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Carrie Ann Lowley sees her solemait on the first day of school, she doesent even know his name but she knows he is The One. So she sees him only talk to blonde girls and know she has to change because he is Perfect for her. So she gives herself a Make over and then is the hottest girl in school all the boys want her. But if all the boys want her, will her Solemait be able to see the real one of her? INSPIERED BY LADY GAGA'S SONG HAIR (not really, just the idea that hair can say a lot about a person)!!!!!!!! PLEASE COMMENT ♥ XOXOXOXOXO 50ph13. :)

Submitted:Jun 5, 2011    Reads: 110    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

The summer is dying a slow death as I watch the orange sun behind the green trees one last time. I peer through the lace curtains overlooking the front yard; the grass looks golden in the setting sun. Soon evening will fall, then night, and then the sun will lift itself back up to shine on my first day of school. Just another year with the same people I have known forever, the same boys. I have known them all for a long time, none of them are my solemaits.
When it is morning I wake up, I get out of bed, and I put on my first day of school outfit. It is a white crop top over a rose-pink undershirt and a pair of over-sized brown sunglasses hooked over the neck. I step into my cropped light-wash denim shorts and put my mid-length brown hair into a braid. I want to look more pretty like all those girls I see at school; I want to dye my hair blonde and also go to the tanning bed. Then more boys will like me and I will maybe meet my solemait, I hope he is here some where.
I go to school and I see him, I know he is the one, he is my solemait and my true love. At first sign I know. He is the new kid in school he has brown hair and green eyes and very tall. He is talking to a blonde girl I know now that I was right, I have to dye my hair.
In English I sit next to him he doesn't notice me. He only wants to talk to the blondes I HAVE TO DYE IT. I want to talk to him, my true love, so I say My name is Carrie Ann Lowley and I am your solemait.
Then I puckered my lips at him and he kissed me and then laughed. He said Carrie Ann you are a good kisser but you would be better with blonde hair. So I go home and get to the bathroom with the box of bleach and dye and I put it on, an hour later i am ready to go with bright blonde hair and then I get into the car and drive to the tanning bed. Then I lie in the bed til I am very tan and I look so much better now, not all bad.
I wake up and put on a very tight strapless dress is also very very short. Then I put on a lot of make up and black eye liner with a wing like a bird which has a wing. Then I put on some frosted lip gloss and puckered my lips in the mirror, and I knew that he would want to kiss me today I look so good. Then I made the tube dress go down just a bit too low. I look at my chest; it is so small. After this I think to myself I will go buy a new dress that is more flattering then maybe he will like me more. I know he is my solemait I just have to impress him.
So I go into school and every one's head turns to see me a lot of guys I know for a long time whistle at me and touch my hair and try to talk to me. One person says Who is that? He does not recognize me even though I have known him for all of my life so I just smile and wink and blow him a kiss. Then I walk up to my solemait and grab him by the neck, then he says Who are YOU you are so hot girl! Then I say My name is Carrie Ann Lowley and I want you to kiss me. Then I kiss him and lick his face a lot. Then he holds me very tight then lots of people are wolfewisling. Then my teacher comes out and says I want a kiss too pretty soon lots of people line up for me to kiss. Obviously I can have any guy I want now with my new look so I slap my solemait in the face. I know he will come crawling back later because he loves my kisses he said I am hot.
In class every one is staring at me and no one pays attention to the teacher.
Then I go home lots of boys are there. I am the queen of them I go to my room and put on a crown and say I am the queen of you boys. Then they bow to me and I say Take off your shirt! then they do what I say then they are naked and it is cold at night, Then I turn on the sprinklers and spray them they scream in pain from the ice water hitting their naked bodies. My solemait clutches his crotch and screams Carrie Ann you are so evil it's so hot. Then I laugh and say Get away from my house all you bastards I will do what I want bow down to me.
I know now I am the hottest girl in school any boy would love to have me, I promise myself if I can get 100 guys to kiss me then I will make out will my solemait and becum his girl friend, but one problem. All the boys think I am hot and sexy but do they know the real me? I know my solemait will be able to get past looking at my hot body and blonde hair and makeup and will see the deeper, more mysterious beautiful girl inside...
All I want is to be his girl friend but first I have to tease him a little because boys loved to be teased especially by hot girls like me I'm the hottest girl in school. I am so glad I did a make over to myself. I went home and ripped up all the pictures of me with ugly brown hair and pale skin I am so much better now. I am perfect and I hope my solemait sees: I am perfect for him.

AUTHOR NOTE: I had a lot of fun writing this, I think it's my best writing so far! I hope you like it; I will put a picture of Carrie Ann soon... :) Tell me what you think of it! Sorry I dident make this one rain bow I will try on another one! YAY!



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