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The way I see vempire/human relationships working out.

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"Keisha come on." She poked my side, "You know you want to." I rolled my eyes and opened my locker, pulling out my bag and throwing it over my shoulder.

I slammed the door shut and turned to walk away, knowing she would follow me, "May I don't want to go to the stupid party with a stupid guy that doesn't even like me."

May gaped at me, "What do you mean 'doesn't even like you?' You've been dating forever!"

I laughed, "Yeah and about two thirds of forever he's also been screwing Dana Shane." I looked down the hall we were passing to see Dana leaning against her locker, turning her head to sneer at me before returning to her conversation with another girl. "He doesn't care anymore, I think he never did. I'm just waiting for him to fess up to it." I pushed the door and turned to walk backwards, "And you know what May?" I cracked a smile, "I couldn't care less." Just then I smacked into someone and fell over. "Oh shit sorry I-" I looked up at a boy, my age, holding out a hand to me. He was gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS. His hair was shiny and black, falling into his deep blue eyes.

He smiled at me, "Are you okay?"

"Uh…yeah…sorry." I made no other move and he smiled once again, clearly amused at my lack of words.

He reached down and took my hand, pulling me to my feet, and handing me my bag, "It's alright, no one got hurt. No harm done right?"

I nodded and took my bag from him, "Thanks. I haven't seen you around before. I'm Keisha."

He nodded, "Yeah, I don't go to school here. I'm just going for a walk. I don't get out much and it's such a beautiful day." He motioned to the sky and I wondered internally if he was being sarcastic because there wasn't a spot of blue in the sky for miles, creating a dark gray atmosphere. "I'm Alec. Maybe I'll see you around sometime?"

My eyes popped out of my head for a moment before I went back to normal, "Uh, yeah, maybe." And with that I ran to catch my bus that had already started pulling out of the school parking lot.

The next few days were the same. May tried to convince me to go to the party with Mike. But something that was also the same was the dark gray sky and the visits from Alec. He would wait for me outside the school, we would talk, and I would end up running after my bus. The day of the dance May was trying to get me to go to, Alec was waiting for me after school.

I walked up to him with a smile on my face, "Hey."

He grinned back at me, "Hello. How was school?" I shrugged and leaned against the wall.

Suddenly May ran up, "Keisha wait up!" She stopped beside me and caught her breath, "Please please pretty please come to the party tonight! I don't want to be there alone and it's gonna be so much fun."

I sighed, "May I don't want to-"

"I think that sounds fun." I turned to Alec with wide eyes. He took one of my hands, "I think you should go. Maybe I could go with you?"

I blushed and looked down, "Well, I don't know, I mean I don't have anything to wear."

May shook her head, "Oh, no way. What if Mike sees you he'll freak!"

Alec looked me in the eye, "Mike? I'm sorry I didn't realize you had a boyfriend." He let go of my hand and I glared at May.

"He's not my boyfriend, at least not for long. He cheats on me all the time. May's been trying to get us back together." I looked back at him, "I'd love to go…as long as you come."

He smiled at me, "Then it's a date. I'll pick you up at eight?" I nodded and took out a pen, writing my address on the back of his hand.

"Do you not hear me? Mike will kill you if he finds out!"

I turned to glare at May, "Mike can go fuck himself. I'm going to have some fun for once." I looked to see my bus pulling out, "Crap, got to go. See you tonight!" I ran after my bus.

At eight there was a knock on my door and I opened it to see Alec standing there, red button shirt hanging open with a black tank and jeans. He looked at me and smiled, "We match." I looked down at my own red tank top, black skirt and heeled boots.

I shrugged and turned, "Mom I'm going out!" I stepped out of the house and closed the door behind me, Alec not moving at all from his place so that we were an inch apart. I looked into his blue eyes and saw a flash of something; I couldn't tell what it was. Maybe it was the lighting. My breathing was shallow and my heart was racing. "Um, we should go before my mom has a chance to stop us." He didn't move away, but brought his hand up to my face, sliding down it, pausing at my neck. He was staring at it and I saw that flash in his eyes again.

He suddenly snapped out of it and took my hand, smiling, "My cars this way." I walked with him to his black sports car and he opened the door for me.

