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my love the angel

Short story By: Aneira

a very short story about forbidden love unedited...hope u like it

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It's true what they say about when a person dies, that their life flashes before their eyes even for a Vampyre. My mind took me back to when I was six, my father took me to the forest to show me how to flit and I asked ''But Daddy why do we need to know how to flit, the other humans can't do it.'' His head snapped up quickly as he snarled ''they are not like us, they are snacks, meals. You need to know how to fight, those deplorable, wretched Warrior Angels.'' His lip curled up at warrior as his fangs elongated and he growled, he hated them and I was expected to as well. But let me take you back to where it began.

My Father the Vampyre rules three of the largest city in the World called Transyl the Angels King own a smaller town about 10km over the river called Pylea and for the past 40 years they have been at war with each other. I've only been around for 19 of those years so I don't know the full story, but there is a battalion of Elders who do, all my life 19 years I have been trained to have great enmity toward Angels, to reek of malignity, to kill them. Each time a Vampyre kills an Angel, they are rewarded with a lightning bolt like tattoo on their neck, it shows their rank, status, I have my fair share, the most for anyone my age. Back then I killed any Angel who crossed me with no mercy, no remorse, until one day I met my match.

I walked through the dark street of Transyl, the sun was due to come up only the elders die of exposure to sunlight not young ones like me we were immune to the sun until we hit 40. In the dim light I saw Two humans playing in the street young ones around my age, they seemed to hear me, because they turned in my direction, they looked startled, but through the dullness of one street lamp they made out my figure. ''Hey.'' The taller of the pair said, 'Do you want to join in?" I moved into the light where they had a good look at my neck full of tattoos. ''It's the Vampyre Princess! Oh no, RUN!'' I didn't chase after them, with my strength I wouldn't have needed to, but I let them go, it was sad I could never have friends or hang out or be normal. I never asked to be a Vampyre, I never asked to be dragged into this war, I never asked to be the King's daughter, Hell I never asked to be spawned. A clattering sound from inside a shack caught my attention, at first I thought it was just some clumsy human, but then I heard groaning, I walked to the door and kicked it in. Mere words can't express what I saw.

The sun had come up now revealing a figure lying on the floor clutching their stomach, who jumped when I kicked in the door. It was a boy or a man, his head fell against his chest, the next thing that hit me was the smell, the smell of copper, sweet yet sultry, it was blood. My fangs elongated, my mouth watered, my heart pumped, I moved closer to the figure who backed into a corner, I snarled and pounced. The figure moved slightly revealing a black pair of wet, possibly blood streaked wings, He was an Angel, it froze me in my tracks, I had never tried an Angel's blood befHe looked up at me, pain clutching his beautiful face, which quickly turned into surprise when he got a good look at my face, fangs elongated and all, his light blue eyes quickly slid to the tattoos on my neck, where fear flew into his eyes. He grabbed his stomach again and buried his face into his knees, his black wings were ruined his bare chest scraped with cuts. ''Just do it, but please make it quick.'' His mumbles barely audible, I sighed heavily then reached into my back pocket and pulled out a flint knife, I raised it as he grimaced and shook and then plunged it down.

He lay there shaking and after a while opened his eyes to look at me, frozen again in my tracks the blade hanging dangerously over his neck, I pulled my hand back, I couldn't do it, normally I killed in battle, not out of cold blood. His face, I couldn't do it, he fascinated me, I was scared to kill him. I dropped the knife and knelt by his side searching for his wounds, he still just stared, speechless, I found material to wrap his wings with and used a bottle of brandy on the shelf to cauterise the cut on his chest. He winced in great pain, but then soon went back to staring at me, ''the cut has stopped bleeding your wings just need time to heal.'' He still just stared before finally speaking ''I don't understand, you're a Vampyre.'' I looked at him, ''Well not all of us are bad, you can stay here a few nights as long as you stay quiet no one will bother you.'' I stood up and flitted out as the door closed behind me, not waiting for his response, I ran to the castle for all I was worth, sentimentality eating it's way through my body, pre-empting a major shift in my paradigm.

It drove me crazy, I was raised to think that they were evil, raised to kill them, no Vampyre in existence had ever questioned that, this is my family, My father encouraged me, loved me, created me, how can I doubt him? How can I betray him? For what? An Angel? Fighting against Angels is like a religion a culture, it won't die, turn your back on your kind, your belief, your religion and everyone turns their back on you. A knock at the door briefly interrupted my mind torture, I turned quickly to see my Mother, who slid gracefully across the room, ''Rozlena, get changed into something elegant and come downstairs quickly, we are having somewhat of a celebration, your brother Ross has great reason to believe that he has severely wounded Erebus-the king of Angels son.'' My heart froze at my mother's triumphant look, ''Yes, of course Mother.'' My Mother turned to walk out ''But Mother, How do you know that it was the King's son?'' She turned to face me, an evil smile lurked at the corners of her mouth, ''Because Erebus is the only Angel who has black wings, once we find him, he'll be finished this means that the war could be over and the Vampyres are victorious and the rest of the Angels will die.'' She slid out the door, while I stood there, my head hurt. I had to see him again to know for sure.

I opened the door to the shack, to find him lying exactly where I had left him, he looked up at me startled, I looked at his wings, sure enough they were black as night. ''Your Erebus, Son of the King Kalona.'' I said, the weight of the words finally taking its toll on me, I fainted.

