONATHAN I see. He says with a non understanding look of sarcasm. BROOKE My mother had me at seventeen. I guess my father felt obligated to stay with us. He just wants to make sure that doesn't happen with me I guess. JONATHAN Uh huh. (beat) Some complicated issues there. BROOKE Yeah. That's my father for ya. (beat) So what about your mother or father? JONATHAN Isn't this food great. A fortune but great. Brooke looks at his attempts to avoid the questions sadly. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - NIGHT Amber stands by her bed humming to herself when a knock comes at the door. AMBER Don't tell me that you're back alr... (beat) Mr. Weary. She says in shock as she opens the door to Frank and Susan in the hallway. SUSAN Hello dear. Is Brooke here? AMBER Actually she isn't. FRANK Where is she? AMBER I'm pretty sure that she's at a study group. For math. SUSAN That's fine. FRANK A study group? AMBER Yeah. SUSAN Thank you dear. We'll just come back later. Wont we Frank? (beat) Do you know when she'll be getting back? AMBER I think it gets done around nine. FRANK Nine! AMBER Actually I think nine thirty. SUSAN That's fine. We'll just go grab some diner and come back. (beat) Any suggestions? AMBER What? SUSAN On places to eat? AMBER Oh, um yeah actually. There is a really nice place down on ninth street called Tilly's. SUSAN Great thank you dear. (beat) Lets go Frank. AMBER Have a nice diner. SUSAN Thank you. See you in a little while. AMBER Okay. Amber closes the door with a breath of relief. CUT TO: INT. TILLY'S RESTARUANT - NIGHT Frank and Susan enter the restaurant. SUSAN This was a nice choice by Amber. They're greeted by a restaurant Greeter. GREETER Good evening. There are two of you? SUSAN Yes just two. GREETER Follow me please. They follow the man to their table. FRANK Brooke never said anything about a study group. SUSAN You know that she is always getting into those things. I'd wish you would stop worrying about her. They stop with the Greeter at one of the tables. He places the menu's on the table and Frank and Susan sit. GREETER Here you are. (beat) Your waitress will be with you in a moment. SUSAN Thank you. The greeter nods and leaves. Frank and Susan begin looking through their menu's. SUSAN These deserts look wonderful. Don't they Frank. (beat) What are you staring at? Frank's eyes have found Brooke at one of the table across the room behind Susan. His anger grows within. Susan looks to find her daughter the target of Frank's harsh eyes. Frank goes to get up. SUSAN No Frank. (beat) You leave her alone. You wont embarrass her here. (beat) Sit down. Frank slowly sits. FRANK She is in so much trouble. (beat) I told her no boys. SUSAN Frank. Look at your menu and choose something. (beat) You will talk to her later. Frank picks up his menu slowly while still looking at Brooke and Jonathan laughing and having a good time. The waiter brings them their check and they rise to leave the restaurant. FRANK They're leaving. SUSAN So we'll see her in her room. Frank looks at her angrily. As Susan returns to searching the menu. CUT TO: EXT. THE BEACH - NIGHT Jonathan and Brooke sit on a bench overlooking the ocean. BROOKE Tonight's been wonderful. JONATHAN I had a great time too. (beat) Never really done this before. BROOKE What a date? JONATHAN Yeah. BROOKE You've never been on a date before? JONATHAN Well almost once. There was a nun, Sister Mary, at the orphanage that I think just felt bad for me. One time she made a picnic for just the both of us. (beat) She was the only one I ever really cared about. BROOKE That's so sweet and so sad at the same time. JONATHAN Yeah. He says as he stares off into the ocean. Brooke's saddened eye turns from his face to the ocean also. CUT TO: INT. HALLWAY - NIGHT. Jonathan and Brooke walk towards her dorm room door together. BROOKE I had such a good time tonight. JONATHAN You've said that already. BROOKE I know. (beat) I'm sorry. They stop at Brooke's door. JONATHAN No it's okay. I really enjoyed tonight also. They both look at each other with a glow in their eyes momentarily. Brooke leans her face in towards Jonathan's. BROOKE (whispering) Well, I guess I will... Jonathan pulls his face away slowly. Brooke opens her eyes in embarrassment. Just then the door swings open quickly. They looks to see Frank at the door with Susan and Amber in the room. FRANK This is your study group huh? (beat) Get in here young lady! BROOKE But, daddy. I just... FRANK Now! BROOKE (to Jonathan) I'm sorry. Brooke rushes in upset. Frank exits the room to the hall with Jonathan and closes the door behind him. FRANK Listen here young man. I don't know what you know and what you