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Short story By: angellynn

I was given Taylor Swifts song, You Belong With Me. I had to write a story based on it.For MikallaPersepolis Dare To Be Different Challenge.

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Based on Taylor Swifts song: You Belong With Me


The first time I saw him, I knew my heart was hooked. The feelings I had, the way I felt when he was near me.

The look I gave him, like I was star struck. Quite silly actually.

Our bedrooms faced each other. Our homes were so close, It was like we were just across the hall of one another.

Through the window I could see he was on his phone. He seemed very upset. It hurt me to see him that way. I knew

It was her. He glanced over, and I quickly looked back to my History book. I didn't want him to think I was spying on him.

Although I was...

I think he knew I was. He smiled. I took a piece of paper and wrote, " Are you ok? "

He sadly shook his head, and held up a note that said, " drama! "

I began to write another note, as he held up, " going to the dance? "

I wrote back, " gotta study."

Just as I was about to hold up " I love you! " He closed his curtain. I wish he knew how I felt. I wish I were strong enough to tell him.

I wish...Oh forget it. He wouldn't be interested In me. I wear tee shirts and sneakers. She's cheer captain, and wears short skirts.

Shes popular and I'm... I'm just me!

I turned on my radio frustrated. I reached for my hair brush and sang along to the song. Taylor Swifts song You Belong With Me was playing. I began to dance across my bedroom. I was so into the words of the song, I didn't realize he was watching me.

The words to the song descibed just how I felt. About him, and about her. He stood there peeking through the curtain. He had a smile on his face...

I decided to spend an hour or so outside readng. My hair was a mess and my reading glasses set snuggly on the tip of my nose. Looking up from my book, I noticed him walking my way. He was so hot, In his tee shirt and faded jeans. He sat down next to me. I looked at him. I wanted to tell him how I felt about him, but I was interrupted by him reaching over and gently removing a blond curl from my face.

Our eyes met and suddenly... She pulled up In her shiny red convertable. Her long black hair blowing in the wind. It reminded me, I hadn't even brushed mine today. I felt embarressed, as I thought how he must have felt seeing me that way.

As they drove off, I began to cry, " Why cant he see, he belongs with me? "

I got dressed in my band uniform, and drove to the football game. He was quaterback and had just made an awesome play. The crowed was going wild. I was so proud of him. I watched him as he looked around for her. His laughter turned to sadness when he realized she didn't even see the play. She was too busy flirting with a guy. They began to argue, and she just shoved him away. I felt so sorry for him. I would never treat him that way. How can he be with her. She dont care about him.

I watched him leave, he was so upset.

Later that evening I saw him getting ready for the dance. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He looked so good In his tux. After seeing what had happened at the game, and mad because she had treated him so bad. I wanted to take one last chance to make him see he belongs with me. Someone who really cares about him.

The gym was darkly lit. The music was blasting, and at first no one noticed me when I walked In. The disco ball sparkled and so did the glitter I freely rubbed all around my neck and cleavage. I was dressed In a beautiful eggshell gown. That was laced In tiny pearls.

I walked slowly towards the dance floor. As I walked through the crowd of beautifully dressed seniors. They were awed at my appearance. It didn't take him long to notice me.

His eyes met mine, and he had a surprising look on his face. He was mesmerized by me. So much so, he totally forgot about her.

She grabbed his arm trying to get his attention. When she realized he wasn't interested In anything but me. She gave me an evil sneer and disappeared through the crowd.

There we were. Face to face. Our eyes met. I held up the note that read, " I love you."

He reached Into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. He held It up to me. I was so happy. It said, I love you."

I couldn't believe he loved me all that time. We danced, and held each other tight. When the last song played. I whispered In his ear.

"This Is where you belong."



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