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By: araukie

Page 1, Some memories

Too beautiful to be part of this humanity.
His expressions, they were so interesting.
Whenever he felt sad, I have no words that could describe those beautiful sad eyes he had.
When he was in a serious mood, and when he was quiet.
but above all, when he smiled.
Whenever he smiled he looked thousand times as shining.

The most enchanting smile I had ever seen.
Sometimes I remember those moments together, those times when I felt that he did not respect my wishes.
I remember how I looked at him with my earnest eyes, and how he always responded them with his smile.
On those moments, there was nothing I could do, nothing but to smile.
Seeing him smile, I think there is nothing else that enchanting, nothing else I could compare.

Even so, he was never able to achieve my love.
As for me, attraction and love don’t always go together.
Love is a love that you feel towards a being.
For their ways of thinking, and expressing themself.
The way they do their things, and the way they react.
The things they tell you, and the things you can learn from them.
For me love is when a person makes you feel inspired.

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