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The House That Adam Built

Short story By: angellynn

Submission to StephanieJane's Picture This- Prompt Contest #2. Picture Prompt#9

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The House That Adam Built

Deep in the forest, lived a lonely boy. Though the Lord provided him with strength, and all the things he needed to survive. He felt so alone and unloved. He would sit and watch, as the creatures of the forest would grow and multiply. They were happy and content. Each species with their very own mate. But Adam had no-one to share his love with. No-one to fill his lonliness. No-one he could share his home with.

" Why, Lord? Have I not been a good and worthy servant to you?" He cried into the heavens.

Each night, Adam would cry himself to sleep, and each morning wake with his arms empty. He spent his days working on his house. It was nearly finished. He built it strong, and large. He built it with his own two hands, and his love, in hopes to one day share it with his mate.

Months passed, and Adam grew lonlier. His deepest prayer was to find a woman to settle down with and fill his house, just as the creatures have. To live a long and happy life with his mate.

On the third day, of the third month after asking the Lord to send him someone to love, Adam finished his house. He stood back and looked at it. He was pleased. It was perfect. But sadness filled his eyes, as he still had no-one to share it with.

Suddenly, he heard hounds barking in the distance. He ran and climbed the tallest tree, and watched, hewaited to see what the rukus was. He listened as the hounds passed. He noticed the bush'es being disturbed by an intruder. Then it stopped. He could hear whateverit wasbreathing heavily.

Adam climbed from the tree, and reached to pick up a limb," Who's there! " He asked in a frightened tone.

Suddenly something flashed from the bush'es and hid behind a tree. Adam walked closer, " I said, who are you? Show youself."

A moment passed, and a girl stepped from behind the tree. " Don't hurt me." she pleaded. " I'm just passing through."

Adam's heart leaped into his throat. She was the most beautiful girl he's ever seen." What are you doing in the woods alone?"

" Running away from home." She answered him in tears.

" So it is you the hounds have been chasing?"

" Yes, they have been trailing me for days."

" What's your name? "

" Eve," she gasped, when she realized who the boy was. "You're Adam!"

Adam stood there, he had a look of surprise on his face. " How do you know my name? "

Eve told him that everyone knew his face. It was plastered all over the village." Your parents have been looking for you for years." She told him dazed.

Eve told Adam that there were missing persons postered posted all over their village. She even told him that she aided in the search for him, and that she secretly had fallen in love with his face." I have loved you since the day I saw the poster," she bashfully smiled.

Adam and Eve continued to talk for hours. He showed her the house he built, and she told him why she had run away from home. She had been abused, and couldn't take it anymore, and so she ran. That's why she ended up in the forest. Her parents had hired a man with bloodhounds to bring her back, but she managed to escape them for days.

Adam's prayers had been answered, and Eve finally found the man of her dreams. They were wed in the eyes of the Lord, with the forest creatures as their witness'es.

As time passed, Adams house filled with children, and love. The house that Adam built, was finally complete, as was his heart. Now, each night Adam thanks the Lord for giving him a mate, andending his lonliness.


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