don't. But my daughter is not to be with anyone. Especially someone like you. She has a future and I am going to make sure she gets it. So you just walk away and never come back. Do you understand me? JONATHAN (withholding) Yeah. FRANK What? JONATHAN Yes sir. They stare at each other momentarily then Jonathan turns and walks away. Jonathan turns his head to look back and sees Frank just glaring at him. INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - SAME Susan and Amber are trying to consult the upset girl. BROOKE Why did he have to do this mom? (beat) Why didn't you keep him away? SUSAN I know hunny. I'm sorry. You know your father. Frank enters the room. FRANK I don't know what on god's green earth you were thinking tonight. (beat) Huh, are you just trying to throw everything away. BROOKE What? What are you talking about? (beat) What am I throwing away? AMBER I should go. BROOKE (to Amber) No please don't. FRANK You don't need boys now. Your just going to ruin your life. You just need to go to school and become a good doctor. BROOKE Why because that's what you want? FRANK No, because that's what you need missy! BROOKE And you don't think I know what I need in my life? (beat) I'm not a little girl anymore. FRANK Oh but you are! And no you don't know what you need. That's why I always have to tell you! And I am telling you that you will not see that boy or any other boys again. You are here to go to school! So go to school! SUSAN That's enough Frank. Frank throws up his hands in frustration as Brooke cries. Frank heads for the door. FRANK We'll be checking up on you. (beat) And you better get it right this time. (beat) Let's go Susan. Frank exits the room. SUSAN I'm sorry hunny. He'll call and apologize when he feels better. Brooke just cries. Susan exits. Amber rushes over to hold Brooke as she cries it all out. AMBER I'm so sorry Brooke. FADE OUT. FADE IN: INT. JONATHAN'S APARTMENT - NIGHT. Jonathan lays on his bed writing in one of his notebooks when interrupted by a knock at his door. He rises and answers the door. To his surprise it's Brooke. JONATHAN Should you be here? He walks away from the open door. Brooke enters and closes it. BROOKE I'm sorry about what happened. JONATHAN Take it that was your father. BROOKE Yeah. (beat) He's a little controlling. JONATHAN Little huh? BROOKE His intentions are good. (beat) He just goes a little overboard. JONATHAN Well apparently I'm not even suppose to be talking to you right now. BROOKE I had to come and say that I was sorry. JONATHAN Okay. BROOKE And that I don't care what he says anymore. (beat) If I want to be with you then that's just too bad for him. I like spending time with you. JONATHAN You don't even know me. BROOKE I want to. JONATHAN No you don't. Brooke closes in on Jonathan. BROOKE Yes, I do. JONATHAN No you don't! (beat) Trust me. Your father's right. You shouldn't be hanging out with me. BROOKE My father is not right. And even if the decision I make is wrong at least I took it! JONATHAN You don't want to push your family away. BROOKE They're pushing me away! They submit in silence momentarily. BROOKE Anyway. (beat) Can I stay here tonight? JONATHAN Why? BROOKE Cause Amber dropped me off and I don't really want to call her back here. JONATHAN I can bring you home then. (beat) Let me get a shirt on. BROOKE I really don't want to go back there tonight. Jonathan stops and turns to Brooke. They just look into each others eyes momentarily. JONATHAN Alright. (beat) Here let me make the bed up a little. BROOKE Thank you. (beat) Where's your bathroom? JONATHAN Across from the kitchen, second door down. BROOKE Thanks. INT. JONATHAN'S APARTMENT - BATHROOM - SAME Brooke walks into the bathroom and looks into the mirror and looks at herself for a moment. She begins to smile embarrassingly. INT. JONATHAN'S APARTMENT - BEDROOM - SAME Jonathan finishes making the bed when Brooke enters the bedroom wearing only a large T-shirt and black underwear. JONATHAN Alright the bed is all... (beat) Set. BROOKE Great. A moment of silence. JONATHAN Alright so, good night then. BROOKE Where are you going? JONATHAN I have a pull out couch. BROOKE They hurt to sleep on. JONATHAN Not too much. BROOKE I wont bite. You don't have to give up your whole bed for just me. JONATHAN No really it's okay. BROOKE You sure. JONATHAN Yeah. BROOKE Okay. (beat) Thank you. JONATHAN No problem. Jonathan exits the bedroom. Brooke slips into bed and gives a worried look to a picture frame on the wall with a picture of a family in it that came with the frame. Then shuts the light off next to the bed. INT. JONATHAN'S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - SAME Jonathan