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Chloe the guitar girl's Reverse Valentine Day Challenge. Kristine had a bad break-up last Valentine's Day. This year she completely forgot it was Valentines Day. Until one hot guy named Marcus, showed her what Valentines Days really meant. Will his plan to win her heart work? Or will he be left in the dark empty handed?

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Kristine had a bad break-up last Valentines Day. This year it had completely slipped her mind. Until one hot guy named Marcus showed her what Valentines Day really meant. Will his plan to win her heart work? Or will he be left in the dark empty handed?

Kristine filled the laundry bag with her dirty clothes, and headed out the door to the basement. She hated going down there, but she had to get her well overdue laundry done.

Because the laundry room was in the basement, a lot of the tenants found it quite scary. Kristine was no different, she was terrified of the basement.

The apartment building was a little run down, and the owner spent little to repair it. The tenants would complain, but it didn't do any good. Besides, it was the only place in the area that Kristine could afford. Being a waitress, and going to college. She got by, but she had to be careful not to over spend.

Dragging the laundry bag behind her, she made her way towards the basement. At the head of the stair well, was a light switch that lit the way down to the laundry room. An eerie feeling brushed against the hairs on her arm. The hairs stood up as if they were full of static electricity. She didn't pay any mind to it. After all, it was a laundry room.

At the end of the narrow stair well was another light switch that lit the laundry room. Kristine reached for it, and flipped it on. Nothing happened. " Darn! " She thought out loud. " Its blown again! "

She dropped the heavy bag, and headed back up the stair well. The wiring in the laundry room seemed to have a mind of its own. It had blown many bulbs. Bulbs were a necessity in this building. She made her way back to her apartment to get one.

She walked quickly to her door, when she runs into Marcus.

' Hi Kris! " He greeted her with a smile.

Marcus lived a few doors over from Kristine. She slowed her pace, 'Hi Marcus! " She smiled back at him.

" Why the hurry? You look like you seen a ghost." He told her curiously.

" Its the bulb in the laundry again," she informed him. " I was just going to get another one."

" I see! " Marcus smiled. " Need some help? " He asked, hoping she would except.

Kristine had forgotten hoe high up the light socket was. " If its no trouble. " She told him helplessly.

Marcus told her to wait at the door while he got a bulb. The apartments were quite small, and Marcus had to put most of his gym equipment against the wall in the hallway. Kristine lay on the bench, and tried to lift the bar. It wouldn't budge. ' Wow!" She thought, just as Marcus came back out.

" Interested in body building? ' He laughed at her attempt.

" No! " She smiled, " just curious! "

As Marcus led the way back to the basement. Kristine was checking him out. He had a pair of boxers, and a muscle shirt on. He wasn't really tall, but carried his weight quite well. His dark black hair, and brown skin, accentuated his deep brown eyes. His eyes were so mysterious. They were so mesmerizing, " Oh my God, Kristine. Stop already! " She told herself, with a grin on her face.

Marcus glanced back at her, " have any plans tonight? " He asked throwing the bulb into air, and catching it.

" Plans? " She asked puzzled.

" You know! " He smiled back at her, " for Valentines Day."

" Oh, no! I completely forgot about it being Valentines day! " She told him embarressed.

Kristine suddenly became very quiet.

Marcus'es smile turned into a frown, as he remembered last Valentines day. Kristine and her boyfriend at the time, had a huge fight. The whole apartment building could hear them going at one another.

Marcus didn't like the guy at all, and knew him quite well. He was a loser, and cheated on Kristine all the time. It angered him to think such a loving and caring girl, could date such an insensitive guy.

Kristine was beautiful, as well as smart. She was the only tenant here, that actually made it to college. He was very proud of her.

At the time of the break up. Marcus didn't want to get involved in a lovers quarral. But he grew to love Kristine, and after their fight. He could see how hurt she was. So he secretly place a long stem red rose, and a cheap Valentine card in front of her door. He only wanted to make her feel better. After all, it was Valentines Day.

When Kristine found them, naturally she thought her boyfriend was trying to make up with her. But Kristine was smart. She was tired of fighting with him. She threw the rose and card in the trash can, that sat next to her door. Marcus saw her do it.

He didn't know wheather to feel hurt or happy. Either way, he knew she wouldn't be seeing that loser again.

They stood at the basement door. Marcus was so love sick. He wanted Kristine to know how he felt about her. But he was scared she would be mad about the rose and card he left last year at her door. Scared she would be mad for not telling her about it. Mad for letting her think it was her boyfriend.

His heart beat skipped, he had to come up with a plan. A plan that wouldn't seem too conspicuous, but one that would endup with her in his arms. Where he had dreamed her to be for a year now.

" Here goes! " He told her, leading the way down the stair well. When Marcus reached the end, a loud crash broke the silence.

" Are you ok! " Kristine cried in the darkness. " I'm so sorry! " She told Marcus in tears. " I completely forgot about my laundry bag." She told him feeling her way towards him.

Kristine helped Marcus to his feet. " Uh oh! " His voice seemed broken. As broken as the light bulb.

" What? " Kristine asked confused.

" The bulb broke! " He told her, putting his plan in action.

Marcus asked Kristine to wait there for him, while he ran to get another bulb. ' Will you be alright, til i get back? " Heasked her schemingly.

" I think so, but hurry! " She told him in a frightened voice.

Marcus wasted no time making it to his apartment. He had given his mother a dozen long stem roses for Valentines Day. He also remembered giving those cheap cards to his little sister. He grabbed a rose from the vase, and headed down the hall to his sisters room. He searched her entire room. He finally found them in her desk drawer. He searched through them. It had be the exact one he left last year.

There it was. " Be Mine! " Is what it read. " Thats it! " He thought out loud. He hurried to the kitchen for the bulb, and rushed back to the basement.

Marcus stood at the top of the stair well. ' Are you ok! " He yelled down to Kristine.

" Yes! " She yelled up to him. " Did you find a bulb? "

He slowly made his way towards her. " I got it." He told her, as he squeezed past her to the washer. He secretly placed the rose and the card on the top of the machine carefully. Then he turned and reached up to screw in the light bulb.

Suddenly the lights came on. Kristine shielded her eyes, til they adjusted to the light. When they did. She noticed Marcus standing beside the washer holding her laundry bag. She walked towards him. " I can do that! ' She told him thankfully.

Marcus moved away, revealing the valentine card, and rose. He stood at the edge of the stair well, and waited for Kristines reaction. He was terribly nervous.

She saw them. She was silent. She picked up the card, and read it. " Be Mine! " She said out loud. Then the lights went out again.

" You've got to be kidding me! " Marcus schemingly smiled in the darkness, as he made his way towards her.

Suddenly Kristine felt two strong arms reach around her waist. " Marcus! What are you doing? "

Then his lips met hers. It was a passionate kiss. One that she had never felt before. She gave into it.

Marcus pulled her towards the switch on the wall, and flipped it. Suddenly the lights came on.

She stood there in his arms. " It was you? " She asked surprised. ' I mean, the rose and the card last year. The lights just now. Everything! " Her eyes filled with tears.

" I'm sorry Kristine," Marcus told her. " But i love you. He never really loved you like i do. Please forgive me! "

Kristine laughed, " that was pretty clever," looking into his deep brown eyes. " Pretty romantic too," she smiled, and kissed him again.

The beat of their hearts echoed up the stair well. It wasn't an eerie sound that came from the basement, but the sound of two hearts beating to the tune of love. After all, it was Valentines Day. Then the lights went off again...



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