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By: Amaylo

Page 1, Part 3: Am i going to be your friend?

Am I Going to be Your Friend ?


Alright, the first chat was awesomely hilarious pulling legs and pushing the fun from both ends to make a relationship called as friendship in this inverted tug of war. An invitation to each other’s social networking sites meaning there was no reason not to trust each other. Ask a punctual chat room boy if he ever felt something good when he was invited to someone’s Facebook account. A sure “NO” would be his answer. Generally, first chat is unconditional and that is carried out to check their own capability. Just to check if they are capable of doing it. Something to fulfil the desires of a curious mind. It’s always for the self-praise and self-happiness. Only good and positive things would be shared then. If you’re a devil, then the god in you would be talking. All they tend to do is to make the first impression good.

I opened up my yahoo account to see the bad omen surrounding me slowly again to a confined loneliness. After knowing what she had done, I felt sure she was going to be like others lasting not more than a chat or two. I wondered if there was anything wrong that I had done to her in the previous chat. I could make out how this chat was going to go between us now. I would be saying her hi and she would simply say she is busy. Thats it. And I had decided to move out quietly if she says something like that. I was fed up making new friends and breaking up with them rudely for they were always busy. And girls! Do they ever care to give explanation for being busy?  Hell. Never.

Why didn’t she add me to her friend’s list?

Suddenly, a smiling emoticon popped out from the corner suggesting the online status of Kute Angel. An excitement rushed in me and I straight away sent her a message so that she would not keep herself busy with others. Doesn’t a man under desperation feel that girls always follow “first-come-first serve” policy?

Speak of a devil and here she comes in an angel’s disguise.

“Hey I see yesterday you didn’t add me to your friends list. Add me ok” I said desperately.

She pouted.

I bet not even god would had noticed the hint of happiness suddenly crossing my then emotional eyes when she replied. I was almost prepared to break up with her, Hitherto; but she turned out being a versatile chameleon changing her colour from black to white bringing the good old omen back to me. I wondered if the venomous tongue of chameleon is the sign of gaining new acquaintances. I decided to Google out this symbol later. For now, I felt sure she was going to chat with me after all.

The poison tongue of the chameleon.

I bid her good morning. She bid me good morning. I asked how she was in Hindi and she replied ”accha hai” in Hindi. I teased her Hindi. She asked if i could be a little encouraging. I asked her to argue like last time and she said she couldn’t because she had taken an oath to be a nice girl today.

Gradually, with the proceedings of the chat, I was realizing the “white shadow” of angel covering the whole of me because I felt no bore, never desperate, and I was turning out what I am or what I was. When people are bored and they never find others to have a little talk, something struck between their throat and they slowly realise they are turning dumb. They will feel the need to do awkward “ahem ahem” sound through their throat to clear the lump formed.  Even if they try to moan something to self they find it difficult to do it. And when they are able to clear it they feel they have released a pressure through their eyes. And then they would wink their eyes to focus clearly on things before them. Ten winks later, I tugged my then paralysed hands and began the chat hurriedly.


Once the chats with Amaylo began, we were always the characters of comically-moving-animated -version-of -a -fast-forwarded- non-stop-drama-of -a-crazy-family- soap. Chats with her had zero pauses. I would never get time to think and so I would speak my heart out. Fun was the main content in all kind of discussions we made. We would talk about books, authors, movies, Jasmine, figure of  jasmine, India is best, Aladdin’s genie in our lamp, Hindi vs. English, Oman, Arabian girls, dowry system of Arabia, chicken, camel, perfumes, Chinese could eat anything in this world, snakes, chicks, looks,  Aishwarya, boys, stars, Shahrukh Khan, friends, love, Arya  her charming prince, Ananya my divine love,  Engineering, don’t-mess-with-me-otherwise-i-will-cut-your-marks-kind-of-professors, profession, Biomedical,  mushrooms, cancer, Librans are good kissers, Scorpions gives nose bleeding punches, beaches, pictures, legs, eye hiding hairstyle, heaven is our hometown, angels, ass being roasted in hell, demons, Leonardo-de –caprio, divinity, crimes, stories, paintings, Christ, crufication, Easter, feelings, Amaylo, coffee, postman of Oman, puttu, sceneries, elephants, rats, tea,  cappuccino her favourite, mocchachino my fake favourite, magazine, marriages are made in heaven, love happens in hell, cricket, world-cup, coffee, beer, beach, heaven, magic, pigeons flying out of hat,  kids, cuteness, attitude, desperation, weirdness, coolness, Doodle, games, jet-li, Rajnikanth the marsian, Idli, love, blind, parachute, traffic signal, ice-creams, wings, fly, cloud nine, fall, bangs-on- walls, jump through windows, suicide notes, a syrup  bottle named poison, an ass who is my boss, a walking tantrum who is her madam, bosses are draculas, shortest horror story, rapid questionnaires, life, excitement , emotions, emoticons, Fun, Fun.

I couldn’t hide my happiness when I was getting her quick responses in a hilarious way. If her replies were not funny I would think of something-that-should-have -been-her-reply for my that particular comment and I would see that she would reply something close to what I had wanted of it and so I would drag the talk on that subject and would try to bring a plot to relate it with what I want of it. And if the comments were funny I would raise my bum in happiness and would laugh out.

Ha! So I was not just a come-I’m free-go-I’m busy kind of friend to her. She had second thoughts of me after the chat too. When I asked her if she was getting online the next day she said she was busy with her job and cannot come. She would give explanations for her absence. And later, she asked if I could come online on Facebook where she will be available all the time. And thus, we added up something to our routine. Write mails to each other every day on Facebook updating the interesting summary of things we do at our places. A routine to read the inbox of Facebook on mobile, the first thing after opening my eyes from sleep.

Three hours later, she left yahoo and I kept wondering about the crazy chat I had had with her. I scrolled up the page to read the conversation between us that had happened in this chat. I skimmed over it. Again.

You were awesome Amaylo but what to do, I can't help it, from tomorrow on we are going to chat… NOT this way.

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