pulls out the couch and jumps on pulling his blankets over him. He curls up and holds tightly to his pillow with a sigh of struggle. Brooke enters the living room. BROOKE Can I sleep in here? Jonathan looks at her shockingly. JONATHAN Don't want the bed? BROOKE No, not really. JONATHAN (pause) Yeah sure. Jonathan rises to get out of bed. Brooke stops him. BROOKE No, I want you to stay too. JONATHAN (lost) Um... Okay. Jonathan lies back down and slides far over. Brooke slips under the covers. Jonathan tosses his covers off and tucks them under his side. BROOKE Why were you in an orphanage? (beat) If it's okay for me to ask. JONATHAN I don't know. I can't remember anything besides being in the orphanage. BROOKE And you never left? JONATHAN I had a few families that took me in. BROOKE And? JONATHAN And it just didn't work out. BROOKE Sorry. JONATHAN Not your fault. BROOKE I know. She says with a little smile. JONATHAN Smart ass. Brooke gives a gasp as if she's offended and then pathetically hits Jonathan's shoulder. He fights to restrain her briefly without much effort. Both of them pausing with they're faces both inches away. Jonathan smiles, lets go of Brooke and rolls back to his side. BROOKE Do you not like me? JONATHAN I do. BROOKE So you just don't want to kiss me? JONATHAN I do! BROOKE Then why don't you? JONATHAN Because. BROOKE Because? JONATHAN It's complicated. (beat) There's allot to it. BROOKE I'm willing to listen. Brooke looks at Jonathan momentarily waiting. Jonathan looks away in shame. Then back to Brooke. JONATHAN I've never been close to anyone before. (beat) That nun was the closest friend I have ever had until you came into my life. (beat) The feelings I feel for you already scare me. It's all new to me and I don't know what to think or what to expect. BROOKE I don't either. I don't have the same background that you have, but I feel exactly the same with us and this that you do. (beat) I'm taking it day by day just as you are. Not know what to think or knowing what to expect... Jonathan's hands rise quickly to grab Brooke's face and then surprises her with a kiss. A kiss that she melts into. The kiss continues. CUT TO: INT. JONATHAN'S APARTMENT - MORNING Jonathan finishes cooking breakfast in the kitchen as Brooke begins to wake on the pulled out couch. BROOKE What are you doing? JONATHAN Hungry? BROOKE Yeah! JONATHAN Then get your but up! Brooke rises and walks to the kitchen up to Jonathan. BROOKE (kissing him) Morning. JONATHAN Good morning. (beat) Like eggs? BROOKE Yes please. JONATHAN What time do you have to be at school? Brooke looks at the clock and then back to Jonathan. BROOKE In about an hour. JONATHAN Great. I'll bring you there on my way to work. BROOKE Thank you. JONATHAN No problem. (beat) Now eat. BROOKE Yes sir. They laugh. CUT TO: EXT. COLLEGE PARKING LOT - DAY Jonathan drives up to the dormitory building and stops his car. Brooke opens her door. BROOKE So I'll call you later if that's okay. JONATHAN That's fine. BROOKE Okay. (beat) Bye. JONATHAN Talk to you later. BROOKE Yup. Bye. She shuts the door and Jonathan waves goodbye to her with Brooke waving back. Jonathan pulls away. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - DAY Brooke enters her dorm room. Amber's face lights up as she continues sitting on her bed as if she was waiting there all night. Brooke's face turns beat red to the sight of Amber as she crashes onto her bed. AMBER So? (beat) You can't just not tell me anything. BROOKE Maybe there's nothing to tell. AMBER Oh shut up! Brooke smile. AMBER (cont'd) No. You didn't! (beat) You did didn't you! You little slut! BROOKE Agh. She says in offense with a smile as she grabs her pillow and throws it at Amber. AMBER So, what happened? Brooke putting it off momentarily. BROOKE He kissed me. AMBER And. BROOKE I didn't think he was going to, and then he did. (beat) It was so great. AMBER And then? BROOKE And then nothing he went back to his bed in the living room. AMBER You slept in different places? BROOKE Yeah he gave me his bed. AMBER Girl you have so much to learn. BROOKE Tell me about it. Amber looks to Brooke suspiciously. AMBER You're lying! BROOKE No I'm not! (beat) Okay. I slept in the living room too. She says embarrassingly. AMBER You are a little slut! BROOKE Shut up! She says laughing with Amber and throwing another pillow at her. They begin a little pillow fight. CUT TO: INT. OIL LUBE SHOP - DAY Jonathan continues working under a hood of a car with a giant smile on his face. Jeff, Bobby and Jimmy watch Jonathan in amazement. JIMMY What's with him? BOBBY Yeah I've never seen him like this before. JEFF Probably got laid for once. Jeff walks over to Jonathan. JEFF What's wrong with you? JONATHAN What are you talking about? JEFF You look like the Joker from Batman. JONATHAN I don't know what you're talking about. JEFF You never smile! JONATHAN So I can't just be smiling at work now? JEFF Nope you can't. (beat) So come on, you can tell me. You got laid didn't you? JONATHAN I'm just having a good day that's all. JEFF Okay suit yourself. Jeff turns and walks back to Jimmy and Bobby. BOBBY So why's he so happy? JEFF He got laid. JIMMY + BOBBY Ah. