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Betrayal hits the heart

Short story By: Akira Miyoko

This short story is about two friends who are faced with conflict when one of them is caught with the other one's man.

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Kamil had been in a steady relationship with her lover and companion Christopher Reed, who also happened to be the man that everyone wanted. Christopher had told Kamil time and time again that no one would take him away from her and that they would always be together. People were actually starting to believe that that was true untill all the pieces of their happy, loving, relationship fell apart. Samantha was Kamil's best friend who had always been her best friend up untill Kamil realized what was going on between Samantha and Christopher.

Everything was going as planned, Christopher and Samantha were having the time of their lives and no one knew what was really going on. They had just had another long night after they had got out of going to the movies with Kamil by saying that they both had other things to do that night. It was early in the morning when Kamil called Samantha to ask if she might know where Christopher was because she was planning on surprising him with breakfast and he wasn't at his place. "No, I don't know where he is" Samantha lied rolling off of Christopher and to the other side of the bed, "oh, okay call me if you hear anything"Kamil said hanging up the phone and continuing her search for her lying and cheating boyfriend. Yes, this was how it had gone on many occasions but today would be the end of a friendship and a relationship.

Christopher kissed Samantha's neck and brought her back to the other side of the bed and placed her down next to him. "Samantha, you know we can't keep doing this, I love Kamil not you and I dont want to see her get hurt" he said sitting upright in the bed. "No, you love me" Samantha whispered wrapping the covers around herself and sitting up in the bed, "that's the only reason you've kept coming back to be for more". Christopher got up and pulled his shirt over his head and slipped his socks back on his feet. Christopher walked to the bathroom and washed his face. "I care about you Sam, I just don't care about you like I care about Kamil, the only reason I am here with you is because you can give me what she can't"he said putting on his pants and sitting back down on the bed. "Oh, I see how it is, you get what you want from me and then go back to her for the rest" Samantha said getting out of the bed and pulling her red robe over her body clothing herself and heading out of the bedroom. Christopher caught her on the way down the stairs and held her in his strong muscular arms at the foot of the stairs. "Samantha, I have to go, you know Kamil comes before you, I can't love both of you"he said releasing you and walking out of the door.

Samantha caught him right before he got into his car, "well if you don't love me I love you" she said kissing him on the lips. The kiss was not ended untill a car came up the driveway, then both of them parted to see who it was. When they saw the look on Kamil's face when she stepped out of the car, they wished that they could taken back all the nights that they had slept together and lied to her saying that they were busy with prior plans with their families, they would have taken back all the times they rejected her when she had wanted them to do something for her. Kamil jumped back in the car and sped back down the driveway and out of the neighborhood. Christopher quickly jumped in his car and tried to hunt her down. "Wait don't go" Samantha yelled from the driveway, "please don't leave me". But it was too late, the damage had been done. A week later Samantha found out that she was pregnant and when she told Christopher he said he didn't want anything to do with her or the child.? Now, Samantha is known for being a tramp, and Christpher is known for being a unfaithful-two timing guy. Kamil has moved on with her life and is now seeing someone else and is more careful to watch out for signs that he could be cheating on her. Kamil has forgiven both of them but refuses to have anything to do with them. The moral is: "Don't take good things for granted because the same way they were given to you, they can be taken away".


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