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This is my entry for jack Dragonblood's summer night contest. It is a story of true love who stay together without knowing that their love is older than they think. Fate is something that gives you bigger than what you expect.

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One Summer Night


I wished my husband good night and put my kids to sleep. It was nothing new, just what I did everyday or should I say every night. But something felt different today.

"Honey what is the date today?" I asked my husband who was sitting on the couch watching TV.

"It's twentieth of June," he said. Hell! How could I forget?

"Baby, I'm going out for a walk."

"Again? Will you ever tell me what's so special about today?"

"Nope." I joked. I always tried to hide this secret for him but even he couldn't help but notice how I never ever went for a walk unless it was twentieth of June. How could I tell him the truth? What would he think?

After he was lost in his football match again, I went in the kitchen and took out the photo I hid in the back container. And with that photo clutched in my hand, I went outside.

Every year, this date would compel me to leave my family and get outside. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't resist going. You would think, what's so special about this night? Well there is something special.

I walked in the lawn convincing myself that it isn't necessary to go but one look at that photo told me otherwise. As the boy in my photo smiled at me, I walked out of my house and towards the community park. I am Priya Singh and this is my story.


One summer night when I was seven years old, my mother brought me to this park for a walk. At that time, I was so happy, I had no problems greater than homework, no fights bigger than the normal ones which I had with my friends. My childhood was wonderful. But that night, while walking, I saw something in the bushes. When I moved closer, I found this photo of a cute guy smiling. His hair was brown and his eyes perfectly green. That night, I fell in love. I fell in love with someone I didn't even know. When my mother called for me, I hid that photo in my jacket and went away. Every night I would take out that photo and talk to the unknown boy. It was twentieth of June when I had found that photo and since then, every year I would go to the park at the same date. I knew he wouldn't be there but I could never stop hoping. Years passed by, I grew big but he never came. Instead I met Rohan.


I looked at my watch, it was 2:00 am. Hell! Rohan must be worried. The thought of my wonderful husband was enough to vanish all the confusions from my mind. I might love this unknown boy but I also loved my husband more than anyone else. But thenagain, why didn't I tell him about this boy? Maybe because I wasn't sure of what he would think. But now it's enough, I will tell him the truth. It was a summer night when I had found my first love and it was a summer night when I found my second love. And now it's a summer night when they will know each other. I rushed back home and just as I opened the door; I saw that Rohan was waiting for me. He hadn't gone to sleep. The photo slipped from my hands and Rohan picked it up.

"What's this?" he asked, his expression was full of shock.

"My love," I said and then I told him everything. I told him how I had found this photo lying in the bushes and how I had fallen in love. I told him that the night I had met him, I was actually waiting for the boy in the photo. I told him that he was my second love and the boy in the photo was my first. And that is the secret of twentieth of June. And when I was finished, I expected him to yell at me and scream that I had cheated on him but what he said made my day. Or should I say made my night?

He smiled and said, "I had lost this photo 15 years ago. I don't know how and when you found it but it seems like we were destined to be together." And then I looked at him. I looked at him, the way I looked at the photo. I saw him as I saw him the day we got married. And I felt stupid for not seeing the similarities before. He had the same brown hair, the same green eyes, and the same heavenly smile. A teardrop left my eyes. All these years I waited for something I already had. But those years weren't wasted because that is the reason I love him more now. I love him because he is my first, my second and my only love. So one summer night, I felt the magic of true love.



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