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - NIGHT Brooke lies face up on her bed talking on the phone. BROOKE Okay so I will see you tomorrow night then? CUT TO: INT. JONATHAN'S APARTMENT - SAME Jonathan lies face down on his bed on the phone. His notebook is at the corner of his bed with a pen on it. JONATHAN Yeah I'll get you around six thirty. BROOKE Okay I'll see you then. Bye. JONATHAN Bye. Jonathan hangs up the phone and pauses momentarily. Then tosses the phone aside and grabs the notebook and begins writing on a blank page. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - NIGHT Brooke hangs up the phone and sets it on her chest as she stares at her backpack. She notices the poetry flyer hanging out. She goes over and takes it from her bag and reads it once more. Then the phone rings. Brooke answers it. BROOKE Hello? INT. WEARY'S KITCHEN - NIGHT Susan stands by the refrigerator talking to her daughter on the phone. Frank listens from a short distance. SUSAN Brooke? BROOKE Hi mom. SUSAN I'm sorry for last night Brooke. You know your father... BROOKE I'm tired of it mother. I don't want to deal with him controlling every little thing in my life anymore. SUSAN I know dear. (beat) Well, he wants to talk to you. (beat) Here you go. FRANK Young lady you listen to me what happened last night was because of you. You made the wrong decisions last night. BROOKE No. I didn't! (beat) Because for once it was my own decisions! FRANK You better mind your tongue missy because you are on thin ice and by the next semester you could find yourself closer to home if you keep this up. BROOKE Fine. Frank hangs up the phone on Brooke. Brooke hangs up and lay's with tears in her eyes. CUT TO: INT. JONATHAN'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Jonathan and Brooke lay on the couch watching a movie. BROOKE Oh. I hate funerals. JONATHAN Yeah and this one isn't even a good one. BROOKE None of them are good! JONATHAN Right. (beat) I hope that at my funeral I can have one of those silent ones. So no one can say all that bull shit that they only mean for that day. BROOKE That's sad. And why are you talking about this anyway? JONATHAN Because I can. BROOKE So. (beat) Not mine. My funeral's going to be a great ceremony with hundreds of people there. Not knowing how there own lives will go on now that I am gone. JONATHAN Oh really? BROOKE Yes really. (beat) And I'll be extremely old too. JONATHAN Well of coarse. They laugh. BROOKE Here. JONATHAN What's this. BROOKE I got you something. Brooke hands Jonathan a little box with wrapping paper on it. JONATHAN Oh yeah? It's not my birthday or anything. BROOKE I know it's just something I saw and thought would be nice. Open it. JONATHAN Okay hold on. Jonathan opens the gift. BROOKE You like it? JONATHAN (sarcastically) It's great. BROOKE See I knew you would like it. (beat) Now you can always think of me. JONATHAN Who says I don't already? BROOKE Awe. He puts the necklace on. JONATHAN Thank you ma'am. BROOKE Don't call me that. JONATHAN Yes ma'am. BROOKE You jerk. She says lightly hitting him with a smile. CUT TO: INT. JONATHAN'S APARTMENT - MORNING Jonathan awakes and finds Brooke still sleeping. He rises out of bed and goes to the kitchen. He pours a bowl of cereal and opens up the refrigerator to find no milk. JONATHAN Figures. Upset he closes the door and puts on his shoes. Throws on an over shirt and exits the apartment. CUT TO: INT. JONATHAN'S APARTMENT - DAY Jonathan enters the apartment to find Brooke reading some of his poetry in his notebooks. Jonathan rushes over to Brooke and takes the notebook from her. JONATHAN What do you think you are doing? BROOKE I'm sorry. I was just reading some of your poems. JONATHAN There not for anyone to read. BROOKE I think that they are great. JONATHAN Good for you, but I don't let anyone read my stuff. BROOKE Why not? (beat) Are you scared? JONATHAN No I'm not scared! It's just mine and not for anyone to judge or read. BROOKE So that's it. You're afraid of judgement! JONATHAN No. BROOKE Is that because of your family? JONATHAN Will you just please drop it? BROOKE You don't want to talk about it! JONATHAN No. BROOKE