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Short story By: angellynn

Romance/suicide/fictional. Krystal and her boyfriend Josh, were so much in love. They promised each other, if something happened to the other. They would love each other even after death. But when Josh comes home with a life-threatening gunshot wound, and dies in her arms. Will she be able to keep their promise, to never let go?

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Krystal and her boyfriend Josh, were so much in love. They made a promise to each other. If anything ever happened,they would always love each other, and never let go of each other, even after death. But when Josh comes home with a life-threatening gun-shot wound. A victim of a drive by shooting, and dies in her arms.Will Krystal keep their promise to love Josh forever? Will she hold on to him, or die trying?

Krystal sat on the sofa watching her favorite show," Big Brother." She had just finished talking to her boyfriend Josh, who was on his way over to watch a movie, get stoned, and maybe get lucky.

Krystal popped some corn, fixed two strong margeretta's, and waited for Josh. She couldn't wait for him to get there. To be in his arms, holding him. Kissing him. She loved Josh so much.

Suddenly, Krystal could hear a gun go off. It sounded really close. She was terrified to live in such a high crime part of town. But she had no choice. her lease wouldn't be up for another month. She wasn't about to up and move leaving the landlord with her four hundred dollar deposit. She needed it help pay the rent for the next place she moved to.

She curled up holding the bowl of warm popcorn. Then a loud bang hit her door. It scared her so badly, she flung the popcorn all over the apartment. " What was that? ! " Her heart pounded. Looking through the peekhole, she noticed it was Josh leaned against her door.

She quickly opened it. As the door opened, Josh fell to her feet holding his stomach. " Josh! " She yelled. " What happened to you! " She asked him in tears.

" I've been shot! " His voice shallow and broken. " Help me to the sofa."

" Who shot you? " She asked, holding a towel on his wound to stop the bleeding. The blood just kept pouring out. " Josh," She told him frightened. " This looks really bad! "

Josh just lay there, not a word. Krystal began to feel death approaching, as she held Josh in her arms. Her tears fell upon his cheek. As weak as Josh was, he reached and caressed them. He looked Krystal in the eyes, andIn a low soft whisper, he asked. ' Will you never let me go? Will you love me forever? ' He paused to inhale what little air his lungs would allow. " Promise me, Krystal. Promise you'll never let go. "

Then Josh took his last breath, and died right there in Krystals arms. She held him tightly. She kissed his still warm cheek. She shook uncontrollably. Her whole life vanished before her eyes. Her whole world stopped turning.

She lay beside Josh, and held him. ' You cant leave me Josh. " She cried. " You promised." As she fell asleep in her lovers arms.

Hours passed, Krystal dreamed she and Josh were standing in a church. He was slipping a beautiful diamond ring on her finger. He smiled at her. She was in a long white wedding dress, andher veil completely covered her face. As she admired her ring, Josh lifted the veil to kiss his bride, butwas shocked to find an empty face.

Where was his Krystal? Where was his bride?

Suddenly Kystal woke up. " She had hoped it was all a bad dream. But it wasn't. Josh lay there in her arms. His body hadturned cold. She didn't know what to do. She was in dispair. She kept thinking about what Josh had told her. About never letting go. She thought about her dream. It was driving her crazy, not knowing what it could mean.

Deep down in her heart, she knew. She put two and two together, she thought about it for days. It could mean only one thing. Josh made her promise to never let him go, and the dream meant she was meant to go to him. But how?

Krystal couldn't call the police. Josh had been dead for days. She went into depression, and his body began to decompose. The odor began to fill the apartment. She was so scared. She had to do something quickly. But what?

Krystal had to do something with Josh's body before someone found out he was dead, and she would go to jail, or worse.A nut house. Krystal was a basket case. She thought about chopping his body up, and putting him in her freezer. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but she wasn't strong enough. She thought about killing herself. It seemed like the perfect thing to do.

It would fulfill Josh's wishes, and make sense of her dream. If she ended her life here on earth. She would be with Josh forever. It would put a face under the veil, and their wedding would be complete. They would be together for eternity. It was a Romeo and Juliet sort of thing. " Bet their still together," Her crazed mind thought.

Her unrational mind was made up. She wanted to be with Josh. She prepared a deadly potion. She mixed a strong margeritta, and searched under the kitchen sink for anything strong enough to mix in it. Nothing she found was strong enough. She could hear voices inside her head. " I'm coming Josh! " She yelled out of her mind.

She began to feel frustrated, that she was unable to find something that would do the job. Then she remembered some sleeping pills that were perscribed to Josh, when he was having a battle with insomnia.

She ran to the bathroom, " It want be long now, Josh! " She told him. She opened the medicine cabinet, and grabbed the bottle. She opened it. There were at least twelve pills left. " That should do it," she thought. Krystal put the bottle to her mouth, and took them all.

" I'll never let go! " She told Josh, as she lay beside his decayed and fowl corpse. Her sense of smell was long ammuned. Her sense of reality long vanished. Her mind long lost in a dream world.

She lay there. Her heart slowly fading. Her eyes slowly marbled over, as she took Josh's hand.

They stood before the minister, exchanging their vows. They promised to never let go of each other, In death or in dream. When they said I do, and kissed their eternal kiss. They looked at each other and whispered, " I'll never let you go! "



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