I sat in it gawking, "This thing must have cost a fortune." He shrugged like it was nothing and sat in the driver's seat. As we drove I felt the leather seats, looked at the flashing red lights. No one I knew our age had this kind of ride. It must have been his father's or something. We got to the dance and before I could blink he was on my side of the car, holding the door open and reaching for my hand. I shrugged it off and took his hand.

He looked me over again, pulling me close, "You really do look beautiful." I blushed and looked down, hair falling over my shoulder. He lifted my chin with his finger, "I mean it." He leaned down and placed a kiss on my lips. I wanted to pull away, my heart racing, but for some reason I couldn't. I finally got the strength to pull away and leaned back on the car. Alec leaned in and placed both hands on either side of me. He saw that I was gasping for breath but didn't move away, he simply looked at me, at my neck. "I'm sorry. From the minute I set eyes on you, I thought you were perfect. I thought you were the one. I got carried away, forgive me."

I caught my breath and looked into his eyes, flashing once again. "Do you still think that?"

His eyes flashed again and his lips grazed mine, "Yes, I do."

I looked around and saw that May was waving at us from the front door of the house, I don't remember who's it was, and trying to get our attention. "We should…um. We should go."

He smiled and backed away, holding out his arm, "Shall we?" I put mine through his and lead him to the house.

May stood glaring at the door, "Keisha, what did I just see. Did you really just make out with pretty boy over there?"

Alec chuckled, "You know I'm right here right?"

I rolled my eyes and pushed past her, "Whatever. It's none of your business." I walked in and grabbed a drink, one of those red plastic cups filled with cheep beer, and downed it in one gulp.

"Whoa, hey take it easy." Alec grabbed the cup away but I had already finished drinking, "Do you always drink like that?"

I shook my head, "No, not usually. But it fit the moment, and I feel a little better now." He grinned at me and took my hand. We spent the night dancing, drinking a little, sitting on the couch.

At around midnight he trailed his hand down my arm, over my waist to my knee, "Let's get out of here." I grinned and nodded, not really knowing what I was doing. He pulled me up and out of the house though the back door.

Before the door could fully close behind us someone caught it and grabbed my arm, "The hell do you think you're doing?" I turned to see Mike, drink in hand.

I yanked my arm away, "None of your business."

Mike reached for me again, "You're not going anywhere with him." He glared at Alec and back at me, "You're my girlfriend."

I pulled away again, "No Mike I haven't been your girlfriend in a very long time."

He stepped forward angrily, tripping drunkenly over his own feet, "That's bullshit!"

"No. What's bullshit is the fact that you think I still don't know about your affair with Dana. So what do you say I go with Alec and we do our thing and you can find your little bitch and fuck her brains out while you slowly die of alcohol poisoning." His glared turned ice cold and he raised his hand to hit me.

Before he could though Alec's hand flashed passed my head and grabbed Mike's wrist in an almost inhuman speed. "You will not lay a hand on her." I looked over my shoulder and saw that he was staring intently at Mike, not glaring though, his face calm and Mike was staring blankly back at him. Alec's eyes flashed and Mike lowered his arm, turning around and walking away. Alec was still staring after him and I was about to say something when he cut me off, "Come on." He gently took my arm and led me out of the house.

We got down the street and around the corner when I stopped him, "Alec wait." I leaned my hand against a red brick building, "What the hell was that? Mike, he just…he just backed down. He never does that, with anyone."

He pushed me back against the building, "Keisha I…Do you trust me?"

I looked up into his eyes and watched as they flashed again and before I knew what was happening I said "Yes." He leaned his face close to mine and grazed his lips over mine. My breath came short and I reached up to firmly press my lips to his. He kissed back right away, with a burning passion that could only be described with on word…Hunger. My back was pressed up against the wall and his hands were at my sides, quickly moving, searching, exploring. His lips moved, to the corner of my mouth, to my cheek, down my neck.

He trailed his nose along my jaw, his cold breath sending chills down my spine, "I apologize, but you look so tasty and I am so very hungry."

I looked down at him, "Wha-" I was cut off by a pain in my neck. He was biting me. I tried to push him away but it was like fighting a brick wall. I felt my eyes getting heavy, "Alec…stop…please…" It was hard to breathe and soon I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. The only thing I could think before falling into my endless sleep, was that for some reason I couldn't force myself to be angry with him.


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