You don't wonder where your parents might be. Or who they might be. JONATHAN Hey, lets get this strait. They left me. They walked out on me and left me to take care of myself. And that's what I have done. I didn't need them then I don't need them now! BROOKE What if there were technicalities and they had to leave you. JONATHAN I don't care! Okay? (beat) I don't care. BROOKE And what about your poetry? JONATHAN I asked you to drop it. BROOKE Your stuffs almost as good as the poems from some of the most famous poets. JONATHAN Doesn't matter because poets aren't famous until they die anyway! Jonathan and Brooke pause in frustration. BROOKE Maybe I should just go. JONATHAN No. Brooke gets up and tries to call Amber. JONATHAN If you really want to go I'll give you a ride. BROOKE Okay. CUT TO: EXT. COLLEGE PARKING LOT - DAY Jonathan pulls the car to a stop. Brooke exits the car. JONATHAN Brooke. (beat) I'm sorry. BROOKE It's okay. Really. Brooke rushes away. Jonathan looks angry and sad as he sits back in his car. Watching her run away. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - DAY Amber sits at her desk doing her homework when Brooke enters the room. AMBER Hey stranger. BROOKE Hey. You want to go somewhere? AMBER Sure where we going? BROOKE Surprise. CUT TO: INT. ORPHANAGE - DAY Brooke and Amber walk through the orphanage to the office. AMBER The surprise was an orphanage? BROOKE Yes, we need to find out if his mother is still around here. AMBER And this is the orphanage he went to? BROOKE Not sure. I think so. AMBER Oh you think so. BROOKE Yeah I don't think he ever left. I think he stayed right here. He's to afraid of change. They enter the office. SISTER MARY DAVIS, 53 is sitting behind the office desk. SISTER MARY Hello dear. BROOKE Hello. We were in search of a friend's file in hopes of finding a birth mother's name. SISTER MARY Well, our files might be able to help you with that. What is this friends name? BROOKE Jonathan Tillman. SISTER MARY Lets see. She says as she walks to the file cabinet and searches through the files. SISTER MARY (cont'd) I'm sorry dear. No Jonathan Tillman here. (beat) You sure you have the right place? BROOKE No. SISTER MARY Oh. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - NIGHT Brooke and Amber both sit quietly doing there homework. The phone rings. BROOKE Hello? INT. JONATHAN'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Jonathan sits on his couch talking on the phone. JONATHAN Hey. (beat) I'm sorry. BROOKE I am too. I had no right. JONATHAN I went overboard. BROOKE Forgiven? JONATHAN Forgiven. BROOKE Thank you. JONATHAN So you want to hang out sometime? BROOKE How about tomorrow? JONATHAN Great. BROOKE Okay. JONATHAN See you then. BROOKE Bye. JONATHAN Bye. Jonathan and Brooke hang up happy. CUT TO: INT. JONATHAN'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Brooke enters with a giant smile. JONATHAN What you smiling about? BROOKE Okay now hear me out. Don't get mad just hear me out please. JONATHAN Here we go. BROOKE There's a contest! A poetry contest. JONATHAN No! BROOKE Jonathan. This is a great opportunity for you! JONATHAN No. BROOKE Please don't be afraid to do something you want and are good at. JONATHAN Me? (beat) What about you? BROOKE Me? JONATHAN Yeah you. You talk about how you want to do this and you want to do that. But your father forces you to do something else. (beat) When are you going to change? When are you going to do what you really want? BROOKE I'm here with you aren't I? Jonathan becomes silent. Brooke follows. BROOKE What if you used a pen name or something? JONATHAN If you want this so bad why don't you enter it? BROOKE Because I don't have anything near the level that you write on. JONATHAN So. You could try. BROOKE And so could you! (beat) Aren't you just the least bit curious? Jonathan is speechless for a moment. JONATHAN If you want it so bad why don't you enter. BROOKE I told you. My stuff isn't... JONATHAN With one of mine. BROOKE Really? JONATHAN Yeah. BROOKE That means I'd have to read through them to pick one. Jonathan stops in consideration. JONATHAN I know. BROOKE Ha. This is great. Your poem is going to win I know it. JONATHAN Your poem. BROOKE Right my poem. CUT TO: INT. BROOKE'S ROOM - DAY Brooke paces around the room on the phone. Amber sits on her bed pretending to be reading her book when her attention is drawn to Brooke's conversation. BROOKE Hi mom. (beat) Is dad there? Can i talk to him? (beat) Hi dad. No. I wanted to tell you something. (beat) Next semester I will be changing my major. (beat) To English and Writing. (beat) No I don'


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