I awoke to find a man with silky black-gelled hair and beautiful blue eyes looking down at me, his face filled with concern, behind him I made out two black arches like shapes and then I remembered. I sat bolt upright and immediately regretted it when my head swam, he caught me before I fell back, ''you, your, your.'' I stammered, he held onto me before admitting ''Yes my names Erebus, Kalona is my father, I didn't get a chance to tell you.'' I finally got my bearings and sat up ''my family is searching for you, they want to kill you to end the war.'' I told him. His eyebrows arched ''But Vampyres started the war, the King of Transyl wanted to marry my Mother but she chose Kalona and the King of Transyl has been after all the Angels ever since, because he wants her back.'' I stopped, feeling like I had walked into a nightmare, my father and another woman?

I left Erebus and went back toward the Castle, I knew what I had to do, my father was uncharacteristically out the front overlooking a crew of Vampyres, he saw me and came down, '' Where have you been? I have deployed several warriors to look for this Erebus, nothing will keep me from getting what I want.'' I knew what that meant, ''I know where he is.'' My father looked down at me, his mouth slightly agape ''you what?'' I repeated myself, my fathers eyes narrowed he smiled showing off his fangs. I looked at my father evenly 'I'll take you to him, but only you, it seems fit you should be the one to end this.'' I explained. My father's chest rose with pride, he grasped my shoulder's ''Well done, my daughter.'' He brought me in for a crushing hug, Tears slid down my cheek, I loved my father, I did. ''Well then, let us embrace our destiny.'' My father said, the smile, still on his face.

We arrived at the shack where Erebus was, I walked in first, Erebus was leaning against someone with copper gold wings, it was his father. My father powered in and froze at what he saw but quickly recovered, pulling out a crossbow, I hadn't seen, from inside his tunic. He laughed, it was a scary sound, ''I found you at last or at least my daughter did.'' The look of betrayal on Erebus' face scorned my insides, I immediately looked at the ground, until Kalona spoke up ''You can't ever have her, all of this to pay me back for what happened, she made her choice.'' My father glanced at me to see if I was suspicious, my face remained impassive, the crossbow in his hands gleamed dangerously, his hand moved towards the trigger and just before he touched it, I spoke up. ''I know all about how you got rejected dad and forty years is a long time to hold a grudge, perhaps we should let this go.'' My father looked at me incredulously, with his attention distracted, Kalona pounced and the two of them engaged in a bloody battle, the crossbow fell from my father's hands, so each pulled out a knife.

I ran to Erebus and grabbed him before he fell, helping him stand up, my father had pushed Kalona away and he stared at me and Erebus, I will never forget the look on his face, infuriated, shocked, betrayed, he looked at me as though I was a stranger, the enemy. He picked up the crossbow and aimed it at Erebus, dad's eyes blazing madly, he pulled the trigger, in the spare second, Erebus and I looked at each other. In that moment, everything was forgotten, the culture, the beliefs, the war, the loyalties, the conflict within oneself, as I looked into those beautiful blue eyes, all I could think about was how much I loved him. For Erebus had done the one thing nobody else had, accept me for what I was and who I am, and to me that was worth anything, that was worth dying for. I moved into the arrow before it hit him, the look of surprise and hurt on his face as he realised what had happened, the arrow had gone under my left shoulder, through my chest. I didn't look at my father, I looked at Erebus, I unsteadily reached into my pocket and pulled out the flint knife I always carried, I gave it to Erebus, ''How do you defeat a kingdom? Take away the King.'' I whispered to him as he clutched me close to his chest, he took the knife, his eyes watering and tearing up. He knew why I had done it, he knew that I loved him, but he couldn't take it, ''Why? That was for me, you shouldn't have- I..I love you you know.'' I smiled as I looked at him for what I knew would be the last time ''If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say I love you.''

My life started to flash before my eyes, My father giving me that flint knife on my 12th birthday, my mother talking about how great it would be to defeat the Angels, My brother training me to fight and Erebus, the gentlest, kindest man who accepted me for what I was. I loved my father but I was in love with Erebus, people used to call me parasitical as in I lived off blood, but maybe I lived off hope that one day I'd find my place, that I wouldn't be known as the monster, the creature of evil, I'd be a hero. I could hear someone in the background, a voice calling my name, it was my father, he was spluttering, dying, I tried to cry out to him, I waited for the sadness to hit me, it never came. Erebus had succeeded he had saved his kingdom and defeated the Vampyres, they are nothing without a King, they now have no choice but to retreat. The War Was Over. All those peace talks Erebus had given me, he was right, we could co-exist live together in harmony. The war is over.

So now as I look down at the man looking down at me, in the Palace built over the river separating Pylea and Transyl, open on either side for both Pylean and Transylvanian alike to visit my mausoleum inside the Palace. He looks down at the tomb and smiles, a sad smile, he leaves a beautiful red rose on the tombstone, brushes his hand against it as a single teardrop falls, he closes his eyes then turns to leave, exiting into the Transylvanian side he turns and looks at the sign hanging high and proud over the Palace it reads, ''Resting Place Of Rozlena, Vampyre Warrior Princess, Beloved Dughter Of King Karmen Transyl VII, loved by some, missed by all. Heroine of Transyl and Pylea, rightful heir to Transyl and Pylea. This is the world I wanted Transyl children and Pylean children playing together, Angels and Vampyre's working together. The principle of liberty and equality, if coupled with mere selfishness, will make men only devils, each trying to be independent that he may fight only for his own interest. And here is the need of religion and its power, to bring in the principle of benevolence and love to men.


Summarised shorter story of the original thank you for reading and please feel free to provide some feedback or comments on how I can improve.


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